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310 Shake vs Shakeology

310 Shake vs Shakeology
310 Shake vs Shakeology

You may have heard of protein shakes and how they help bodybuilders boost their metabolism and lose fat. But lately, a new kind of sustenance is emerging. Labelled as meal replacements, they provide the essential macronutrients needed by the body to perform its many internal functions. They also contain added nutrients. They are available in beverage, bar, or soup form. The most popular meal replacement form are shakes.

There are several reasons why people would want to replace meals. Some people may be pressed for time and prefer an easier method of consuming the daily amount of required nutrients. Others may supplement their meals if they are lacking some nutrients that can’t be filled by certain food groups. And lastly, some people may be on very strict diets and consume meal replacements to avoid cravings throughout the day. 

Meal replacements are regulated in places such as Canada and countries that are members of the European Union. They may not allow some meal replacements from other countries if they do not pass the standard regulation. Replacing a meal or two every day can help you if it is strategically included in a proper weight loss plan.

Two of the most popular meal replacement shakes in the US today are 310 Shakes and Shakeology. Let’s compare the two below.


Shakeology meal replacement

With a massive social media following, Shakeology comes from a company that has over a decade in the fitness business. Throughout the years, they have perfected their meal replacement formula and have released nine flavors, including vegan-friendly variants. It comes in chocolate, greenberry, strawberry, cafe latte, vanilla, and vegan. The most popular variant is chocolate, which is favored by many for its taste; but of course, preference is subjective.

A common concern with Shakeology is its higher price point. Shakeology it is still more expensive per glass compared to its competitions. However, the price point is justified by the nutrient-dense formula.

Shakeology supplement facts

Nutrients differ for every flavor and whether they’re plant-based or from whey. One scoop of the vanilla whey contains 140 calories inclusive of seven grams of sugar. A serving contains two grams of fat, four grams of dietary fiber, and 17 grams of protein, including the nine essential amino acids not produced by our body. It contains vitamins A, B-complex, C D, E, and K. It also contains minerals such chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Drinking Shakeology can reduce hunger by 58% according to clinical trials and may even result in consuming less calories in the next meal.

310 Shake

310 Shake meal replacement

The 310 Shake is a less popular but great replacement meal. While it comes at a lower price point, don’t let it fool you. The 310 Shake nutritional value is one that’s impressive. They offer nine sophisticated flavors. These are chocolate, gingerbread, mocha, salted caramel, strawberry, toasted coconut, vanilla, vanilla chai, and whey vanilla. It is soy-, sugar-, and gluten-free, and some of the flavors are vegan-friendly.

As mentioned, 310 Shake has an impressive formula. It contains a tri-plex peptide formula derived from plants. The proteins are from peas, brown rice, and hemp. This ensures that the protein is complete and contains the essential amino acids. As for the Whey Vanilla variant, it contains tri-plex protein blend derived from dairy: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and milk protein isolate.

310 shake supplement facts

A scoop contains 90 calories, inclusive of stevia which is the sole sweetener in the formula. One serving contains a gram of fat, five grams of dietary fiber, and 15 grams of protein. It contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, and E. The minerals in the blend are calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous. Completely replacing a meal with a serving will lead to three to four hours of satiety.

Which is Better?

Of the two choices, the chocolate variant of Shakeology might suit people’s taste buds better, but Shake 310 is sugar-free. Between their features and the benefits they offer, it’s quite difficult to simply choose one. Your choice will ultimately depend on your dietary needs, ingredient sensitivities, current health concerns, and body goals. Both meal replacements are great and effective; they both have good results from numerous people.

According to the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges set by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, an acceptable and healthy calorie consumption must be broken down into the following:

  • 45% to 65% from carbohydrates
  • 20% to 35% from fats
  • 10% to 35% from proteins

With these ranges, you can plan out your meals and choose the right meal replacement formula to go with it. Keep in mind that you should only replace one to two meals per day and not to go overboard with meal replacements. Take note as well that the body reacts positively to the experience of consuming solid food. The mere act of chewing and swallowing can help with digestion and fullness. Meal replacement plans are not meant to totally replace all of your meals nor will it counteract or solve unhealthy eating habits.

meal replacement

While Shakeology and 310 Shake may seem pricier than most, their formulas are tested and use high quality ingredients. Unlike cheap meal replacement formulas, you might be getting an unbalanced ratio of protein to sugar or they may be sweetened with the cheaper but more harmful corn syrup. Some formulas also contain artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Why Should You Try A Meal Replacement

Incorporating meal replacements into your weight loss or training regimen takes the guesswork out of counting calories every day. One study even shows that the number of participants under meal replacement-supplemented diets had less dropouts due to the ease of following the program. 

For people with busy schedules or limited capacity to prepare food, meal replacements offer a better alternative than starving through fasting. A lot of meal replacement formulas taste good, and you may not even feel deprived of good taste.

Taking meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology and 310 Shake are less restrictive than following an all-solid meal plan. Weight loss, for health or other personal reasons, is made easier and achieved faster with the help of meal replacement shakes.

Tytax Home Gym Review – All In One Home Gym Machines

Tytax Home Gym review
Tytax Home Gym review

Are you a personal trainer that wants to work from home or out of a small studio? Or perhaps you’re a gym enthusiast, who wants to build a home gym? Well, this review will help you decide on getting that gym you’ve always dreamed off.

We will look at the advantages of equipping your gym with the Tytax Home Gym. This gym will provide you with quality, space saving options, and more. 

A Trusted Product

Stanislaw Szultka was born in Poland during a time when luxury items like gym equipment were very hard to come by. This lack of quality gym equipment sparked the idea that led Stanislaw to develop Tytax Invincible and the brand grew.

1988 was the year Stanislaw realized that there was need for home gym equipment. His dream of developing a home gym for strength training started when Tytax Invincible was founded in 1992, out of his humble garage. In that year he started to develop the Tytax® S6 model. The development of this machine continued until 1996. This model has stood the test of time and is still part of their product range.

In 1999 the company developed further and Stanislaw realized his vision of the home gym. Since 1992 he has developed a further four machines to add to the Tytax Invincible family of equipment. The feature that sets Tytax gym equipment apart from other brands is the fact that every single exercise on all five of the models have been methodically tested by Stanislaw. 

All five machines are designed and manufactured in the European Union. They’re all manufactured with the best quality of components. This is why they come with a fantastic guarantee.

It’s no wonder that the Tytax factory carries a name synonymous with strength training the world over. Is this what you need to invest in?

A Guarantee to Trust

Tytax gym machines come with all accessories and handles included. They do offer additional weights should you want more variety or need more weight in your exercise regimen. All machines are made of stainless steel and are manufactured in the European Union, affording you the best quality for the machine you’re buying. Because of its design and build, this machine offers you a lifetime of use.

All machines are shipped from their US warehouse and arrive in a bulletproof crate. Yes: bulletproof crate transportation. This means that your machine comes to you fully secured for your peace of mind that the machine won’t be damaged during delivery.

If that doesn’t spark your attention then this will: all parts of the Tytax gym machines come with a guarantee, from the body frame to the upholstery and accessories. 

Small Studio or Home Gym - What are the Benefits?

small gym studio

This review is all about the dynamic machines the Tytax brand has to offer. But how do you know if a home gym for private use or a small studio for the fitness instructor will be the best option? Here’s why you should consider it.


If the thought of getting up early or standing in line in the gym for a spot at your favorite training machine is daunting, then opting for a home gym would be the investment you need to take. Many customers prefer the privacy of a small studio as well. If you have the right equipment you can offer them personal and convenient training.


The Tytax gym machines are top of the range built with the best quality in mind. This means that you are investing in a gym that is of the highest quality and will last you a lifetime with no replacements necessary for years to come.


The primary cost of setting up a gym can be capital intensive but in the long run you will save on membership fees. Let’s face facts; how often do you go each week? If you had access to a private gym and instructor or your home gym you will be more inclined to work out.


You want the most out of the space you have. If you have a studio, working out of your garage or a room in your home you need to know that you have equipment that won’t take up too much of space. Many of us don’t have the ability or desire to lay out too much of space for a gym.
Now that we sparked your interest and you’re leaning towards a home gym or a small studio space what machine will best suit your preference?

The Complete Line of Tytax Home Gym Machines Reviewed


TYTAX T1-X Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness

This machine is one of five designed by Stanislaw Szultka, and it’s by far the easiest of all the machines to assemble. You only need two people and a few hours. It’s like playing with building blocks, and the beauty of that is it can be done in the comfort of your home.


The popular features of this machine are:

  • It has three training stations 
  • The machine weighs 1408lbs
  • It has over 400 different exercises
  • It has an additional 16 options of exercises
  • Adjustable bench position in relation to the machine
  • Unique safety feature on all TX series machines
  • Storage racks for the weights on the upper and lower parts of the machine
  • Linear guide rails allow for comprehensive range of movement when using the bench

The quality of this machine’s build is something to rave about. It’s manufactured of stainless steel, so it will stand the test of time and will be an investment if you’re a personal trainer who needs quality.

You only need 140ft² for this machine to be used. It takes up such little space that you can afford to use this machine at home or rent a small space for your personal raining business. If you’re a personal trainer you can boast about the military design and the 416 exercise options available to tone every muscle of your client. 


TYTAX T3-X Professional Home Gym | Fitness Equipment from Europe

This machine is slightly different from the T1-X as is has a few more features. It’s bigger and heavier than the T1-X but don’t let this discourage you. This machine offers you more, compared to other competitive machines in the same class so it’s worth having to cope with that extra weight and size.


  • It has seven training stations 
  • It weighs 1680lbs without the weights
  • It has over 400 exercises on offer and 16 more options
  • The bench is adjustable and you have range of movement
  • Safety features
  • Weight storage racks provided

This machine is slightly heavier than the T1-X but offers you more options in your exercise regimen. This machine can comfortably fit in a 231ft² space. This is the ultimate investment for the business owner that’s either well established or the competitive athlete that wants a first class home gym.


