Best Japanese Massage Chairs 

Best Japanese Massage Chairs

June 10, 2019

Have you ever had a difficult day at work and wished you had your own personal massage therapist waiting for you at home?

Whether you sit for long hours in front of a computer or you’re on your feet all day, everyone needs a good massage now and then to work out the tension in your muscles.

Not everyone has to time to go to a health spa or a massage therapist to get a relaxing massage. Investing in a massage chair is like investing in a full time personal massage therapist ready to relieve your muscle tension whenever you need it. Sounds like a good investment, right? 

Design and Features: What to Pick:

There are so many different options available when you’re looking for a massage chair, it can be confusing to select one.

Let’s have a look at a few aspects to consider to identify the best for your scenario.


It’s very important to find a chair that’ll be comfortable to sit in. A chair that supports the body and that’s able to scan the body to prevent working on bone instead of muscles is the best option.

User friendly:

Most newly designed massage chairs use the latest technology. Some might be complicated to operate. Make sure you select a chair that’s easy to understand and use. Manual options can also be beneficial if you’re not looking for setting your own functions.


These nifty chairs can be expensive. Rather save up to buy a good quality, well known brand chair than paying less and not getting all the features you’re looking for. It will also last you longer. If you had to pay a therapist every day for a massage it’ll cost twice as much as investing your money once off for a chair, so it’s worth the expense.

Massage techniques:

Selecting a massage chair that offers different techniques will be beneficial for any ache or pain & not just for relaxation.

Area of concern:

You’d be able to find many different options if you want to focus only on your back or shoulder area. If you want to work on full body stretches or posture, make sure the chair you select has a full body option.

Heating sensors:

Infrared heating pads can help loosen muscles & tension. Some chairs offer built in heating sensors for targeted areas. You can also benefit from heating pads if you have poor blood circulation.

Weight & size:

Keep in mind that some of these chairs are big & take up a lot of space. Make sure you have enough room to store your massage chair before purchasing it.


Selecting a chair with removable parts will be easier to clean. Also keep the fabric in consideration. Leather & faux leather are easier to wipe than cotton for instance.

The Massage Chairs that are Made in Japan

full body massage in a massage chair

Have you ever seen the ‘Made in Japan’ logo on massage chairs and wondered why it’s still the most popular chairs available?

Here are some of the reasons why Japanese models are still the best option.

  • Traditional healing: Japanese traditional healing has been around for hundreds of years. Most massage techniques were invented by the Japanese including Shiatsu & kneading. Japanese manufacturers add these massage techniques when designing massage chairs.
  • Longevity: Japanese models are known to last up to five years longer than chairs manufactured in countries such as China.
  • Warranty: The quality & repair of massage chairs are better in Japan than in other countries.
  • Attention to detail: Japan is known for adding extra care and final touches to their work. Most Japanese manufactured massage chairs offer all the luxury and extra features you’d expect a massage chair to have.

Our Top Picks

Now let’s see which chairs to consider when you select yours.


Osaki OSJPPROPREMIUM4SD Model Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair, Cream, Superior 4D Massage Technology/Computer Body Scan, 12 Stages of Strength Adjustment, Heated Backrest & Feet, Auto Recline

(Made in Japan)

With 4D computer scan technology and luxury leather fabric the Osaki-JP 4S is a massage chair that’ll have you feeling relaxed and well rested.

Cold day? No problem! This massage chair has a heated backrest and heated feet pads for extra comfort.

Product Features: 

The Osaki OSJP scans the body using computer technology to work on specific muscles. The chair has a 4D technology system that offers more than 41 different kneading types.

You can expect different air massage techniques as well as targeted massage on one muscle group such as the lower back or stretches in the upper back.

The touch screen is easy to use and comes with a remote control. This intelligent design has 12 strength adjustment stages making it easy for you to select a comfortable pressure setting. You’ll also have the option between 21 types of auto course settings to make it a hassle free experience.

The automatic leg extension & recliner ensures a well positioned body alignment & adds to the enjoyment to unwind.

Product Specifications:

The chair weighs in at 220lb and maximum user weight is 250lb. The maximum height of a user should be 6’4” for effectiveness. The rated power of the OSJ Premium 4S is 130W with rated voltage of 110-120V & a frequency of 50/60Hz.

Dimensions when in reclining position will be 30” x 78.7” x 27.6”. Upright dimensions are 30” x 46.4” x 48”.

  • 4D design to work on the whole body
  • Heated sensors
  • Auto recline
  • 30 minute VIP course option
  • Shoulder roller & extension
  • Triple mode air system
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • The chair is expensive
  • Not to be used for longer than 2 hours per day


Osaki OSJPPREMIUM40D Model Osaki-JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage Chair, Cream, 4D Massage Technology, 3D & 9 Stages of Strength Adjustment, Double Sensors for Shoulder, Double Heater System, Arm Massage

(Made in Japan)

Have you ever felt the horrible sensation of a massage chair kneading your bones or spinal cord instead of the muscles that needed the relief in the first place? If you have, you’ll know that it can ruin the whole experience & can even be painful.

That’s why we love the Osaki-JP Premium 4.0 JP. It offers a double sensing S-Shape detection. The S-Shape detection allows the chair to sense the position of your spinal cord & shoulder line, thus avoiding annoying “machine on bone” massages.

The 4.0 JP offers you 3D massage technology with a projection of 4.9” giving you a deeper massage than any other chair’s projection.

Product Features: 

4D massage technology & 3D strength adjustment are only some of the top features of this chair. You can adjust the intensity of your massage by selecting one of the nine strength adjustment settings. The 4.0 JP offers you a variety of 16 different kneading techniques & a double heater system.

