5 of the Best Training Masks on the Market

Best Training Mask

If you’ve been to the gym lately, you’ve probably seen some people working out using those crazy-looking masks that kind of make you look like Bane from Batman. There’s no need to fret. People who use them aren’t necessarily plotting to overthrow the government. And they certainly aren’t using them to protect themselves against a silent plague. These training masks (sometimes called altitude training masks) are designed to enhance the results of your workout regimen.

Below you will find everything you need to know about these training masks, including some of the best models available today.

What Does a Training Mask Do?

Sure, training masks, or altitude training masks as they are also known, make you look like a cool supervillain but they can add so more to your workout. These masks are designed to improve inspiratory muscle strength and endurance. 

Training masks simulate low oxygen conditions much like training at high altitudes where the air is thinner by increasing the air resistance as you breath in.. They cover your mouth and nose to make breathing a bit more laborious than usual. When you’re wearing a mask while exercising, it forces you to take deep breaths to get enough oxygen. This is called restricted-air training. 

Deep breathing requires more energy, and with each breath, you let more oxygen into your bloodstream. Over time, this exercise should increase the strength as well as the endurance of your respiratory muscles, hence the popularity of the elevation training mask.

What’s the best training mask?

The best training mask is the Training Mask 3.0 which offers a total of 6 valves that are all air resistant. You can adjust the overall effect by using the Training Mask 3.0 components such as the flux valve plungers and 3 air resistance valve base components. The mask is low maintenance in terms of cleaning. The brand also makes it the best training mask by selling custom sleeve designs for the fashion-conscious.

The Benefits: A Training Mask Works to Strengthen the Pulmonary Muscles

training mask benefits

Breathing exercise devices such as training masks may improve your respiratory muscle strength and endurance. As already mentioned, a mask would reduce the total amount of air you can intake, forcing your lungs to work harder than normal. In turn, the surface area in your alveoli will expand, allowing more space for blood and oxygen. 

Over time, your lungs and thoracic diaphragm will get used to this type of training with the help of a elevation training mask. When they become stronger, so will your pulmonary system. At the same time, it becomes more efficient in transporting blood throughout your body.

Training Masks Should Not Be Used Every Time You Train

Your training mask can be incorporated into nearly every workout, but you don’t need to wear your gear each time you train. You also don’t need to weaar it for every part of your workout. For instance, research conducted at the London Southbank University and Exeter University suggests that you can work on increasing your sprinting speed by using your mask for half of the workouts you usually do. 

You can do warm up sets with the mask off. But if you want your respiratory system to get warmed up faster, you may opt to do fewer sets with the mask on. You can start your workout with short distance sprints without the mask, and you can progress to long distance sprints with the mask on.

Here are the best training masks you can buy in 2020:

1. Training Mask 3.0

Training Mask 3.0 [All Black] for Performance Fitness, Workout Mask, Running Mask, Breathing Mask, Resistance Mask, Cardio Mask (Black, Medium)

Best Premium Training Mask

For premium quality, you should get your gear from the company that started this trend and inspired so many others to embrace this workout gear, the Training Mask. Version 3.0 features six air resistant valves. It also has three air resistance valve base pieces that come with flux valve plungers, which enable you to tweak its settings to fit your capabilities and fitness goals. 

When used properly, this training mask may boost your lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, and physical stamina. It may also improve your anaerobic threshold and energy production.

You can purchase custom sleeves that go with the mask if you want to look cool when you’re exercising. You can look like a stormtrooper or Bane or whatever masked character you prefer. Best of all, it’s easy to use and clean.

2. Pioneeryao Training Mask

Pioneeryao Sport Dust Mask Cycling Running Outdoor Face Mask Starter Training Mask Dustproof Carbon Filtration Workout Running Motorcycle Cycling Mask

Best Cheap Training Mask

A more affordable option is the Pioneeryao training mask. It claims to simulate high-altitude environments such as Tibet and the Himalayas. Travelers who want to get used to such high elevations may want to train with this mask prior to the trip. It should improve your lungs ability to gather oxygen from the air and even your physical health.

It has a two valve design. You can take this mask with you when you’re biking cycling, hitting the gym or doing aerobic exercises.

Pioneerya’ training mask will fit you to a tee. It comes with adjustable velcro straps to ensure maximum comfort. You won’t have to keep adjusting it or holding it in place when you’re in the middle of your exercise. It’s made with mash mask shell, making it lightweight, durable, and very easy to clean. 

3. Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask 2.0 [Original Black Medium] Elevation Training Mask, Fitness Mask, Workout Mask, Running Mask, Breathing Mask, Resistance Mask, Elevation Mask, Cardio Mask, Endurance Mask For Fitness

Best Premium Training Mask

While the Training Mask 3.0 is the newest updated version the original 2.0 training mask is also an excellent choice and is cheaper if your looking to save a few dollars.