TYTAX M1 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness

This petite machine is not to be underestimated. It’s smaller and lighter but it does more than most machines out there in its class. The quality of the machine sets it apart from other brands and makes it a lifelong investment.


  • It has one training station 
  • It weighs 665lbs without the weights
  • It has over 400 exercises available as well as 10 additional options
  • Adjustable bench position and you’ll enjoy range of movement
  • Ample storage racks for weighs

You only need 91ft² to utilize this machine to its full capacity. While this machine doesn’t offer you the same safety options as the TX series, it does give you piece of mind that the Olympic bar holders will give you safety and luxury. If you’re looking for a machine to use in your home or garage and space is the problem, this machine is for you. 


TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness

Its sister, the M1 might be petite, but this machine is one that will offer you a little more. It’s slightly larger and weighs more than the M1 machine.


  • It has two training stations 
  • It weights 725lbs without the weights
  • Enjoy 400 exercises with 10 other options to enhance your training session
  • Adjustable bench position for ease of movement
  • Sufficient storage racks for the weights on the machine
  • Comprehensive range of movement when using the bench

This machine only needs slightly more space than the M1 Tytax machine, at 102ft². What this means is that you can get more features than the M1 machine with a machine that is still petite.

It’s ideal for you if you have limited space at home or in your private gym. While it doesn’t offer the safety features of the TX series, the quality of the build and the number of exercises this machine gives you, will far surpass your expectation of a machine this size. 


TYTAX S6 - Additional Options A, C & DR Added in Standard!

The S6 machine of the Tytax brand may seem basic, but it’s far from it. All of the machines designed and built by the Tytax brand has quality and luxury in the look & feel. The S6 machine is no different. This machine does not include any free weights which makes it a great addition to your home gym or training space if you already have free weights are are looking to add a high quality machine.

This machine will offer you as an individual or a trainer the option to target specific muscle groups and have a more focused gym experience. 


  • It has one training station
  • The machine weighs 750lbs without the weights
  • It offers the enthusiast over 200 exercises
  • An additional 6 options are also available
  • The bench has an adjustable back rest and seat

The adjustable backrest and seat quickly allow for a range of exercises that target your whole body. This machine can do more than any other machine in the same range. The unique weight slider allows you to modify the needed load. 

Only requiring 40ft² of space for you to fully enjoy the experience if has to offer it’s a quiet machine with only the best quality of material used in the manufacturing process.

It’s an ideal machine for the home owner that wants the best money can offer without the unit taking up too much space. It’s also the best option for the personal trainer that wants to give their clients more variety when it comes to training. 

Why Tytax is the Right Choice

Looking at what all five Tytax machines has to offer was enjoyable, but picking only one machine is challenging. Other brands out there don’t come close to the quality and comfort you will get when using or buying any one of the Tytax Machines.

The five machines give you between 200 and 400 exercises each and they take up less space compared to most other brands.

All the machines are made of only the highest quality material and offer a guarantee to this end. Safety is of paramount importance to the Tytax team which is why they’re designed specifically to ensure this.

Other brands will expect you to buy weights separately but all Tytax machines offer you the weights included.

Basically Tytax offers you gym quality machines to use in the comfort of your own home or private gym. 

Tytax Home Gym Comparison

Model #







TYTAX T1-X Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX T3-X Professional Home Gym | Fitness Equipment from Europe
TYTAX M1 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX S6 - Additional Options A, C & DR Added in Standard!

Training stations












Additional options






Bench with adjustable position

Bench with adjustable backrest and seating

Smith machine

Leg press

Butterfly arms

Lower gate cable butterfly

Upper gate cable butterfly

Free weight preacher bench

Lever preacher bench

Cable preacher bench

Pull-up handles

Assisted pull-ups with counter balance system

Cardio training with additional option RM

Cardio training with additional option PRM

Cardio training with additional option PR

Final Thoughts

The machine that has the most appeal and is the most practical for the discerning fitness instructor or individual, would be the T1-X. The machine offers you more than 400 exercises to target every single muscle and part of your body.

The machine is easy to use and it takes only two people a few hours to set up. So if you’re concerned about assembly this machine will not intimidate you. Since each exercise was tested my Stanislaw, you can have peace of mind that it’s the ideal machine for you.

It is quiet and requires only a limited space for you to fully experience the strength this machine has to offer.

Many consumers have been disappointed with what other brands have to offer compared to these machines. It’s worth a try. Yes the initial costs of the machines may be high. But when you look at the quality and world renowned guarantees, it’s worth the expense. Get access to pro quality gym equipment without even leaving your home. Get fit the easy way. 

Purewave Massager Review

Purewave Massager Review
Purewave Massager Review

Muscle pain can hit you at one time or another due to repetitive stress or poor posture. It can limit your movements during workouts or your actual performance in the sport or profession you practice. 

Massage therapy can relieve a lot of that strain, and percussive massage equipment have become highly recommended by trainers and doctors to relax muscles before doing vigorous exercise.

PADO and Purewave Massagers

A line of self-massage equipment produced by California-based PADO USA has been in the market for about four years now. 

The company, which makes other quality health equipment such as vacuum blenders and air purifiers, is most popular for its cordless and hand-held Purewave Massagers because they are lightweight and easy to use, yet very powerful in alleviating muscle tension.

What sets them apart among other hand-held massagers is their percussion type motor. The motor makes a back-and-forth thumping motion, similar to a hammer, creating gentle to intense waves of pressure.

Benefits of Using a Cordless Massager

Cordless massagers allow you to massage hard-to-reach areas — not just your back, but also your calves, spots behind your thighs and forearms. As percussive therapy equipment, Purewave simulates the sequence of short movements done by a professional masseur to induce blood flow and raise muscle elasticity.

Purewave Massagers weigh less than two pounds each so you can bring any one of them in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase. They vary in terms of charging time as well as purposes due to the number of attached heads that come with each type of unit.

Comparison: CM7, CM5, and CM3

PADO offers three types of Purewave Massagers: the CM3 cordless percussion travel massager, the CM5 muscle and joint massager, and the CM7 body and facial massager. Let's check out each massager in detail below.

CM7 Review

Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Neck & Shoulder Massager (white)

The CM7 has the most number of attachments among the three massagers. The product comes with the point stick, air cushion stick, six-head stick, body massage oil stick, scalp massage stick, and facial massage stick.

While the first three sticks have to be threaded onto the motor, the scalp and body massage sticks just need to be slipped onto it. Meanwhile, the facial massage stick is slipped onto the vibration motor, which is found at the tip of the massager’s handle. Here are all six of the CM7 attachments:

1. Air cushion stick: 

Some therapists compare the Purewave Massager's air cushion stick to the tennis ball massage they recommend to patients. The soft silicone head can provide a relaxing Swedish massage as it gently pats delicate muscles near or around the shoulders, knees, and other joints. The stick can also be used for the lower back and soles of the feet.

2. Point stick: 

This is the best attachment to use for pain anywhere in your trapezius muscle, the bundle of muscles from your nape to your shoulders. However, it can also be used for soreness in the lower back and the soles of your feet. Chiropractors are using Purewave Massager's point stick for patients with plantar fasciitis, which is heel inflammation felt on the arch of the foot. They also use it for Achilles tendinitis, which can start on your heel to the back of the calf.

You can attach the point stick to the massager for finger-like pressure therapy.

3. Six-head stick: 

This is for deep tissue and sports massage therapy. It works well on sore hamstrings, thighs, calves, lower back, hips, and glutes or buttock area. Use the attachment for massages before and after sports or repetitive exercise to reduce muscle fatigue and boost performance.

4. Massage oil stick: 

Topical creams and ointments can be difficult to rub on your own skin, especially when you have to apply them on your back. The flat plastic attachment makes it easy for you to put the cream in hard-to-reach areas. You also prevent the cream from getting into your eyes because you wouldn't need to apply it on your hand first.

5. Scalp massage stick: 

Some headaches spring from pain in the upper neck. The "bristles" of the massage stick can relax the muscles on your nape and temples.

6. Facial massage stick: 

Give yourself a self-facial massage by applying moisturizer on your face using the facial massage stick. Attach it to the vibration motor to soothe your temples and jaw area.

Here’s a video to see the unique function of each stick.

  • The CM7 is PADO's top-of-the-line massager due to its dual motor feature.
  • Aside from having an adjustable percussive motor speed of 1,500 to 3,700 rpm, it also has a facial vibration motor that makes 10,000 vibrations per minute.
  • The CM7 has the longest reach of the three Purewave Massagers at 16.5 inches.
  • The CM7 does not have a heat-emitting feature that some cordless massagers offer. At 1.75 pounds, it can feel heavy to some users.

CM5 Review

PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager (White) | Treat Pain for Back, Sciatica, Neck, Leg, Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, tendinitis, Arthritis, Sports

Although the CM5 has only three massage sticks — the point stick, six-head stick, and air cushion stick — the product is the massager of choice among professional trainers and physical therapists as most of them do not need the vibration motor for facial massage.

Both the CM7 and CM5 come with a holder for convenient and safe storage. Here is a video that compares the CM5 with CM7.

Meanwhile, the CM5 is similar to the CM3 in that both have only percussion motors.

  • Like the CM7, the CM5 has an adjustable speed of between 1,500-3,700 rpm.
  • It is 14.75 inches in length.
  • The CM5 is the "middle weight" of the three Purewave massagers because it is slightly lighter than the CM7 at 1.65 pounds.
  • Because the CM5 has only three of the total six attachments, it doesn’t work as effectively as the CM7 for massages involving medicated oils for the skin. It is also not suitable for facial massage.

