Best Dance Pole for Home Use, Pole Dancing Workouts and Accessories

Pole Dancing Workout & Fitness Accessories

So you thought pole dancing is only for night clubs? Think of the effortless slides people do on the pole without missing a single beat. The elegance. Precision. It looks almost unbelievable when they perform those tricks that defy gravity, right? What if I told you that you could be one of those people?

Pole dancing has moved away from the stigma of sleaze and shame attached to it. It’s no longer confined to a club in a dodgy part of town. On the contrary, the full-body workout you get from pole dancing is one of the best cardio and core workouts around that will have you toned & fit in no time. What's more, you'll have fun while getting into shape.

The health benefits of a rigorous pole workout include a stronger core. Due to the constant rotating and stretching on the pole, it will improve your overall flexibility. Greater flexibility affords quicker recovery from injuries and healthier joints & muscles.

The origin of pole dancing can be traced back to the 12th century in India. The Mallakhamb pole as it was known in India was used by men (yes men) to perform acrobatic and intricate dances. The pole design was slightly different than what we use today. It was wider and made of wood. The purpose then and perhaps still today was to test endurance & strength using a pole.

You don’t need a lot of gear to start pole dancing at home, so anyone can join in. 

Benefits of Pole Dancing

benefits of pole dancing

Not only does pole dancing boost your self-confidence, but the health benefits of pole dancing are also impressive. You get a vigorous upper body workout and your entire body gets strengthened. During most pole dancing routines you’ll have to carry the weight of your entire body and that results in all your muscles being exercised.

Some of the top benefits are:

  • It burns calories fast, making weight loss possible
  • You gain strength in your entire body
  • It reduces the risk of muscle injury and soreness due to increased flexibility you gained
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease because it gives you a terrific cardio workout
  • It improves your natural rhythm and coordination abilities
  • It acts as a good stress reliever
  • It fosters positive body confidence

Here are the best dance poles for home use you can buy:

We've mentioned the importance of buying a pole from a reputable company. It's imperative not to fall for cheap imitations as there are simply too many risks involved. You can slip and fall, or worse break your neck if the pole isn't made from quality materials such as chrome & stainless steel. Safety must remain your number one priority when considering different pole options.

Let’s look at some of the best dance poles for home use currently available.

Yaheetech Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

Yaheetech Professional Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Removable 45mm Dance Pole Kit for Exercise Club Party Pub Home

Best Dance Pole for Home Use

The Yaheetech pole is made for beginners to advanced pole dancers. It’s popular with fitness fanatics, athletes and dancers. It’s designed to build your muscles and test your physical endurance.

The adjustable spinning or static screw makes alternating between moves easy. The solid base and upper support are made from premium chrome.

The pole can be adjusted for elevated spaces with easy to use extensions. It can also be set up and dismantled effortlessly. Simply attach the suction top to your ceiling and assemble the rest of the parts. There are detailed installation instructions to ensure you install it successfully. 

The only concern is the unsteadiness of the pole in spinning mode. The solution to this is to alternate between static and spinning modes intermittently. 

MegaBrand Professional Fitness Dance Pole

MegaBrand Professional Exotic Fitness Dance Pole Exercise Stripper Dancing Pole 45mm 9ft

Best Cheap Dance Pole for Home Use

This is another top-quality pole made from the finest materials. The chrome-plated pole gives a stable and sturdy pole dancing experience. Similar to some of the other poles we listed this pole is portable and can be assembled & disassembled easily.

It can carry the maximum weight of 440lb making it a viable option for most body types. The extensions can be inserted for higher ceilings. You also get a stability lock that ensures maximum stability irrespective of what mode it’s in.

The MegaBrand dance pole comes with detailed instructions and a DVD for easy installation. Important to note is that the pole must be installed on a flat ceiling as it won’t work well on a skewed ceiling.

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home Classic Model

This dance pole is made from superior stainless steel, giving you a smooth spin every time.
Installation is easy and doesn’t require any drilling or bolting as the pole is fitted with a rubber surface & protected top disc. Lupit Pole guarantees a safe pole dancing experience because they use only quality materials.

Are you worried the pole won’t be able to carry your weight? No need to stress. Even though the pole might look flimsy at first glance it can manage above 220lb easily. Setup will take you approximately 30 minutes.

You can assemble and disassemble in minutes taking the pole wherever you go. The only drawback is the consistency of the pole. It's a bit slippery when it's brand new as most poles usually are. A few trips up and down the pole will quickly break it in the same way as walking out your new shoes does.

FDInspiration Portable Electroplated Chrome 45mm Professional Dance Pole

What’s so inspirational about this pole? It delivers where it matters most. Safety is top priority for all pole dancers and the manufacturers of FDInspiration pole have made it their central motivation too.

The dance pole is made from top graded electroplated chrome. It has a twofold pole support dome that evenly spreads the pressure from the top. For extra safety, it's fitted with a stability lock for better stabilization.

What’s included in the package?