You can enjoy a top to toe full body massage as this chair has pelvic, leg, feet & arm massages available as options.

In a hurry? This massage chair has a seven minute course available to get the pampering you need even when you live a busy lifestyle.

The remote control comes in a remote holder to make storing easy.

Product Specifications:

The OSJP Premium 4.0. JP weighs around 164lb. The product dimensions are 30” x 46.4” x 48” when in an upright position.

The auto timer can be set for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The rated voltage is 110-120V & the frequency is 50/60Hz.

  • Offers three different stretch techniques
  • Infrared heated built in sensors
  • Air massage system
  • Dimensional kneading
  • S-Shape detection
  • Nine strength adjustment stages
  • Offers 16 types of kneading
  • Offers 12 different automatic courses
  • Offers a quick course of seven minutes
  • Timer can only be set for a maximum of 15 minutes

3. Inada Flex 3s

INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s Massage Chair, Dark Brown

(Made in Japan)

The Japanese sports stretching instructor, Tadashi Kaneko played a big part in helping & consulting the engineers of the Flex 3s. The idea behind this chair is to improve breathing techniques & posture that’ll result in less pain caused by stiff muscles & joints.

The shoulder focus program works on the collar bone using light & gentle compression's to further work on a better posture. The Inada Flex3s is not just a massage chair, it’s an overall wellness chair.

Product Features: 

This chair uses air massage techniques on the whole body. A roller massage system is one of the techniques combined with the air system to give a gentle yet firm massage.

Heating options can be turned on for heating of the toes & fingers. This will help to increase blood flow & improve overall relaxation.

Product Specifications:

This chair weighs 165.3lb and has a width of 50.4”, a length of 33.5” and a height of 41.7”.

  • Offers four different massage sessions
  • Heating sensors for toes & fingers are programmed in this chair
  • Designed to stretch the body & improve breathing techniques
  • Works with air-cell compressions
  • Improves & strengthens core muscles
  • Easy & simple to use
  • It’s lightweight compared to other massage chairs
  • Only available in a dark brown color
  • Doesn’t have an auto recline setting

4. Kiwami 4D 970

Kiwami 4D-970 Japan 4D Massage Chair w/ 3D Point Navigation System, Air Magic Massage, 3 Types of Whole Body Stretch Course, 5 Types of Leg Stretch Course, Heat on Back and Foot, Brown Finish

(Made in Japan)

This chair has it all. It offers you ultimate luxury and a combination of top massage techniques. The Kiwami 4D 970 analyzes your body in the same way a massage therapist does before starting a massage.

Product Features: 

Your body gets scanned using the 4D navigation system to establish the position of muscles, bones & tendons. This innovative product combines stretching & massage techniques to relieve overall body aches & pains.

You can select three different full body stretch options & five different leg stretches. The massage will focus on the back & shoulder area and heat can be added as an extra option. The specially designed massage balls can extend five inches out of the chair to reach stubborn areas in the back.

The automated leg extension can be adjusted to your personal preference. The touch screen is easy to use.

Product Specifications:

The Rated frequency is 50/60 Hz with a voltage output of 110-120V it all comes to a rated power of 165W. The chair weighs 194lb.

In an upright position it has a width of 31.5”, a length of 53.9” and a height of 48.4”. Reclined dimensions are 31.5” x 75.6” x 31.9” H.

The chair has an auto timer that can be set for up to 30 minutes.

  • User friendly touch screen operation
  • Two ball roller head massage system
  • Comes with scanning technology
  • Offers different stretch options
  • Heated back & foot sensors
  • Easy & simple to use
  • Available in three colors
  • Heavy, making it difficult to move around

5. Fujiiryoki EC-3800

Fujiiryoki EC-3800BLACK Model EC-3800 Cyber Relax Massage Chair, Black, Reclining Angle Approx 120~170 Degrees, Rated Time 30 Minutes, 28 different Types of Massage Technique, Neck Relax

(Made in Japan)

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop in massage chairs, you’ll love the Fujiiryoki EC-3800.

This well thought out machine offers you everything from 28 different massage techniques you can select from to foot stretch techniques & hip massages. You’ll surely feel relaxed after spending a few minutes on this massage chair.

Product Features: 

The electric reclining and removable back pad and pillow allow you to customize your experience to suit your needs. This chair works with a remote control allowing you to manage the 4D massage techniques with a click of a button.

The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 offers a three step footrest & Kiwami tapping techniques on your back making it a top to toe professional massage option. You can select any of the 18 auto massage courses. Easily adjust the strength of the massage from 1 to 12 strength options to work on tense muscles.

Product Specifications:

The reclining angle is more or less 120°-170° degrees. The dimensions of the chair is 32.2” x 50.3“ x 30.7” when the chair is in an upright position with the footrest stored. 

The voltage of this item is 50/60Hz with a power consumption of 115W. The rated time is 30 minutes. The weight for this massage chair is 198.8lb.

  • Remote control operation
  • Loop tapping options
  • Kiwami hip massage option
  • Point navigation system
  • Heating system
  • Stretch & twist massage options
  • Three step foot massage pads
  • Auto recline
  • It’s a heavier chair compared to other models
  • It’s a more expensive option

Final Thoughts:

Having a massage chair can be a necessity if you suffer from aching muscles and joints. It can also be a luxury when you’re in the mood to unwind & relax. And let’s face it who wouldn’t want a chair ready to cater to your every need after a long day?

Take your time to select the best Japanese massage chair that’ll last for years to come and will be worth every dollar spent.

Taking care of yourself & your health is an investment so invest wisely.

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