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Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter Review

November 11, 2019

Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter

Kids are tech-savvier now than ever before. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, our young ones have easy access to countless apps and games that end up consuming most of their time.

While gadgets do have their benefits as far as providing information and entertainment, they are not without their hazards. One of the main drawbacks of the overuse of gadgets is that it is becoming more difficult for kids to become physically and socially active. What is supposed to be a childhood full of adventures and explorations is being wasted with hours spent staring at a mobile screen with very little physical activity.

Fortunately, there are products specially made for kids that allow them to have fun while also encouraging them to put down their tech gadgets, go out, and ditch the sedentary lifestyle for a more active one. Yvolution’s Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter is one such example.

The Makers of the Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter

Based in California, the people behind Yvolution describe themselves as kids who never grew up. They believe that childhood should be spent outdoors. Their goal is to encourage kids to go out and enjoy nature. They want kids to experience that adrenaline rush as the wind blows in their faces. So they decided to come up with safe, easy-to-use bikes and scooters for children.

Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter

Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter - Suitable for Ages 7 and Over

The Y Flyer is one of Yvolution’s most innovative products to date. Unlike your average scooter, this one has a stepper that is used to build momentum and increase your speed. You don't have to keep kicking the pavement to move forward. It is fast, cutting-edge, and exhilarating. It is a whole new way to ride a scooter.


The Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Scooter includes the following:

  • 1 Y Flyer
  • 1 assembly kit
  • 1 instruction manual

Assembling the scooter should be a breeze as all the necessary tools are included in the package. The manual is fairly easy to follow even if you dread having to assemble something. It should only take around half an hour to assemble.

Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter - Suitable for Ages 7 and Over

The Y Flyer comes with several features for maximum safety and ease of use. It includes:

  • Super grip footplates. No need to worry about slipping off the pedal. The Y Flyer is built with anti-slip footplates for a more secure ride.
  • Sturdy build. Its steel frame makes it durable even for everyday use. While the scooter is designed for kids, it is capable of carrying up to 220 pounds.
  • Quick-response handbrake. Stop on a dime anytime with the Y Flyer’s powerful handbrake. This feature adds another level of safety to this scooter.
  • Sleek design. The Y Flyer is a natural head-turner with its stylish build. Your kids will love parading this ride around the neighborhood.
  • Foldable. When your kids are done using it, the Y Flyer can be folded and stored easily in your garage or inside your home. This foldability feature also allows it to be carried around and transported conveniently.


This pedaling stepper scooter measures 34.25L x 19.1W x 39.96H in inches and weighs just a shade under 20 pounds. Because of its size, this product is recommended only for kids seven and above. Young teens can also use this. However, smaller kids may have a difficult time pedaling the scooter, so it is not recommended for toddlers and preschoolers.

Yvolution Y Flyer Kids Pedaling Stepper Scooter - Suitable for Ages 7 and Over

Ease of Use

There is a bit of a learning curve in mastering the use of this scooter. As it requires balancing and pedaling at the same time similar to a bicycle, it is expected for kids to fall a few times during their initial run. Make sure that they wear a helmet and protective elbow and knee pads every time they ride. It is also advisable for adults to be supervising their kids as they learn to use this.

Once your kids get the hang of it, though, they are sure to enjoy using it every day. That rush and adrenaline from propelling forward would surely beat any thrill their apps and video games can provide. So while there will be some struggles, in the beginning, learning how to ride the Y Flyer would be worth it in the end for your kids.


This is a rather inexpensive product. If you are trying to figure out what gift to give your young ones this holiday, or any occasion for that matter, this is an excellent product to get the most bang for your buck.

Health and Social Benefits

There are plenty of health and social benefits for your kids to gain with this pedaling stepper scooter.

As your kids are having fun riding the scooter, they are also going to develop core skills like stability, speed, and balance. The stepper provides a great way to build leg strength and muscles. And more importantly, just getting outside as they ride it will give them a chance to breathe fresh air and bask in the warmth of the sunlight that they otherwise wouldn’t get spending all day inside their room with their gadgets.

It also provides a great opportunity for your kids to go around the neighborhood and bond with friends. Your kids can use this tool to spend more time with you as you go for a run or take your pets out on a walk. Helping your kids use this product and watching them fall and rise as they get the hang of it could give you many precious bonding and teaching moments with them as well.

Final Thoughts

Yvolution’s Y Flyer is a great product to give to kids. It is fun and relatively easy to use. It is inexpensive. It will encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. It is specifically designed with your kids’ safety in mind, so you can be at ease whenever they ride it.

Instead of getting them the latest smartphones or video games, why not gift them with the Y Flyer instead? With all its benefits, all for its affordable price, in our opinion the Yvolution Y Flyer Kid Pedaling Stepper Scooter is most definitely highly recommended.

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