CM3 Review

PUREWAVETM CM-03 Percussion Therapy Massager | Compact Massager to Treat Pain for Back, Sciatica, Neck, Leg, Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, tendinitis - White

The self-standing CM3 is considered the most basic of the three Purewave massagers, as its motor has only a single speed.

  • CM3 is the recommended companion for outdoor activists and people into sports who need emergency body massage. It is a self-standing unit that weighs only 1.5 pounds. The massager's 3,500 rpm motor works deep into the tissue to dissolve painful muscle knots and adhesions as well to relieve stiffness.
  • The CM3 comes with two interchangeable heads: the point stick and the six-head stick.
  • It is lightweight, portable, and great for instant relief.
  • Due to the CM3’s single speed, you can’t use it on your face or for softer types of massage.

Charging Time and Battery life

The CM7 can be used continuously for three hours on full charge. The first charge may take one to two hours, but the succeeding charging time will take just one hour. Its battery can last for up to five years, performing as many as 500 charge cycles.

Like the CM7, the CM5 can operate continuously for 180 minutes after being fully charged. Both products normally take around two hours to fully charge for the first time. Charging will run for just an hour afterward, provided you do not let their batteries run until they go dead.

CM3 has the shortest battery life of 90 minutes of continuous use among the three massagers. Charging time takes longer at two hours.


All three Purewave Massagers come with a limited one-year warranty, depending on the delivery or the date when you bought them at the store.

Purewave Massagers Relieve Sciatica

Sciatica is the pain you feel along your sciatic nerve, which starts from your lower back and goes down your hips, buttocks, and legs. 

Sciatic pain can be caused by a herniated disk in your spine, an overgrowth of bone or what we call bone spur on your vertebrae, or tightness of muscles in the lower back, glutes, or legs. Sciatica can cause numbness or weakness of the affected leg or foot so it can make standing, walking, or sitting painful.

Deep tissue massage has been recommended in place of painkillers, with one study in 2014 saying that massage can be as effective as non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs

Sciatic pain

sciatic nerve

PADO boasts four ways that Purewave can treat sciatic pain: by reducing muscle inflammation, tightness and tension; increasing flexibility; increasing circulation of blood to aching muscles, tendons, and ligaments to hasten recovery; and releasing muscle adhesions. Purewave Massagers can treat sciatica as long as the condition does not involve severe pain, loss of bladder, and bowel function and numbness.

Purewave: Used by All Ages in Various Fields

Professionals both within and outside the field of sports and fitness have been able to cope up with physical strain or recover from injuries with the help of Purewave Massagers.

Golfers have included Purewave massaging in their warm-up routine to improve mobility. Percussive massage therapy can alleviate the muscle stress resulting from rotation of the hips during golf swings, pivots of the knee for downswings, constant bending, and "golfer's elbow" or tendinitis.

Purewave Massagers also help street dancers deal with leg cramps and other aches that come with four to eight hours of practice to put a seamless performance. They use massagers to loosen their muscles during warm-up. 

Another group of people who experience a lot of physical strain regularly are acrobatic performers. They experience back pain, in particular, after their shows. A number of acrobatic artists have turned to Purewave Massagers for relief in between their stretches ahead of their next performance. 

Lastly, older adults who take yoga classes consider the Purewave Massager as a wonder tool for the changing needs of their body. They appreciate how the massager helps them stay in shape and keep blood circulation going as they use the product after their flexes. 

Beware of Fake Purewave Massagers!

PADO has warned the public starting last year about fake Purewave Massagers coming out from China and being sold by Bizton and Paston on Amazon. 

The genuine PADO massagers can be distinguished from their China-made counterparts through the following:

  1. The threaded rod of the original Purewave Massager to which various attachments or heads are slipped or screwed into is made of plastic, whereas the fake one is made of metal.
  2. The knob or dial of PADO's Purewave Massager — which turns it on or off and regulates the motor's speed — is circular and smooth, while the counterfeit product is circular and jagged.
  3. The fake massager has red lights on the left and right side of the rod where the massage sticks are attached. These lights turn on when in use. In a genuine Purewave Massager, only one light above the dial that controls the motor’s speed turns green when it is on.
  4. The counterfeit massager claims to have a dual motor but has only one motor. Therefore, it can’t function as a facial massager.

Note that the authentic Purewave Massager CM7 is patented and registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. 

Final Thoughts:

We previously ranked PADO's Purewave Massager as fifth among six products in a review titled “Best Handheld Back Massager.” 

The massager, however, is in a league of its own when it comes to percussion therapy. Percussive motors found in massage guns such as Theragun G2Pro, Hyperice Hypervolt, TimTam, Pleno M, and RxGun QUIETec pack more punch. But they lack the long, ergonomically designed handle that Purewave Massagers have, allowing users to do self-massage. 

Users and owners of Purewave Massagers have also spoken positively about how lightweight they are although similar products offer the same relief at cheaper prices, such as Mighty Bliss and RENPHO. The Purewave Massager has an edge over other massagers because of its convenience. Other percussive massagers are either powered by a cord (TheraFlow, Wahl, NURSAL, HoMedics) or have a shorter handle (Brookstone Max). 

Medical Breakthrough Chairs Review

Medical Breakthrough Chairs review
Medical Breakthrough Chairs review

Do you have chronic pain, poor posture or problems sleeping? Would you like to have a personal chiropractor in the comfort of your own home? Then let’s tell you about the line of Medical Breakthrough Chairs.

These massage chairs have been designed and formulated to reduce pain and help you with sleep problems & any chronic pain you may have.

Medical Breakthrough as a company has been in the healing game for over 36 years. They have seen people with all kinds of pain, poor sleep, and bad posture. They have even treated people who have had bad sporting injuries. 

Their line of massage therapy chairs were designed and developed because they saw how people suffered from these debilitating, yet treatable problems. The company realized that this debilitating pain or poor posture had affected almost every aspect of their patients’ lives. The company wanted their patients to lead normal and productive lives and to enjoy the things they enjoyed before the pain or suffering.

This line of massage chairs took the company 14 years to develop. They wanted the best quality and best technology to help their patients find relief. This chair helps you heal yourself. 

The line of Medical Breakthrough chairs is unique in the market. While many massage chairs only offer you a massage, Medical Breakthrough chairs provides you with medical benefits and treatment too.

The line of chairs can help everyone from the young to the elderly, from people suffering from sporting injuries to accident recovery victims. 

Recommended By Real Doctors 

More and more doctors are experiencing, first hand, the benefit of massage therapy. They have mentioned how their patients are finding relief and comfort from the use of the Medical Breakthrough Chairs.

The notable mentions and recommendations include:

  • CNN
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Dr Mehmet Oz
  • Harvard University
  • Dr Brent Bauer of the Mayo Clinic
  • Dr Mark Hyman of Rapaport Chairs

FDA Approval and Warranty 

fda approved medial massage chair

Medical Breakthrough developed these chairs to create products that will be the ultimate solution to body aches and pain. Their effort saves you the hassle of going through temporary solutions.

The FDA has certified all the chairs of Medial Breakthrough in 2018. Not only that but all their chairs come with a three year warranty. 


You can look forward to these features in your new chair:

  • Zero Gravity Sleep System™: This is a unique feature that brings your body-weight into play during the massage, giving you a weightless experience. The inflatable airbags will help you find the optimal position for maximum comfort. This ultimately helps you in getting better sleep.
  • Full Body Stretch: This function is exactly that, a full body stretch! The function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is elongated in the stretch. This function will improve your balance, relieve pain and assist in preventing future injuries.
  • BodyTwist Technology™: This amazing feature is what many of their patients and medical professionals rave about. Soft airbags keep your limbs in place while waist and hips are moved around. This movement gives your entire body an incredible stretch. This function is the first of its kind.
  • Air Cell Feature: The 167 Air Cells engulf every part of your body, resulting in your entire body getting a massage. The system is unique and the technology used makes for a high end product.
  • Human Hand Massage System™: The specially engineered massage rollers were designed so specifically, that when you close your eyes you can imagine it’s human hands massaging your entire body.
  • Engulfed Arm Massage System: This system goes beyond the natural massage and simultaneously massages every part of your arms, hands and fingertips.
  • Reflexology Foot Massage System™: This system is made with three rows of rollers to treat your feet in their entirety.
  • Smart Full Body Scan™: This is the pinnacle of advanced technology in its range. The system scans your body to detect every curve and bump so it can target relevant areas and give you optimum relief. It’s a flexible system to make it customizable and relevant to many consumers & patients.

Which Chair Will Suit You?

The company offers six Medical Breakthrough massage chairs and four Vending massage chairs.
Apart from the chairs you can pick other massage equipment to suit your needs. The chair is extremely adjustable according to height and weight so it fits all body types.

Let’s find the best one for you. 

Medical Breakthrough 9™

Medical Breakthrough 9

This chair is simply amazing when you read all that it has to offer:

  • The zero gravity
  • Full body medical scan
  • 3D tissue massage
  • Concentrated lower back rollers
  • Arm massage
  • Full stretch of the body to give release of tension
  • Hip twist
  • Heat massage
  • Shoulder massage
  • Reflexology
  • Sole rollers
  • Adjustable leg allowances

The extras on this chair are impressive. Firstly there is the Human Hands Massage technology. The Champissage Head Massager is also a reason many pick this one. But the Advanced Medical Care System is by far the best feature. Not only does it allow for targeted treatment but it helps you alleviate cancer-related symptoms, anxiety and physical recovery or even chemotherapy side effects.

Dimensions and Weight:

The chair in the upright position is 34” X 49” X 55” and in the reclined position is 34”X 31” X 69”. It only weight 374lb.