Many people will buy both the 3.0 and 2.0 version they prefer the 3.0 Mask when running and the 2.0 Mask for weight lifting or CrossFit training. Breathing resistance can be changed by placing caps over the air intakes. You can simulate  elevations from 3,000 to 18,000 feet giving you many training options.

From a style perspective its different that the 3.0 version in that the air valves protrude from the font which gives it a distinct look from the smooth front of the 3.0 model.

If your looking to get a premium training mask and save a few dollars the 2.0 version is a great choice.

4. Veoxline Training Mask

VEOXLINE Training Mask | Sport Workout for Running Biking Fitness Jogging Gym Soccer Cardio Exercise Breathing with Air Level Regulator for Men Women | Imitate Workout at High Altitudes (Black)

Best Multipurpose Training Mask

The Veoxline training mask is our pick for best multipurpose training mask. It was designed to be able to be used for multiple sports and outdoor activities. From cardio workouts to HIT training the Veoxline training mask can help you increase your lung capacity.

The Veoxline training mask can simulate altitudes from 2,000 to 18,000 feet.

It is also very reasonably priced and an ideal choice if your training and exercise program varies from day to day and you want to make a training mask part of it.

5. WHPH Training Mask

Workout Mask | Training Mask High Altitude Running Peak Resistance Breathing Oxygen Sport Fitness Cardio Endurance Gym Jogging Exercise Men Women Adult Elevation Simulation HIIT Trainer (16025)

Best Overall Training Mask

You can take your athletic career to the next level starting by improving your respiratory muscles. You can improve your endurance and boost your performance by training with the WHPH workout mask. Its 16-level resistance valve system is designed to help you breathe more effectively when you’re going through high-intensity physical activities. It has three resistance levels. With its dual lever system, you can easily switch between levels while you’re training. 

One of the biggest problems with training masks is that the sleeves almost always rip apart after a few sessions. That’s why the WHPH mask now features durable sleeves, one of the best, if not the best, on the market. It also features sweat-wicking technology that keeps you dry and cool throughout your workout.

The WHPH training mask is BPA-free. It’s made with medical-grade silicone, which offers excellent comfort and a snug fit. This model is one-size-fits-all. 

Does Wearing a Training Mask Help You Lose Weight?

training mask benefits

According to a study conducted by the Hermann Buhl Institute for Hypoxia and Sleep Medicine Research, training in hypoxic conditions may help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

In the study, 32 healthy respondents were required to train for three days a week over a period of eight weeks. One group was asked to train in a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment while the other group had to do their workouts in an environment with normal oxygen levels. The participants weren’t required to follow a standardized diet. They were merely told to commit to the training regimen. 

After two months, researchers found that the group that trained in low-oxygen conditions lost more weight than the group that exercised in normal setups. 

Do Training/Elevation Masks Really Replicate What It’s Like to Train or Live at High Altitudes?

Despite its inability to replicate high altitude training, you shouldn’t discredit its capacity to improve performance. There are studies that prove that training masks can accomplish similar short-term physiological effects to high altitude training.

Would You Want to Wear a Training Mask While Training at High Altitudes?

No. Without elevation masks, training at high altitudes already makes breathing laborious. When you further limit your oxygen intake in an environment that’s already low in oxygen, your workout is going to suffer. It will also be harder for your body.

How Would It Enhance My Workout?

There’s not enough evidence to prove or discredit training masks’ capacity to improve your athletic performance. But one thing is certain: you can use a training mask to enhance your breathing mechanics. You can amplify your endurance and strengthen your respiratory muscles based on the needs of your workout.

Spartonos Training Mask - Altitude Breathing Mask for Cardio & Workout Exercise - Air Resistance Endurance Mask for Breathe Control - Running Mask w/Adjustable Strap & 6 Intensity Option

By training yourself to control your breathing in a state of hypoxia, your respiration becomes efficient. You get to boost your workout capacity. Your tolerance for your preferred workout intensity improves. You should also see an improvement in your recovery rate. For these reasons, you may start performing better in a wide range of physical activities such as running and weight lifting. 

You can achieve all of that without having to spend so much money to train at high altitudes. All you need is a good training mask.

What Workouts/Sports Should I Wear My Training Mask For?

As already mentioned, you can use elevation masks to train for almost every sport, especially ones that rely heavily on your respiratory system. You can use the gear when you’re running, cycling, etc. You may also opt to use training masks when you’re at the gym or at home doing the shuttle run, burpee jumps, shoulder touch pushups, and more.

Final Thoughts:

Training masks can be a great addition to your fitness equipment and allows you to simulate elevation training no matter where you are. Increased lung capacity is vital to excelling in all sports activities and the regular use of a training mask can help you achieve this.

There are many different models of training masks to chose from and we hope our list of the best ones we have found is helpful for you when making your choice.