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June 30, 2019

Ever had that twitching, burning sensation in your legs or other body parts? It forces you to move around or massage the affected area, right? Well, that’s exactly what a leg compression machine does. It’s a glorified masseuse in the comfort of your home.

What is a Leg Compression Machine?

Leg compression machines help improve the flow of blood in problematic areas that have become painful. When blood stops flowing sufficiently or starts stagnating in your body it causes numbness and pain in that area. The leg compression machine combats that by promoting better circulation of blood in targeted areas.

We admit the compression machine looks like a space outfit gone wrong but using it is pretty straightforward. You simply attach the sheaths around your legs and inflate with a pump to put pressure around your legs.

It will feel like a gentle squeezing which intensifies blood flow. The compression machine has different intensity levels to massage the legs and alleviate pain & discomfort from intense workouts, restless legs syndrome or swollen calves among other ailments.

Benefits of Compression Therapy (Pressotherapy)

Compression therapy has been around for centuries and has always been revered by the medical community. The far-reaching benefits of compression therapy have not been fully exploited and more benefits are still being discovered presently.

Some of the most common benefits known are:

  • It speeds up the healing process (post-op recovery or other injuries suffered)
  • It optimizes performance and provides quick recovery for athletes
  • It aids with getting the swelling down from Edema or standing too long
  • It promotes healthy blood circulation which improves aching limbs
  • It helps manage Restless Legs Syndrome by providing rapid consecutive compression before the onset of symptoms
  • It improves your quality of life in terms of self-care and the therapeutic value of massaging
  • It acts as a toning mechanism, breaking down fat cells and leaving your skin even toned which results in less cellulite

Who can Benefit From It?

Young and old can benefit from compression therapy. The high-tech equipment used in most healthcare facilities has been redesigned for your convenience. The leg compression machine is compact and portable & yet provides the same level of effectiveness than high end models in the comfort of your home.

If you’re suffering from ailments such as Edema (fluid buildup), muscle and joint stiffness, varicose veins, Restless Sleep Disorder or simply natural aches and pains, this machine is ideal for you. It has also been donned by professional athletes to improve performance and speed up recovery time.

Compression therapy comes highly recommended by professional healthcare providers for post-surgery recovery and from other injuries suffered. You will find more advanced compression therapy machines in most hospitals as they have become valuable tools in the healing process.

Konliking Leg Air Compression Massager Improve Blood Circulation for Foot Calf Massage with Portable Handheld Controller - 2 Modes & 3 Intensities Portable (Black)

Treating RLS:

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a medical condition that causes a person to convulse and spasm when in cramped spaces or when the legs are inactive. The symptoms usually occur before going to bed and disrupt peaceful sleeping. If you suffer from RLS you normally feel an uncomfortable burning or prickly sensation and a strong desire to move your legs.

Treatment for RLS ranges from home remedies to medication to compression therapy. It depends on how severe the symptoms are and what works for your unique body.

Some of the common home remedies that can be used are:

  • Relaxing long baths
  • Physical training
  • Heated or cooled down packs on the affected area

Treating Edema:

Edema is a disease that causes a buildup of fluid under your skin. There are two types of Edema, called peripheral Edema (fluid in legs) and pulmonary Edema (fluid in the lungs). Both are painful, to say the least, but peripheral Edema is most common.

Treatment of peripheral Edema ranges from home remedies to medication. Some of the most common home remedies are compression socks, massaging the affected area or simply moving your legs to get the blood flowing again.

Our Top Picks

Now that you know what a compression machine is and the benefits of using one, you can now look at some of the best models available on the market.

1. Rapid Reboot Recovery System

Whether you’re a triathlete recovering from a grueling race or simply in need of relaxation, the Rapid Reboot recovery system will do the trick. It's more expensive than most of the compression machines on the market but delivers significant results.

The Rapid Reboot recovery system comes with a pair of compression boots and a pump which has different settings on an easy to use control panel. It has a lined casing which offers protection when traveling. It also comes with rechargeable batteries and a 24-month warranty. 

Rapid Reboot Recovery System: Compression Boots, Pump, and Case. Sequential, Dynamic air Compression for Massage Therapy, Improved Circulation and Faster Recovery for Every Athlete

The size of the boots is dependent on the user and can be ordered according to your individual size for a comfortable fit. It’s also convenient that you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries every time, as they’re rechargeable.

We couldn’t find much wrong with the use of the Rapid Reboot system; everyone agrees they really work. The only disadvantage is the position of the hoses at the bottom of the sheath. It makes it a bit difficult to position but that can be easily fixed by simply adjusting the hose. 

2. Konliking Leg Massager Air Compression

The Konliking promises quick relief of strained muscles and swollen calves. The leg massager straps on easily and covers a large area. It has a snug boot that fits easily from the foot over the knee area, providing pulsating compression air massaging to your entire lower leg area.

One of the outstanding features of this leg massager is the long battery life. It stays fully charged while in use for up to two hours straight. It’s a rechargeable battery which makes it convenient for use anywhere. Another impressive feature must be the unlimited replacement warranty on it. Konliking must be pretty confident that their products work if they’re willing to leave a warranty open-ended.