Medical Breakthrough 8™

Medical Breakthrough 8

This chair gives you the options of:

  • Medical full body scan
  • A head to toe treatment
  • 3D massage
  • Rollers that target the lower back
  • The entire arm is treated

It is a quiet chair so it will not disturb your partner. It is also very mobile because of the built-in wheels and allows for full leg allowances that are adjustable.

The Medical Breakthrough 8™ has a patented chiropractic body twist technology which gives your body a fantastic full body twist. The head massager is ideal for a strong neck massage.

The downside to this chair is the USB/MP3 connection. It would have been even better with a Bluetooth function. Also note the techniques are elementary. Still, if it’s your neck you want to focus on, this is an excellent option.

Dimensions and Weight:

The chair in the upright position is 36” X 53” X 52” and in the reclined position is 36” X 32” X 72”. This one is a bit heavier at 404lb.

Medical Breakthrough 7™

Medical Breakthrough 7

Similar to the Medical Breakthrough 6™ you’ll find this on the MB7 model:

  • Zero gravity position (although it’s in one reclining position)
  • Full-body automatic scanner
  • 3D tissue massage
  • Lower back intense treatment
  • Arm massage
  • Stretch of your whole body

The chair operates very quietly and has wheels which makes for mobility. It’s leg extensions also play a part in hip twist treatments some people desperately need.
The shoulder massagers are huge and make air massage possible. You can also get heat treatments and even get the soles of your feet rubbed down.

With this model, why not recharge with a reflexology type treatment?

The chair features some of the brand’s famous patented systems such as the Human Hands Massage System™. Along with the Champissage feature you can allow more oxygen to flow to your brain.

Draw backs include that you only get an AUX input—no wireless features.

Dimensions and Weight:

At 35” X 50”X 57” in the upright position and at 430lb it’s one of the larger models around.

Medical Breakthrough 6™

Medical Breakthrough 6

The features of this chair that make it a good seller include:

  • Japanese 3D neck and shoulder massage
  • Turkish Treatment
  • Greek Stress Relief
  • Tissue treatment based on Indonesian influence
  • New Delhi Yoga,
  • Swedish airbag massage techniques
  • Hawaiian sleep therapy

The fact that over 25 medical specialists participated in the design and manufacturing of this chair stands testament to the investment you’ll make.

The additional benefit is the medical body scan, with the chair mapping your body and finding the injury or pain. The 3D L-track is an added advantage. The chair is very quiet and has the built-in Bluetooth connection for optimal audio enjoyment.

The only drawback is the chair has no memory function. With a chair like this you can’t have everything, but it’s a dynamic option and would have made it even more valuable.

Dimensions and Weight:

For this one you need a space of 33” X 30” X 68” for it to recline. Luckily it’s lighter than some at 362lb.

Medical Breakthrough 5™

Medical Breakthrough 5

Some of the features include:

  • Zero gravity sleep system
  • Full body medical scan
  • Quiet massage
  • Adjustable leg extension
  • Back stretch system

This chair only comes with the most basic feature of all the chairs listed in this review. It is prized with being the first zero-gravity chair, and it was designed to bring about sleep faster. This chair helps you find the ideal fit for comfort and provides therapeutic massages.

It has the body stretch feature. This helps you improve posture and relieve pain. It is also a quiet machine so you won’t disturb those around you. It has the marvelous head to toe massage system. This is how you target pain and provide your body with the release of tension you sorely need.

The engulfed arm massage system will relieve you of tired or sore arms, covering every inch of your arm. The full body medical scan is again the state of the art technology that is indispensable in a medical massage chair of its caliber. 

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions for this one are 30”X 48” X 50” (or 30” X 32” X 66” in the reclined position). As one of the lightest units on our list at 275lb it’s ideal if you know you’ll have to move yours around often.

Medical Breakthrough 4™

Medical Breakthrough 5

Some of the features include:

  • Zero gravity sleep system
  • Full body medical scan
  • L-track massage system
  • Shoulder massage
  • Heat therapy

This chair comes with almost unlimited customization options as you can adjust everything from the massage to the incline.

It includes the zero gravity chiropractic body stretch and medical body scan. The thing that makes this chair attractive is the L-track design. This matches your body’s framework so all parts can be treated optimally.

The downside to this chair is that it has fewer massage techniques and no built-in music system, but it has a two memory function so you don’t have to adjust the settings each time you use the chair.

To add a little more, it also boasts multiple settings:

  • 3 manual massage modes
  • 5 speed settings
  • 3 intensity levels to adjust the massage type

Our favorite feature is the toe massage you get from the innovative papillae design. The infrared heat is extremely therapeutic because it warms you from the inside. 

Dimensions and Weight:

In total you’ll need 53” X 35” X 50” space for this one to recline in your home. It only weighs 220lbs so it’s super easy to maneuver around the house.

Final Thoughts:

We showed you valuable options on the Medical Breakthrough product list. Whether you want zero-gravity experiences or other unique features, there’s a massage chair for you out there.

While we believe the Medical Breakthrough 6 is an excellent option—an impressive balance between cost and features—the other models are also worthwhile investments.

It is always important to do your research before buying an massage chair of this level and there are many others to chose from. If you’re still indecisive about which brand to try, remember that this one has been endorsed by many medical professionals.

Your body deserves a break and it should be treated by the best around. Ready to spoil yourself?

Personal Trainer Food – Effective Weight Loss Meal Plans

Personal Trainer Food Review
Personal Trainer Food Review

No crazy home video workout programs. No long hours spent sweating at the gym. No starvation diets. Yet, you’ll still lose that unwanted weight you’ve been trying to shed for a long time now. Sounds totally unreal, right?

But this is all possible with Personal Trainer Food. 

What exactly is Personal Trainer Food?

Personal Trainer Food provides effective weight loss meal plans crafted by a team of nutrition experts. They follow the premise that exercise accounts only for 10% of weight loss. The 90% comes from food intake.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to starve yourself to death. You just need to know how to make the right food choices.

And that is exactly what Personal Trainer Food does — help you choose the right kinds of food to eat.

What’s the story behind this program?

It all started with one man’s desire to help his wife shed off some postpartum weight. Mike Starks’ curiosity with weight loss began in 1998 when he lost 60 pounds three months after a back surgery. His only method then was eating nutritious meals with fat-burning vegetables and meats. Obviously, he couldn’t engage in strenuous exercise or gym workouts due to his condition.

In 2005, his wife Laura gave birth to their second baby. Along with this came unwanted postpartum weight. She had a difficult time losing weight even after going to the gym, skipping meals, and eating “healthy” food. Remembering how he had lost weight back in 1998, Mike encouraged his wife to eat healthier meals. Mike did all the meal planning and cooking himself. Sure enough, Laura lost weight in just a couple of months. Knowing he was on to something that could help a lot of people, Mike gathered a team of experts to research and refine his self-made program. Since then, Personal Trainer Food has been helping thousands of people lose weight the healthy way.

What makes Personal Trainer Food work?

Personal Trainer Food works because it’s neither a one-size-fits-all diet, nor a crash-type kind of program. You can eat as much food as you need until you feel full. You just need to eat smart. This is so much more than a meal plan.

Here’s what you get from Personal Trainer Food:

1. Diet Guidelines

Diet Guidelines

Personal Trainer Food provides you with guidelines listing all the food you can eat, which includes most meats and vegetables. Some foods are to be taken in moderation, including cheese and fruits. The guidelines tell you to avoid sugar, bad carbs, and heavily processed food. This can be a challenge to those who love desserts. Still, they do provide recipes for healthy desserts in their newsletters.

2. Customized Meal Plans

Customized Meal Plans

The meal plans are completely customizable. You can choose specific foods that complement your existing diet. Whether you’re on a keto, paleo, or gluten-free diet, Personal Trainer Food can help you stick to it.

Meal plans are categorized into three main meals and two daily snacks.

Breakfast usually consists of one serving of egg and meat. You can have your eggs in various ways — fried, omelet, frittata, etc. If you don’t want eggs, there are other breakfast options you can choose from.

Lunch and dinner consist of one portion of meat and vegetable. Some of the meat choices are turkey burgers, beef gyros, chicken breast, and pork ribs. For vegetables, you can have green beans, zucchini, garden blend, and oriental style (unseasoned – season them with salt and pepper according to your taste). You’re even allowed to add butter.

If you’re still craving for more, you can eat as much vegetables as you want. Or have anything else that’s allowed in the diet guidelines. You’re allowed unlimited meat, unlimited eggs, and unlimited non-starchy vegetables. Daily snacks are also included in the meal plans. 

3. Pre-Packaged Meals

Pre-Packaged Meals

Personal Trainer Food doesn’t merely provide you healthy meal plans. It conveniently prepares everything for you, which saves time and energy.

There are approximately 100 items for breakfasts, snacks, veggie sides, and entrees. These are not meal replacements but real food — pre-cooked, flash-frozen, and sealed to retain all the nutrients and flavor. Pop everything in the oven for 1-2 minutes and you’re all set. 

4. Personal Coach

Personal Coach

Another great thing about Personal Trainer Food is that you’re not left alone during your weight loss journey. You can get encouragement and advice from a dietician trainer who acts as your personal coach. Anytime you have questions about the program, you can email your coach. You also get weekly weight-loss calls to monitor your progress and to help you stick to your goals.

What are the subscription options?

There are several subscription options available.

The REV! plan is designed specifically for women. Three main meals are packed with food that promote rapid fat burning. The Core plan is designed for a more natural weight loss. This includes lunches and dinners. The You Choose plan allows you to customize your meals. You choose 140 items from the menu and just mix-and-match them yourself.

Ordering is easy because everything is done online. All you need to do is click on the plan you want to subscribe to. Then you can select the specific food you want for each meal. Checkout, set a delivery schedule, and you’re all set.

Don’t worry about spoilage during delivery — your food comes in an insulated box with dry ice. They also have your whole package delivered via FedEx so you can track the delivery.

