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Sole E35 vs. ProForm 12.9 – Which Is the Better Front-Wheel Elliptical?

Sole E35 vs ProForm 12.9 ellipticals

Designed to mimic walking, running, or climbing the stairs without putting extreme pressure on the joints, an elliptical is a great cardiovascular machine for achieving a high-intensity but low-impact holistic workout.Ellipticals are growing in popularity, and if you’re a fitness buff who’s building a home gym or a person seeking convenient and safe solutions for […]

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Gazelle Edge vs Supreme vs Freestyle – Side by Side Comparison

Gazelle Edge vs Supreme vs Freestyle

The Gazelle range of fitness machines are non-motorized cardio equipment that are based upon an impact-free suspended glide step through motion. This range of cardio machines is produced and marketed by Tony Little. who is renowned as “America’s Personal Trainer.” A former bodybuilding champion, Tony is an infomercial star, having sold more than 45 million […]

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Treadmill Power Requirements – Important Tips

Treadmill Power Requirements

You’re excited about reaching your new year’s resolutions by getting on a new treadmill and exercising every day. But will your treadmill last you a long time and be a worthwhile investment? That depends on the quality you pick and how you look after it.Below we’ll discuss important facts about identifying best buys by looking […]

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