  • Pole that attaches to the bottom
  • Pole that attaches to the ceiling
  • A height adjuster and cover
  • Two extensions (125mm and 250mm)
  • A support dome
  • One base
  • An adapter for the pole (45mm)
  • A tool set

Lupit Pole Crash Mat

Have you ever had that unexpected fall in the middle of a routine? You were in complete control the one moment and then came the crash. You miscalculated your moves and your landing was nowhere close to soft. It happens to the best of us.

It's all part of the beauty of pole dancing. The falling and getting up again. The landing though can be a little softer than the unforgiving floor or carpet. Crash mats are the ideal solution for that. It will help break your fall to avoid serious injuries.

Lupit crash mats were specifically designed to enhance your pole dancing experience. It’s fully padded and made from durable material for longevity. The round mat fits comfortably around your pole and is 12 centimeters in size. 

The mat comes in different colors:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Silver
Pole Dance Crash Mat by LUPIT POLE - Premium Model - Gold, 12cm (4.72in), Round - Portable Fitness Pole Dancing Safety Mat - Anti-Slippery Surface

Beginners Guide To Pole Dancing

There’s a misconception that you need substantial upper body strength to do pole dancing. Although you’ll rely a lot on your upper body muscles, anyone can do pole dancing irrespective of their fitness levels.

- Warming Up

It's very important to first warm up before getting on the dance pole. A moderate 10-minute warm-up will prepare your muscles and improve your blood circulation. This helps reduce the possibility of injuries.

- Duration of a Pole Workout

As a beginner, a typical workout will start with one pole dancing class per week that lasts about an hour. As you advance to more intermediate or advanced stages you’ll attend more classes. At an intermediate level, it can be twice a week and an advanced level three to four times a week.

It's advisable that you spend five to 10 minutes each day on the pole (if you have one installed at home) to refine your moves. This is applicable at any stage of pole dancing.

- Dangers of Pole Dancing

As with most activities you need some training before you get started. There are inherent risks associated with pole dancing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Beginners must take the necessary safety precautions to avoid injuries. Taking classes is very important if you’re starting out, as it will teach you to use the pole correctly.

Some of the other precautions to take:

  • Jewelry: Steer clear of wearing jewelry such as watches, necklaces or rings. Rings can tarnish the dance pole and bruise your hands. Necklaces can choke you when you’re spinning.
  • Spotters: Make sure you have a spotter close by when doing intricate moves. A spotter will support and aid you to safely perform the moves & avoid clumsy accidents.
  • Crash Mats: It’s essential to have some cushioning to break your fall. Crash mats aren’t simply for beginners but for all pole dancers as a safety precaution.

Types of Pole Dancing

People practice different categories of pole dancing. Some people enjoy the erotic dancing element linked to it. Some people are purely into pole dancing for its fitness benefits. Others find that pole dancing has become a form of artistic expression that allows them a platform to express themselves.

These are the different types of pole dancing practiced:

  • Artistic: This contemporary pole dancing involves some storytelling. It's choreographed with music and dance moves, expressing different characters & truths. It's a performance that is rich in artistry, focusing on movement and expression. Acrobatics still form part of the act but the emphasis is placed on storytelling.
  • Sexy: Subtle erotic elements are allowed in this type of pole dancing. Dancers can wear sexy clothes and high heels if they prefer. There’s more focus on dancing than fitness, where the sensual is celebrated with finesse. It’s still not a strip show but a disciplined, stimulating performance that requires skill and endurance.
  • Sport: This pole dancing focuses solely on fitness. The drills performed are mostly acrobatic and test your strength. It pushes your endurance levels and technical discipline. The routines are more challenging and require prime fitness. Dance moves are kept to a minimum in this routine.

Must-Have Accessories

The delightful part of pole dancing is that you don’t need many items to get started. If you’re joining a pole dancing class you’ll only need appropriate workout clothes, a towel and loads of energy. If you’re thinking of starting pole dancing at home you’ll need the following.

  • A dance pole from a reputable company
  • Crash mat to protect you from injuries if you should fall
  • Grip aid to prevent your hands from slipping
  • Dance pole extensions to adjust the height if needed

Will Pole Dancing Become an Olympic Sport?

Looking back in history, pole dancing has always been considered a sport in India. The idea then of pole dancing, as we know it today, becoming an Olympic sport doesn’t seem too farfetched. We believe it has legitimacy to be included in the world of sports.

The International Pole Sports Federation has been lobbying for support since the 2000s. They have eventually been granted observer status in 2017 by the Global Association of International Sports Federations. This is a substantial victory for pole dancing and opens the pathway for it to be fully recognized & accepted as a sport. We look forward to the day where pole dancing will form part of the Olympic lineup.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve dispelled some of your fears and misconceptions around pole dancing. It’s a trendy activity that has gained huge momentum all around the world. The health benefits are commendable and getting into shape has never been more fun.

Why not take a spin on one of the dance poles we listed and try it out yourself? It’s guaranteed to boost your self-confidence. Select one today and let us know in the comments below how it has changed your life.