You get 28 days’ worth of food. So, make sure you have enough space in your freezer for that. The food comes individually-packed so it’s actually very easy to organize in your freezer shelves. In case you have limited freezer space, you can also opt for just 14 days’ worth of meals delivered bi-weekly.

Why should you subscribe to Personal Trainer Food?

Personal Trainer Food is a smart way to lose weight. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss or just a healthier lifestyle, this program will do you good. You lose weight — not starve to death. You also wouldn’t have to work out until you pass out. You only need to take at least 5000 steps per day. That’s just about half an hour of walking every day.

Budget-wise, it only costs roughly $11–$13 per day. Moreover, you can still follow the diet guidelines even when you eat out. Yes, you can still eat out with this meal plan!

You really don’t have any reason why you shouldn’t try Personal Trainer Food. 

SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle Review – Good enough to keep you in shape?

SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle Review
SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle Review

Many people have a strong desire to improve their health and fitness but, for some reason or another, don’t want to go to the gym.

Let’s face it—if you aren’t a ‘gym junkie’ going to the gym can be inconvenient and even intimidating in so many ways. Paying for gym memberships, commuting to the gym, judgmental gym-goers, having to wait your turn to use equipment and other factors can spoil the experience. These factors may motivate you to investigate new ways to reach your fitness goals. A home gym bundle could be the exact solution to solve your gym-going problems. 

About SoAlpha

SoAlpha is a fast-growing workout and sports supplements company based in Austin, Texas. As the name implies, the company’s mission is “to unlock the alpha within each man and woman through a combination of unique product and advanced sports nutrition supplements”.

They pride themselves on their customer-centered shopping experience. They also have high-quality products and a professional support team that assists via chat or email.

Their workout equipment also does not take up much room which makes it ideal for you if you live in a small apartment and do not have a lot of space.

SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle

SoAlpha Premium Exercise Ball with 15LB Resistance Bands, Stability Base, Pump, 65 cm Fitness Ball, Supports up to 600LBS, Stability Ball with Gym Quality Resistance Bands, Complete Home Gym Bundle

With the SoAlpha Home Gym bundle, getting into optimal shape has never been easier—and all from the comfort of your own home!

The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle is the ultimate home gym that has everything you need to fulfil your fitness needs. 

Portable and lightweight (dimensions: 7.5” x 9.8” x 6.7”) the SoAlpha Home Gym bundle is easy to store and transport with the entire set weighing under 5lb.

The setup takes minutes and once it’s ready you can get started right away. The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle allows you to successfully work your:

  • Quads
  • Lats
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Abs
  • Back
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

What’s Included?

The SoAlpha team has really considered users while designing this product bundle. The Home Gym bundle includes everything that you need to successfully work out in the comfort of your own home:

  • 65cm Anti-burst Exercise ball (600lb weight limit)
  • A set of two 15lb resistance bands
  • Stability base ring
  • Exercise poster featuring dozens of workouts
  • Pump

SoAlpha also offers 20 and 25lb resistance bands in case you’re ready to push your own boundaries. 

What Is The Purpose Of The Stability Ring?

The inflatable stability base ring provides support for the exercise ball to remain stable during exercises. This ring allows you to perform isolation exercises with confidence. No more wobbling during multi-joint exercises!

It is important to note that there have been a few complaints that the stability ring is often too small to successfully support the ball. As with any exercise, simply make sure you’re cautious at all times.

Full Body Workout With Resistance Bands 

The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle has been specifically designed to give you a full-body workout. While you’re busy performing one of the 100+ available exercises you’re strengthening your core, back and toning your upper and lower body.

The two removable resistance bands allow you to work out and tone your entire body. The bands attach to the stability base and transform the exercise ball into a full fitness system.

Different Exercises You Can Perform with The SoAlpha Home Gym

One of the factors that has contributed to the success of the Home Gym Bundle is the sheer number of different exercises that can be performed using this fitness tool.

Not only is this great for Yoga and Pilates related activities but there are over 100 exercises that can be performed.

15 Examples of Exercises to Do With The SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle:

  1. Shoulder rolls
  2. Push ups
  3. Back extensions
  4. Reverse fly 
  5. Bicep curls
  6. Elbow planks
  7. Chest presses
  8. Reverse crunches 
  9. Wall squats
  10. Hip thrusts
  11. Kickbacks
  12. Oblique twists
  13. Band sit ups
  14. Quad lifts
  15. Lateral raises
SoAlpha Premium Exercise Ball with 15LB Resistance Bands, Stability Base, Pump, 65 cm Fitness Ball, Supports up to 600LBS, Stability Ball with Gym Quality Resistance Bands, Complete Home Gym Bundle

Pull out your phone and have a look at the Official Workout video for a comprehensive idea of some of the workouts you can do using the SoAlpha Home Gym bundle. 

How Can It Help You Improve Strength and Flexibility?

The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle can definitely help improve your strength and flexibility. By allowing you to perform targeted and specific exercises that directly relate to these needs, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your level of strength and flexibility after only a few weeks of usage.

Resistance bands help improve flexibility by enabling you to increase the range of motion and deepen the stretch as you move the band toward or away from your body. As resistance bands stretch, they increase the tension in your muscles and cause them to contract. The more you stretch the band, the higher the level of resistance.

Exercise balls also greatly increase strength and flexibility levels. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for supporting stretches and as a tool for challenging your balance. 

Who Is The SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle Designed For?

The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle was thoughtfully designed for all users spread out across all fitness levels. Men, women, beginner, professional—absolutely anybody can make use of this at home gym.

The SoAlpha Home Gym bundle is also an ideal piece of fitness equipment for pregnant women, busy parents, on-the-go professionals, athletes and physical therapy patients. The SoAlpha Home Gym Exercise Ball can even be used as an ergonomic seat instead of an office chair, making this a suitable product for work-from-home users too. 

Final Thoughts on The SoAlpha Home Gym Bundle 

You’ll save a lot of money on gym membership or subscription fees, personal training and even fuel to & from the gym. It’s clear that the SoAlpha Home Gym bundle proves to be a smart investment.

If you can achieve your health and fitness goals from the comfort of your home, why would you go to the gym?

Say ‘goodbye’ to your gym-going days and ‘hello’ to fitness at home by grabbing your own SoAlpha Home Gym bundle today. 

Best Supplements to Increase Your Vascularity

Best Vascularity Supplements
Best Vascularity Supplements

There’s no cooler look than a toned muscular body decorated with embossed veins. As a guy, you’ve probably dreamed of sporting this look. A muscular build just isn’t as attractive without veins popping out and highlighting your detailed physique.

Vascularity also takes more effort to achieve, unlike beards that you can grow using medication. It’s similar to a tattoo that symbolizes your achievements. People will know with one look how much time and dedication you’ve given to your body.

The common notion is that you need a level of dedication equal to that of professional bodybuilders to achieve vascularity. Getting veiny arms is a sign that you’ve achieved a high level of fitness through intense weightlifting and low body fat. In short, it takes discipline and hard work.

How to Increase Your Vascularity

You might be thinking that it will take a long time before you achieve this physique. Thinking about how tedious the exercises must be may seem intimidating. And besides that, you’d need to sacrifice your carefree lifestyle to achieve your dreams.

How to Increase Your Vascularity

You’d have to hit the gym for regular weightlifting sessions for months or even years. You’d also have to adhere to a strict diet with little to no fat and sugar. Some fitness enthusiasts follow the Blood-Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) regimen, but you can only do this if you don’t have high blood pressure. 

The other thing you need to know is that genetics also affect vascularity. Plain hard work can get the job done for others. But if you need a little help in your quest to gain veiny arms, the good news is that there are supplements that can improve the results of your exercise.

Why You Should Try Vascularity Supplements

You should try vascularity supplements if you want to achieve veiny arms faster or you want to improve your vascularity for more sculpted veins. 

Vascularity supplements are natural solutions that enlarge the veins and improve their capacity for greater blood flow.

These supplements make it possible to improve the impact of workouts that help build veiny arms. Most vascularity supplements focus on improving your blood circulation to help your veins pop out, but there are also supplements that provide more than that.

Take note that these supplements are not magical pills that instantly grant you veiny arms within weeks. Instead, these supplements improve blood flow and give the muscles a tighter feel, which causes the veins to pop out even more. You’ll still need to hit the gym to achieve your sculpted veins, but these supplements will help boost the results to keep you motivated.

Taking vascularity supplements is a safe and effective way to help the nutrients reach your muscles. The only downside is that you might experience vomiting or diarrhea if these supplements don’t agree with you. This is a common occurrence with any supplement on the market. If you have a more specialized diet, you can find GMO-free and vegan options.

Best Supplements for Vascularity

Not all vascularity supplements are the same. Each one has different ingredients and effects, and knowing which vascularity supplements to take can help you achieve the results you want.

Some supplements focus on improving your blood circulation, while others are meant to improve your muscle strength and stamina. There are also supplements that have patented ingredients that provide more effective results catered to your workout needs. Nonetheless, these supplements are all made to help you achieve vascularity faster and improve the results you gain over time.

We’ve provided a detailed review of five vascularity supplements below to help you find the right choice for your workout needs. Here are some of the best supplements that you can consider taking to enhance your fitness level:

1. N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement

N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement With Nitrosigine L Arginine & L Citrulline for Muscle Growth, Pumps, Vascularity, & Energy - Extra Strength Pre Workout N.O. Booster & Muscle Builder - 90 Veggie Pills
N.O. XT Nitric Oxide Supplement With Nitrosigine L Arginine & L Citrulline for Muscle Growth, Pumps, Vascularity, & Energy - Extra Strength Pre Workout N.O. Booster & Muscle Builder - 90 Veggie Pills

N.O. XT is a US-made product that boosts your stamina and helps pump your muscles to achieve those veiny arms. It contains 1.5 grams of L-citrulline, which is an amino acid known to boost nitric oxide production. In addition, it also has 500 milligrams of Nitrosigine, which is its secret ingredient for helping your blood vessels pop out.

