How to Install a Dance Pole 

How to install a dance pole

April 14, 2021

Dance pole installation can be a touchy subject—especially to those who live in rented apartments because oftentimes the pole will leave holes in the ceiling and indentation in the flooring. Because of this, we recommend that you opt for a pole that is portable or only calls for semi-permanent installation. In any case, here’s a quick overview of the dance pole installation process.

Step 1: Ceiling Inspection 

For ultimate support, you need to position your pole in a beam-supported area of the ceiling. This not only maximizes stability but also ensures that minimum ceiling damage will occur. It is recommended to use a stud finder to assist you with this task or hire a professional. You also need to make sure to measure your ceiling space. You can do this with a standard tape measurer.

Pro tip: An important question to ask is “what’s the required ceiling height?” because you may end up purchasing a pole that is too tall or short to use in the available space. Most quality dance poles will be able to fit ceiling heights of 7ft to 9ft but it’s always better to check the manufacturers website for confirmation. There are also extension poles available and we recommend purchasing a model that comes with at least one or two extensions—just in case!

Step 2: Location, Location, Location 

Once you’ve found the perfect spot with ample ceiling support, you need to determine where you’d like to place your pole. Think of the kind of tricks and activities you’ll be using the pole for to help you determine how much space you need. At a minimum, you’ll need enough space to spin with your arms out, free from fear of hitting the wall. After finding the perfect spinning spot, mark it with a little sticker, pencil or strip of tape.

Step 3: Level it Out 

If you don’t install your dance pole on a completely level surface, you’ll be spinning off-center which is not only annoying but can also impact your technique. In order to effectively ensure a surface is level use a spirit level.

Step 4: Pole Assembly 

Once you’ve found the perfect location that is secure, level and spacious enough, begin assembling your poles. You’ll need a hex key for this part. You may need to add an extension pole to your assembled pole to accommodate your ceiling height (more on that soon!)

Step 5: It’s All About that Base 

After assembling your pole, you’ll need to attach it to its plates. Start with the upper plate and then move on to adding your base plate. You’ll be doing this on the floor. You will be able to simply slide the pole into the base. Once your base plates are on, you can lift the pole off the floor and into a vertical upright position. Note that this is strictly a two-person job.

dance pole base

Step 6: Install the Pole 

Remember that perfect location you worked so hard to find and marked? Now it’s time to head over there! Lift the pole and position it under the marked spot. One person will need to securely hold the base while the other raises it into position before tightening the poles. Tighten the poles until they are firm and secure—you can check this by pressing firmly against the pole. It should not move at all.

Step 7: Time to Test it Out 

Now that your dance pole has been installed, you deserve a little fun as a reward for all your hard work. It’s time to try it out! Test out the pole by performing a few basic pole exercises. Be sure to test the pole out thoroughly—lift your whole body onto the pole and do a few spins & slides to make sure it has been properly installed. If the pole passes the test, it’s ready for you to dance your heart out. 

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