Konliking Leg Air Compression Massager Improve Blood Circulation for Foot Calf Massage with Portable Handheld Controller - 2 Modes & 3 Intensities Portable (Black)

Our concerns with this one is regarding the size of the boots. It seems like the size could be problematic for some but the Velcro strap is adjustable and should easily fit larger sized legs. 
Included in this package is:

  • Two air bags 
  • Remote Control
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • PC massage ball

3. CINCOM Leg Massager for Circulation

The CINCOM leg massager is an all-inclusive system that helps relieve symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome and Edema among other things. It has an adapter plug that provides AC100~240 voltage when at the highest intensity. No batteries are included in this package.

It has seven different massage settings, making each set a unique experience. That makes it a practical solution to skip those expensive spa treatments for a while.

It shuts off automatically after 20 minutes avoiding over stimulation. This can also be very helpful for the elderly.

The adjustable wrappers can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit and go up to a maximum of 21" around the border of the calf. This size is suitable for practically anyone.

CINCOM Leg Massager for Circulation Air Compression Calf Wraps with 2 Modes 3 Intensities and Helpful for RLS and Edema

Included in the package are a pair of air leg wrappers, one controller, a storage bag and one adapter. The manual is user-friendly and comes in five different languages. The warranty is 24 months long with lifetime service support after sales. 

Again we mostly have positive feedback on this leg compression machine. The only concerns highlighted were around the durability of the product but with the long warranties on these products that can be easily resolved.

4. Perfecore Leg Massager for Circulation

This impressive leg massager covers most of the legs and the lower thighs, giving you a complete massage. It also offers seven different styles of massages, more than any other compression machine in the market at present.

The system’s ability to treat lymphatic drainage, Restless Leg Syndrome and other muscle problems is what impressed us the most. It comes highly recommended by healthcare providers, chiropractors and physiotherapists. The massager comes in an extra-large size that can be adjusted around strategic areas.

Leg Massager for Circulation - Air Compression Sequential Machine for Home Use - Massage Legs, Calf, Foot, Thighs, Knees - SCD Boot Wraps for Restless Leg, Muscle Pain, Lymphedema, Edema - 7 Modes

Included in your purchase is:

  • A pair of bootstraps
  • Controller
  • Adapter plug
  • 18-month warranty

The batteries are rechargeable, making it portable and easy to use anywhere. Simply give it a good three-hour charge before heading out. We’re satisfied with how the machine works and can only report dissatisfaction regarding the delivery turn-round time.

5. Air Compression System by DSMAREF

We keep harping on about blood circulation, right? The reason it's so emphasized is that bad blood circulation is the main reason for muscle aches and pains. The DSMAREF Air compression machine is made for exactly that reason: to assist with improved blood flow to combat these pains.

This specific unit was designed for seamless home use but with all the benefits of a hospital grade performance. The sizes on the leg sleeves range from small to extra-large.

Because it's lightweight and extremely portable you can carry it anywhere. It gives new meaning to a day in the office because now you can carry it with you for a relaxing massage while sitting at your desk. 

Air Compression System by DSMAREF : Sequential Compression Device, Compression Pump, Recovery Boots, Blood Circulation Machine for Legs, Leg Massager. (Size : XL)

Included in the package you’ll find a pair of leg sleeves, twin hoses, one pair of foot pads and a user-friendly manual. There are no rechargeable batteries included but it gives a good punch of power at 32 watts.

We’re happy with the functionality of the machine as with all the other products we listed. It seems we’ve reached a consensus that these machines deliver on their promises.

6. ComfySure Leg Massager for Circulation with Air Compression Wrap

Contrary to its name, the ComfySure Leg Massager is not for legs only. It can be easily wrapped around the arms and legs with its modifiable straps. The Velcro covering makes it suitable for different body types, ranging from small to bigger sizes.

Due to its compact design, it's conveniently portable. It has three intensity levels which you can set on the handheld controller. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which will give you maximum use after three hours of charge.

ComfySure Arm and Leg Massager with Calf Compression Wrap - FDA Cleared, Boosts Circulation, 2 Modes, 3 Intensities - Muscle Relaxer in Legs, Forearm for DVT Blood Clots, Edema & Diabetes

The package includes double air pressure bags and a rechargeable battery with built-in charger. The Velcro straps can easily be adjusted for bigger sizes. The controller is easy to use and allows you to set the intensity at your level of comfort.

The warranty on this product is your money back guarantee if the device doesn't yield the desired results. If a company is that confident it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, right?

7. Ikeepi Leg Air Compression Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation

With its sophisticated six valve system and intense modes to select from, the Ikeepi Leg Air Massager is hard to ignore. It provides fast relief from cramps, swelling and other muscle & joint pain. This device is a welcome addition to any family.

In terms of size, the Velcro straps can be effortlessly adjusted to fit most body types. Worried about another family member sharing this device and the transference of germs? Stop worrying. The material is made from anti-bacterial fabric which protects you against any harm.

Ikeepi Leg Air Compression Massager for Foot and Calf Circulation Massage Leg Wraps with 6 Massage Modes 3 Intensities

The package consists of a control panel with six different modes. It’s fitted with twin airbags that perform the massage. This unit is not battery operated but has a power adapter that must be plugged in while used so it’s the less portable option. Also note the warranty is not as long as the others with a safety feature warranty of only one year. One other concern is the air not filling up sufficiently for a hard squeeze. But this can easily be negated by increasing the intensity in a specific mode for a harder squeeze.

Final Thoughts:

None of us wants to be in pain or discomfort a moment longer than necessary. Why carry such a heavy burden if there is a solution at hand? The leg compression machines we’ve listed were designed to help you.

Why not make use of one and let us know in the comments below if it worked for you as well as it worked for others?

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