Premium ingredients are used to ensure that N.O. XT provides you with the best possible results. No fillers or preservatives are added so you're sure that you're taking an all-natural supplement. The manufacturing facilities that produce this supplement also adhere to standards that ensure the safety and efficacy of each capsule.

N.O. XT also improves your blood flow to help you achieve faster muscle recovery time and more muscle strength. You’re sure to have a more ripped appearance and stronger arm muscles with the help of this supplement.

You need to take three capsules of N.O. XT 30 minutes before you work out. This ensures that you get the best possible mileage out of your workout. You’ll experience less fatigue and see faster results.

Ingredients: L-citrulline, Nitrosigine, L-glutathione, and BioPerine

2. Evlution Nutrition Pump Mode Nitric Oxide Booster

Evlution Nutrition Pump Mode Nitric Oxide Booster to Support Intense Pumps, Performance and Vascularity (Unflavored, 60 Servings)

Evlution Nutrition’s Pump Mode is a non-stimulant pump accelerator that improves your vascularity and helps you maximize your muscle pump. This supplement contains 1.5 grams of HydroMax and 1 gram of betaine nitrate, which help improve blood flow by metabolizing nitrate molecules found in your body. The improved blood flow gives you more energy and power to do your heavy workouts.

Pump Mode also comes in 6 different flavors, namely: Blue Raz, Cherry Limeade, Furious Grape, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon. Each serving easily mixes with water to provide you with the boost you need for your workout.

You’ll need to either take at least 1-2 servings of Pump Mode before training, or you could mix 1-2 servings into your beverage and consume Pump Mode during your training. Pump Mode works best if you have an active lifestyle and you regularly do bodybuilding or sports.

Ingredients: HydroMax, NO3-T betaine nitrate, carbohydrates, silica, calcium silicate, vitamin C, and vitamin D

3. KAGED MUSCLE Citrulline

KAGED MUSCLE, Premium L-Citrulline Powder, Enhance Muscle Pumps, Improve Muscle Vascularity, Nitric Oxide Booster, Citrulline, Unflavored, 100 Servings
KAGED MUSCLE, Premium L-Citrulline Powder, Enhance Muscle Pumps, Improve Muscle Vascularity, Nitric Oxide Booster, Citrulline, Unflavored, 100 Servings

Kaged Muscle Citrulline is a product made with patented ingredients that will help you achieve vascularity by increasing your blood flow and maximizing your muscle growth. Each serving contains 2 grams of fermented L-citrulline that is sourced only from the USA. You’re guaranteed to have a non-GMO, gluten-free, and filler-free product for your workout.

Kaged Muscle Citrulline also fits any dietary requirement because the L-citrulline is sourced from non-animal produce. It is also tested by third parties to ensure that no banned substances are added. Aside from that, the product contains no added flavors. It only contains pure L-citrulline.

You only need to add one scoop to your drink or protein shake twice a day to properly consume Kaged Muscle Citrulline. The added production of L-arginine and nitric oxide in your muscles will help your blood transfer nutrients to your muscles, which will help your veins pop out after an intense workout.

Ingredients: L-citrulline (fermented)

4. Havasu Extra Strength L-Arginine

Extra Strength L Arginine - 1200mg Nitric Oxide Supplement for Muscle Growth, Vascularity & Energy - Powerful No Booster with L-Citrulline & Essential Amino Acids to Train Longer & Harder (1)

Havasu Extra Strength L-Arginine provides a natural supplement that allows better blood flow without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients. It is made with safety in mind as it focuses on improving your body’s blood circulation with the help of L-arginine, an amino acid that can be converted into nitric oxide.

Havasu Extra Strength L-Arginine also promotes lean muscle growth because of its key ingredients. The formula used for this supplement comes from a tried-and-tested combination of nitric oxides, which help in achieving your desired vascularity. It also provides a natural boost in energy, which is a byproduct of the improved blood circulation.

Your improved vascularity isn’t the only benefit you get from using Havasu Extra Strength L-Arginine. Blood circulation also affects your other vital organs and provides them with the dose of oxygen they need to keep you healthy. You'll be surprised at how much less fatigued you'll feel during workouts and strenuous activities. Your muscles will have enough supply of oxygen for better performance.

Ingredients: L-arginine, AAKG, L-citrulline malate, beet root powder, gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

5. Superior Labs – VasoWORx

Superior Labs - VasoWORx® - Powerful Nitric Oxide Dietary Supplement - 4,600 mg, 180 Vegetable Capsules - 7 Powerful Ingredients - Increased Energy, Stamina, Muscle Growth and Cardio

Last but not the least, we have Superior Labs – VasoWORx. This supplement provides 1 gram of AAKG and 550 milligrams of VasoWORx’s patented ingredient that helps boost your blood flow and promote vascularity during your workout. VasoWORx also promotes muscle growth and recovery to help you get back to your intense workouts with less fatigue.

VasoWORx is a US-made product that is registered with the FDA and is manufactured only in GMP-certified facilities. You can be sure that there are no artificial flavors and preservatives added into these supplements. This supplement is also GMO-free and certified to be organic.

You need to take one vegetable capsule each day to boost your blood circulation before and even after your workout. The best part about VasoWORx is that it gives your stamina an added boost so that you can do more intense workouts without worries. You're sure to achieve ripped muscles when you're able to constantly perform more repetitions each day.

Ingredients: vitamin B3, vitamin B12, VasoWORx Nitric Oxide Maximizing Complex, AAKG, plant cellulose, and organic rice concentrate.

OLLY Vitamins Review

OLLY Vitamins review
OLLY Vitamins review

OLLY has always strived to provide the best nutritional products that are both safe and delicious. Some could say that they’re about selling happiness in the form of tasty and healthy bundles. For about 5 years, the company has evolved from a subscription-based startup into a full-blown company that has captured a significant portion of the market.

One notable aspect of OLLY is that the company, headed by CEO Brad Harrington, personifies the lifestyle related to their products. OLLY allows their employees to thrive in a fun and healthy workplace, which goes to show how much they value a healthy lifestyle not only for others but also for themselves.

OLLY’s multivitamin options have been among the most popular products of their brand because of their high nutritional value. A single serving of OLLY's multivitamins is enough to meet the daily requirements your body needs. It's even better because OLLY's products are specialized for the different nutritional needs of women, kids, and men.

How OLLY Products Are Made

There are several product lines sold by OLLY that you can purchase, including protein bars and multivitamins. What makes their products unique are the different flavors imbued in each of their delicious offerings. OLLY products help meet your daily nutritional requirements and bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle.

That’s not all that you need to know about these products. The ingredients used for each OLLY product are supported by the latest research, thus guaranteeing their safety and efficacy. Throughout the process, only non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients are used. The products are also made in FDA-audited facilities and are certified by NSF. You’re assured that every product manufactured is 100% free from any possible contaminations.

Olly multivitamin manufacturing

The company also hires experts responsible for making the vitamins and food bars as tasty as possible. They make healthy living more exciting by exploring new flavors and food textures. Each flavor is made to excite your taste buds when you try their products for the first time. The best part is that these experts only use natural ingredients to achieve different flavors.

OLLY's multivitamins are made with special gummy gelatin to make each serving a pleasant treat. Each product is made with different nutritional values and flavors catered to different lifestyles and needs. It’s not only tasty, but it also meets the daily nutrition you need.

Best OLLY Multivitamin Products

What’s available for women?

There are OLLY products made especially for women's everyday nutritional requirements. You're sure to find the perfect set of multivitamins that fit your needs.

The Perfect Women’s Multi

OLLY The Perfect Womens Gummy Multivitamin, 45 Day Supply (90 Gummies), Blissful Berry, Vitamins A, D, C, E, Biotin, Folic Acid, Chewable Supplement

Women need a lot of nutrients to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle. The good news is that staying healthy and energized throughout a tiring week is possible with The Perfect Women’s Multi. You can keep your body tuned up to meet any challenge ahead by taking in nutrients that will strengthen you mentally and physically.

The Perfect Women’s Multi offers 100% daily value of vitamins A, C, D, and E to help you maintain glowing skin and strong bones even if you’re exposed to stressful conditions on a daily basis. It also contains folic acid, B vitamins, and calcium to keep you at peak performance no matter what task you have to accomplish. Each pack of The Perfect Women’s Multi comes with 45, 65, or 90 servings of gummy tablets, which taste like a blend of different berries.

The Essential Prenatal Multi

OLLY The Essential Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Sweet Citrus, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Omega 3 DHA, Chewable Supplement

Pregnancy is challenging for many women, but you’ll get through yours more easily with the help of The Essential Prenatal Multi. Taking in the right amount of nutrients not only keeps your body fit for pregnancy but also gives your baby the nutrients they need while growing up. It’s a two-in-one deal when you take in vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

The Essential Prenatal Multi offers 100% daily value for folic acid, DHA, and vitamin D, which help the development of your baby’s brain and muscles while also strengthening your immune system. Plus, it also contains vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and zinc to boost your body’s condition. Each pack of The Essential Prenatal Multi comes with 60 servings of gummy tablets with a citrus flavor.

Women's Super Foods Multi

OLLY Womens Super Foods Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Lively Elderberry, 10 Super Foods, Elderberry, Acai, Tamarind, Chewable Supplement

There’s nothing more complete than Women’s Super Foods Multi, made especially for women who want an intake of all the essential nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Staying healthy can be as simple as taking two Super Foods tablets daily. You can stay fit and healthy without the risk of eating too much.

The Women’s Super Foods Multi offers lots of phytonutrients found from 10 superfoods, namely: blueberry, acai, grape, elderberry, wheat grass, pomegranate, watercress, beet, tamarind, and papaya. You also get 100% daily value for vitamins B6, B12, E, and folic acid. Each pack of Women’s Super Foods Multi comes with 60 servings of gummy tablets with a lively elderberry flavor.

OLLY Girl Multi

OLLY Teen Girl Multi Gummy Multivitamin, 35 Day Supply (70 Gummies), Berry Melon Besties, Vitamins A, C, E, Biotin, Antioxidants, Kids, Chewable Supplement

Growing young women need a complete set of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and enjoy their youth. OLLY Girl Multi helps provide the right amount of nutrients girls need to be at their best during puberty. After all, you’ll only get to focus on and excel in your studies and extracurricular activities if you have a healthy body.

OLLY Girl Multi offers 100% daily value for vitamins A, B6, D3, and E, together with selenium and chromium to boost your body’s immune system. It’s also rich in vitamin B12 and biotin, which can help your hair and nails grow healthy. Each pack of OLLY Girl Multi comes with 70 servings of gummy tablets, which have a berry melon flavor.

What’s available for men?

OLLY also offers products made especially for men. These multivitamins provide the nutrients that men need to stay strong and fit.

The Perfect Men’s Multi

OLLY The Perfect Mens Gummy Multivitamin, 45 Day Supply (90 Gummies), BlackBerry Blitz, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Lycopene, Zinc, Chewable Supplement

Staying healthy and energized has never been this easy for men. The Perfect Men’s Multi contains all the important vitamins and minerals you’ll need to achieve a strong body. You’ll be ready for any tough challenges ahead when you stay strong physically and mentally.

The Perfect Men’s Multi offers 100% daily value for vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E to boost your body’s performance for a long and tiring day. It’s also rich in antioxidants to keep your heart healthy. Each pack of The Perfect Men’s Multi comes with 90 servings of gummy tablets, which have a blackberry flavor.

What’s available for kids?

OLLY products include supplements made especially for children’s needs. Kids need a lot more nutrients to help their body grow strong and healthy, and these multivitamins can provide for all those needs.

Kids Multi + Probiotic

OLLY Kids Multi + Probiotic Gummy Multivitamin, 35 Day Supply (70 Gummies), Yum Berry Punch, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Zinc, Probiotics, Chewable Supplement

Young ones need to be filled with good bacteria to help them absorb all the other nutrients they take in. Luckily, OLLY provides the perfect gummy treat that kids will love. You won’t have to worry about giving them the right amount of nutrients they need daily with Kids Multi + Probiotic.

Kids Multi + Probiotic offers a balanced amount of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, together with biotin and folic acid to keep your kids lively and healthy every day. Each pack of Kids Multi + Probiotic comes with 35 or 50 servings of yummy gummy tablets with a sweet berry flavor.

Kids Multi + Omega 3

OLLY Kids Multi + Omega 3 Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Berry Tangy, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Zinc, Omega 3, Chewable Supplement

Young ones deserve to have the right amount of DHA to boost their brain’s growth and development. Kids Multi + Omega 3 provides all the nutrients that boost kids’ mental performance. You’ll always have your kids working their minds at peak performance.

Kids Multi + Omega 3 offers Omega-3 DHA together with vitamins and minerals to keep kids’ minds and bodies healthy. It also comes with vitamins and minerals to boost your child’s mental performance. Each pack of Kids Multi + Omega 3 comes with 60 servings of yummy gummy tablets with a tangy berry flavor.

Kids Super Foods Multi

Olly Kids Super Foods Multivitamins - 60 Count by Olly

Some young ones are very picky when it comes to the food they want to eat. Giving them the right nutrients can be easier with Kids Super Foods Multi. You’ll no longer have to worry about getting them to eat those fruits and vegetables at each meal.

Kids Super Foods Multi offers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will give them all the right amount of nutrients they need every day. Phytonutrients from 10 superfoods are blended into each gummy tablet, together with B vitamins and antioxidants. Each pack of Kids Super Foods Multi comes with 60 servings of yummy gummy tablets with a grape flavor.

Additional Information and FAQ:

Are multivitamins effective?

Yes, multivitamins supplement your current diet and provide you with the nutrients you need in order to meet the recommended daily value. They also help you take in nutrients that are not found in your recommended diet. You can find the daily value for each nutrient provided by each serving of OLLY's products at the back of each container.

Where are OLLY’s products made?

OLLY’s products are made in the USA and undergo regular FDA audits to assure you that the factories that make them are in compliance with good manufacturing practices. OLLY also only works with suppliers and manufacturers that they trust to ensure that you get the most value out of each purchase. You’re assured that OLLY’s products are 100% effective and safe for consumption.

Is it safe to take a combination of OLLY’s multivitamins at the same time?

Yes, there is no risk associated with taking in different multivitamins. Each product works well in conjunction with other OLLY products and can be taken to meet your own dietary needs. However, always make sure that you don't take more than the recommended dosage. Consult with your doctor as to what daily values you'll need for your own customized diet.

Can I take more than the recommended number of servings per day?

Please avoid taking too many servings per day. The serving size has been made in consideration of the daily value provided by each serving. Do not consume more than what has been prescribed by your doctor. Too many servings might cause unintended harm to your health.

Are these multivitamins gluten-free?

Yes, OLLY’s products are 100% gluten-free. Only natural ingredients are used to make OLLY’s products. You're sure to have no problems when taking multivitamins from OLLY.

Are these multivitamins GMO-free?

OLLY tries to make sure that they source their ingredients from non-GMO farms, but it is difficult to check if each sourced ingredient is 100% GMO-free. OLLY is trying to develop a new 100% non-GMO product soon, but currently, there is no assurance that the products are completely GMO-free.

Do OLLY’s products contain animal gelatin?

Some products use either bovine gelatin or porcine gelatin. If you’re avoiding these kinds of products, you may try these products that use pectin: Kids Super Foods Multi, Women's Super Foods Multi, and Men's Super Foods Multi.

Are there any artificial colors or dyes used on these products?

No, only natural ingredients are used to color these products. OLLY ensures that artificial ingredients are avoided to give you the healthiest possible option in the market.

What sweeteners are used to make different flavors?

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are used to make flavors and sweeteners. OLLY’s experts transform natural sweeteners such as sugarcane and beet into the flavors that you can enjoy.

Why is there sugar in each serving?

Instead of using artificial sugar-free options, OLLY uses small amounts of sugar to create the flavors that many will enjoy. The sugar found in each serving is below the recommended daily sugar intake of 80 grams.

Are there OLLY products that provide iron?

Currently, there is no OLLY product that provides iron. Excess consumption of iron can cause harm to the body and its taste is difficult to blend with OLLY's tasty treats. Due to these issues, OLLY avoids adding iron into their multivitamins. It is recommended that you take supplements containing iron only if you’re found to have an iron deficiency.

Beli’s Vitality Multi Vitamin for Men Review

Belimen Vitality Multi vitamin review
Belimen Vitality Multi vitamin review

Around 12% of Americans are infertile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The numbers of those affected aren’t many, but the impact of infertility can be seriously damaging to relationships. If you’re one of those couples experiencing infertility, you might be experiencing high levels of stress, particularly if you are hoping for a baby. 

Recent studies show that infertility causes a cycle of stress, which affects the impact of treatments for infertility. The good news is you have several possible treatments available to cure infertility. Some modern treatments, such as natural supplements, have provided less stressful solutions that are equally effective. Many couples have found that treating infertility issues using natural methods were preferable for both men and women due to their benefits.

Benefits of Natural Treatments

You might already be familiar with some of the benefits of using natural treatments to cure infertility. Let’s go through some of the main benefits that natural treatments provide.

Natural treatments have a lower cost compared to surgeries, which has made them more accessible. Instead of spending on costly surgeries, which may end up with disappointing results, you can try natural treatments first to see if they work for you. There’s less stress from thinking about how you’ll spend money on surgeries, and you also don’t need to go to the trouble of finding out if your insurance covers the cost of treating infertility.

Natural treatments are also better for you because they don’t introduce foreign materials into your body. There are fewer side effects that you might experience, and the side effects are minor compared to other available treatments, which may cause birth defects. At worst, you might only experience temporary headaches and nausea when you use natural treatments.

How Beli Vitality Helps Cure Infertility

Beli Vitality is one of the safest and most effective natural treatments available. It is a multivitamin supplement that helps men naturally cure their fertility issues. Beli Vitality works for men by helping their reproductive system achieve the following:

  • Increased sperm count
  • Protection of sperm growth
  • Improved sperm quality
  • Better egg penetration
  • Acid-alkaline balance

The increased sperm count and improved quality of sperm can help you increase your chances of successfully fertilizing the egg cell. All you need to do is to take two capsules each day for six months to achieve better sperm quantity and quality. With Beli Vitality, your sperm will soon be able to swim faster and survive acidic conditions to improve chances of egg penetration.

When the sperm can’t reach the ovary and survive its trip to fertilize the egg cell, conception cannot be achieved. This condition is more common than it seems as about 40% to 50% of couples are affected by poor sperm health. Taking in natural supplements that improve sperm health is enough to solve infertility in most cases.

On top of improved sperm health, Beli Vitality also boosts your cellular health and gives you a more energized feeling every day. You can get a healthier body because of the vitamins and minerals included in every capsule.

The Science Behind Beli Vitality

The science behind Beli Vitality’s success is simple. Each capsule is made to give you the right amount of nutrients your body needs on a daily basis in order to improve sperm count and quality. Vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E together with Zinc, L-Carnitine, and other important nutrients are introduced to your body to stimulate better reproductive functions.

beli baby multi vitamin ingredients

Years of research have been made to come up with the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that will make conception more successful. Sperm count is made possible through the intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Folate, Zinc, and Manganese, which have been found to improve sperm production. Studies have found these nutrients to be important in solving male infertility involving poor sperm health.

Selenium, Magnesium, CoQ10, and L-Carnitine have also been included to supplement the sperm count growth and ensure that the sperms grow healthy. It was found that taking in these supplements provided a significant increase in the sperm count of infertile men. In addition, Beli Vitality also includes nutrients that improve egg penetration such as Vitamin C, E, and Folate, which have been tested to be effective supplements for increasing pregnancy rates.

Compatible with Any Diet

The best part about Beli Vitality is that it is an all-natural supplement. The product was made with every diet in mind, which is why it is accessible to everyone.

Beli Vitality is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free and allergen-free
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Keto-friendly
  • Made in the USA

If you're vegan or you happen to have a food allergy, you won't have any issues when taking Beli Vitality. The components of this supplement are certified to be safe for any diet and compliant with any FDA requirements. This is why Beli Vitality is one of the most popular natural solutions for infertility. Even those with strict dietary conditions can have a viable natural solution against infertility.

Final Thoughts

Most couples don’t realize that solving infertility can be as simple as improving the sperm count and quality for men. There is nothing to lose by trying natural solutions first before undergoing any costly surgeries that might not even yield the results you want. Natural solutions to infertility have proven to be safer and cheaper, which is why they are always worth a shot.

The best natural solution you can find on the market is Beli Vitality. It is a convenient and accessible solution that can cure infertility in just 6 months. You won’t easily find an alternative to a research-based and dietary-friendly natural solution like Beli Vitality. It improves your overall sperm count and makes the sperm more capable of penetrating the egg cell. It also helps your reproductive system function better through the intake of the right nutrients that will boost your reproductive performance.

Why should you rush to undergo costly procedures when you can try natural solutions first? You’ll have less to risk and more to potentially gain. Try Beli Vitality for a safe and pain-free way to boost your fertility.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Running Watch Review

Garmin Forerunner 245 review
Garmin Forerunner 245 review

On April 30, 2019, Garmin unveiled a variety of brand new watches they’re adding to their much loved Forerunner family. They have seemingly included a watch for every runner.

Among these releases is the exciting Forerunner 245. This is the successor of the mega popular but slightly outdated Forerunner 235, which we want to tell you all about so you can decide if this is the smart fitness watch for you.


Here’s a fun fact for you: back in the Gulf War of 1991, the US Army became Garmin’s first customer.

Since its inception in 1989, Garmin has come a long way and is one of the leading multinational technology companies in the world today.

Garmin is known for being the top manufacturer of GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sporting activities.

More recently, they have stepped into the world of wearable technology. They are making waves with their innovative designs that are steadily gaining in popularity - giving the industry big boys like Fitbit and Apple a run for their money.

The company prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation, creating superior quality products and the level of respect they show to their customers, partners and employees.

Moving With The Times:

In a highly anticipated move, one of Garmin’s most beloved running watches, the Forerunner 235 just got a serious upgrade!

As we all know, the Forerunner 235 is a great fitness tracker. Boasting a clever design and many awesome features that led to it’s astounding popularity, solidifying it as a firm favorite amongst users.

The big question is, does their upgraded model do its predecessor justice? Let’s find out.

Introducing the Garmin Forerunner 245!

The Forerunner 245 is a highly customizable smartwatch packed with innovative features, widgets and tracking capabilities in a new, sleeker design.

With ANT+ connection with compatible devices (both Android and iPhone) and WiFi, this device sure does put the ‘smart’ in ‘smartwatch’!

In this section we are going to look at the product specs and then we will head the differences between the 235 and the 245 models: 

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Dynamics, Black
  • Lens material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Bezel material: Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Quick Release bands: Yes (industry standard)
  • Physical size: 42.3 x 42.3 x 12.2 (mm)
  • Display size: 1.2” diameter
  • Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Display type: sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Colour display
  • Water rating: Swim, 5 ATM
  • Memory/History: 200 hours of activity data
  • Battery life: Smartwatch Mode up to 7 days, GPS mode up to 24 hours

What Are The Differences Between The Garmin 235 & 245?

The Garmin Forerunner 245 is a step up from the previous 235 model in almost every respect.

We say ‘almost’ because there is one notable downside to the Forerunner 245 and that is its lack of a barometric altimeter which makes elevation tracking less accurate. 

Size and Weight:

The Forerunner 245 has a slightly smaller physical weight and size, so nothing weighs you down whilst running!

  • Forerunner 245: 38.5g weight and 42.3 x 42.3 x 12.2 mm 
  • Forerunner 235: 42g weight and 45 x 45 x 11.7 mm


The Forerunner 245’s lens material is the incredibly durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3, whereas the 235 is made from chemically strengthened glass.

The material used on the strap of the Forerunner 245 is the same silicone as that used on the 235, except it is now soft on the inside of the silicone and textured on the outside. 

Better Display:

The Forerunner 245 has significantly better resolution and is smaller and thinner than that of the 235. Garmin stuck with the sunlight-readable color display type which we are happy about:

  • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels on the 245 vs 215 x 180 pixels on 235
  • Size: 1.2” (30.4mm) diameter on 245 vs 1.23” (31.1mm) diameter on 235

More Color Options To Choose From

Where the Forerunner 345 only had three colour options to choose from - Frost Blue, Black & Gray and Marsala - the Forerunner 245 is available in five:

  • Aqua
  • Berry
  • Black
  • White
  • Slate Gray
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Dynamics, Aqua

245 in Aqua


When a product is as jampacked with features as the Forerunner 245 is it’s no wonder the Smartwatch Mode only lasts up to 7 days when the 235 lasts up to 9 days.

But, the GPS Mode has more than doubled with the 245 up to 24 hours and the 235 up to 11 hours. 

Forerunner 245 Music Option

For an additional $50 you can opt for the Forerunner 245 Music option which, thanks to a clever partnership with Spotify and Deezer, allows you to store and stream up to 500 songs on the device.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Dynamics, White

New Sensors:

The Forerunner 235 boasted GPS, GLONASS, Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor and accelerometer while the 245 includes all of this as well as these incredible new features:

  • Compass
  • Galileo (The European Satellite System software)
  • Pulse Ox (Estimates your body’s blood oxygen saturation, which can help gauge how your body is absorbing oxygen)

Safety Features:

Like the Forerunner 235, the 245 offers the LiveTrack feature, but also included in the newer model are:

  • Incident Detection during select activities
  • Live Event Sharing
  • Assistance (Android only)
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch with Music and Advanced Dynamics, White

Even More Brand New Features of The Garmin 245

new features in Garmin Forerunner 245 watch

In case you remain unconvinced, below you will find the impressive list of all the new features included in the Garmin Forerunner 245 that make this product truly exceptional.

New Clock Features:

In addition to the Time/Date, GPS Time Sync, automatic daylight saving time, alarm clock and stopwatch as featured in the 235, The Forerunner 245 includes the following:

  • Timer
  • Sunrise/Sunset times

New Daily Smart Features:  

On top of the numerous daily smart features that the Forerunner 235 has are the following features that simply take the 245 to another level of convenience:

  • Text response/Reject call (Android only at the time of writing) 
  • Find My Watch (in addition to the popular Find My Phone feature)

New Activity Tracking Features:  

The Forerunner 245 has taken activity tracking in general to a whole new level by including the following features:

  • Move IQ
  • Fitness Age
  • Body Battery Energy Monitor
  • All-day stress tracking

New Training, Planning & Analysis Features:  

It’s hard to believe the impressive 17 features already included in the Forerunner 235 can be topped, but the 245 now includes the following:

  • Configurable lap alerts
  • Training status (allows you to check if you’re training effectively by tracking training history and fitness level trend)
  • Training load (your total training load for the last 7 days calculated from estimated EPOC)
  • Training Effect anaerobic (on top of aerobic)
  • Virtual Partner
  • Race an Activity
  • Course Guidance
  • Physio TrueUp

New Heart Rate Features:

The following are included in addition to the HR zones, alerts, calories and Recovery time that are included in the 235:

  • % HR max
  • % HRR
  • Auto max HR

New Outdoor Recreation Features:

The Forerunner 235 has “Back to Start” and “Distance to Destination” and the 245 has added a few more outdoor recreation features on top of these:

  • Point-to-point navigation 
  • Breadcrumb Trail in real time
  • TracBack
  • UltraTrac mode
  • GPS coordinates

New Running Features:

Used predominantly by runners, it is no surprise Garmin has added the following running features to the Forerunner 245:

  • Running dynamics (with compatible accessory)
  • Vertical oscillation and ratio (the degree of ‘bounce’ in your motion and the cost-benefit ratio with stride length—also with compatible accessory)
  • Stride length real time (with compatible accessory)
  • Ground contact time and balance (shows your running symmetry while running by comparing how much time your foot is on the ground vs in the air)

New Swimming Features:

A nice surprise is the added features for swimmers! The Available profile is the Pool Swimming profile:

  • Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count, calories)
  • Stroke type detection (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
  • Swim efficiency
  • Drill logging
  • Pool swim workouts

New Cycling Features:

Again, it’s really awesome to see that the team at Garmin have included different features in the Forerunner 245 making it ideal for different activities.

They have added the following on top of the cycling features already included in the 235:

  • Courses
  • Race an Activity
  • Time/Distance alerts notify you when your goal has been reached
  • Drill logging
  • Compatible with Varia Vision, Varia radar and Varia lights

Final Thoughts:

There is no denying it, the wearable technology industry is booming along with people’s desires to increase their fitness and performance. Who wouldn’t want the best strapped to their wrist?

With an aesthetically pleasing new design, breadcrumb maps, a huge amount of tracking capabilities and the added option of music, we can’t help but recommend you upgrade to the Garmin Forerunner 245 and upgrade your fitness.

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