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The Best Abs Stimulator and Belt


Are you trying to attain the perfect abs? Ab belts—also known as ab trainers—have been used by many fitness enthusiasts for the longest time. Manufacturers of these products claim that they’ll strengthen your core muscles and firm up your body. They even go as far as promising you a full abdominal workout if you use these devices.

But how do they work?

Ab belts use electronic muscle stimulators (EMS) which are commonly used by physiotherapists in rehabilitation centers. These stimulators act by sending electric impulses to your muscles—via your nerves—which cause contractions.

Engaging in this process for as little as 20 minutes a day is enough to not only strengthen your core, but also improve your muscle tone.

Do They Really Work?

So is getting abs that easy without breaking a sweat? Granted, the whole process seems too good to be true, which is why many people are sceptical and view them as a fitness scam. This is why we’re here to set the record straight.

Ab belts are effective at both strengthening and toning your abs but there’s a catch. For effective results, you can’t use them on their own. Rather, ab belts must be part of a holistic fitness routine which includes the following:

  • Eating the right food. In addition to using the belt you must follow a strict, healthy diet plan because let’s face it; the only way to show off your abs is if you have a low body fat percentage.
  • Along with healthy eating, you must also exercise regularly.
  • Regular cardio is also crucial to attain the perfect abs.

Follow the above comprehensive fitness strategy and you’ll have your abs in no time. Are you ready to buy one? We’ve rounded up the best ab belts on the market which we’ll review briefly. Simply pick the one that works for you.

Top 5 Best Abs Belts

1. The Flex Belt

You’ll be happy to know that this belt is FDA approved for strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles. The belt can fit waist sizes that are between 24” to 47”.

This flex belt runs on a battery and you can enjoy four to five 30 minute workout sessions on a single charge. The manufacturer included an adapter to charge the battery.

It utilizes Medical Grade Abdominal Toning technology meaning the belt can be used by both men and women. By using this product, you can expect to see results in a few weeks but only if you eat right and exercise regularly.

You can have a look at the user guide included with the product detailing correct usage of the belt. Note that the belt comes with gel pads and they must be replaced after every 20 to 30 sessions.

The belt comes with a two-year warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Also, the belt comes with a 60 day money back guarantee you can use if you’re not happy with the product.

The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner
  • Quiet
  • Helps strengthen muscles
  • Unisex
  • Durability questionable

Q: Does the belt make noise during use?

A: Not at all, it operates quietly.

Q: How many intensity levels does it have?

A: You can set it between 1 to 150.

2. Slendertone Ab Belt

This ab belt is designed by Slendertone. While there are many similarities between this belt and the Flex belt above the Slendertone ab belt only has 99 intensity levels but does have 7 toning programs.While this ab belt has fewer intensity levels we feel there are still plenty for almost all users.

The Slendertone ab belt is also FDA approved with clinical trials performed at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse Department of Exercise and Sports Science. The Slendertone belt is a unisex belt which uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to help strengthen and tone your midsection. The belt is battery operated and also comes with an adapter.

100% of users in the clinical trials noted a significant improvement in the toning and strengthening of their abdominal muscles by using the belts after 8 weeks. The Slendertone ab belt fits waists from 24 to 46 inches.

The Slender tone also comes with a two year limited warranty on defects. You’ll also get a 60 day money back guarantee giving you enough time to monitor progress and determine whether it works for you. The Slendertone ab belt is also significantly cheaper than the Flex belt which makes it a perfect choice if you are on a budget.

Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner
  • Easy to use
  • Gel pads easy to clean
  • Quiet
  • Durability questionable

Q: Can you exercise while wearing it?

A: Yes, but only when it’s set to the lower levels.

Q: What can you use to clean the belt?

A: You can use hand sanitizer and wipes.

3. Mooray Sport Ab Trainer

Like the models reviewed above, this ab belt is also suited for both men and women. This ab trainer is designed to tone, strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Unlike the Flexi belt where you can expect to see results in a few weeks, you’ll have to wait at least two months with this product. But note that you’ll also need to follow a strict diet plan and exercise regularly.

The belt has six exercise modes to pick from and has 10 intensity levels which range from warm up to high intensity.

You’ll appreciate how portable the belt is so traveling with it will be hassle free. The belt features a USB charging port for convenient charging and can last up to 20 minutes per session on a single charge. You’ll need to replace the gel pads after every 30 sessions.

MOORAY SPORT Abs Trainer Abdominal Trainer Ultimate Abs Trainer Ab Trainer Men Women Work Out Ads Power Abs Training Gear Workout Equipment Portable Trainer Abs Belt
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Small

Q: Is it electrical or battery operated?

A: It comes with an internal battery.

Q: Can you use it while exercising?

A: Yes, you can exercise while wearing it.

4. Ailida ABS Muscle Toner

As the name suggests, this is the product to pick if you’re looking to tone your muscles. You’ll appreciate how extremely easy it is to use; simply fit the pads on your body and they do the rest.

This muscle toner is both flexible and portable so you can easily fit it into you bag. As a result, you can use the muscle toner almost anywhere.

This Ailida muscle toner features six exercise modes and has 10 intensity levels to pick from. The product is rechargeable and also comes with an internal battery and USB port.

For optimum results, you must use it for approximately 20 minutes per session, but make sure you vary the intensity levels. Ideally you can set it for 10 minutes on the low level and five minutes each on the medium & high level.

AILIDA ABS Stimulator Muscle Toner Abdominal Toning Belt Workouts Portable AB Training Home Office Fitness Equipment for Abdomen/Arm/Leg Training Men Women
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Effective at muscle toning
  • Expensive

Q: Can you use it on other body parts?

A: Yes, you can use it on your inner thighs.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: No, on the contrary it’s very comfortable.

5. OQWM Ab Stimulator & Muscle Trainer

This OQWM ab stimulator was specifically designed for body training so you can use it on your abdomen, arms, legs, hips and waist. You’ll notice a tighter and more toned body after at least two months of rigorous use.

Each session is designed to last 12 minutes and according to the manufacturer this equates to 30 minutes of swimming time. For best results, you must use it at least two to four times a day.

The machine is very portable so you can carry it with you anywhere and even benefit from using on your next holiday—simply lace it in your luggage. It has five exercise modes that you can pick from and 15 intensity levels.

It’s very easy to use and is designed to automatically shut down after 12 minutes. You’ll also need to replace the gel pads regularly especially when you notice that they aren’t as sticky anymore.

OQWM Ab Stimulator Muscle Trainer Ultimate Abs Stimulator Ab Stimulator for Men Women Abdominal Work Out Ads Power Fitness Abs Muscle Training Gear Workout Equipment Portable Stimulator Abs Belt
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • String current level
  • Small pads

Q: Is it a battery operated device?

A: Yes, it comes with a 2-way charger and USB port.

Q: Is it comfortable?

A: Yes, the current is strong but it’s very comfortable.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Ab Belt

FDA Approval

Safety is probably one of the first factors to consider before picking an ab belt. To allay your safety concerns, it’s advisable to opt for one that’s FDA cleared for its intended function. This means the product would have been tested and passed all quality & safety checks.

Examples of products that are FDA approved from our list include the Flex belt and Slendertone AB belts.

Gel Pads

Make sure the ab belt you pick has gel pads. Gel pads are sticky devices found on your ab belt and are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your toning session. They work by evenly distributing muscle stimulating pulses for optimum comfort and toning.


When it comes to fitness products, you get what you pay for. It’s that simple. This is because the price of these belts usually reflect a number of factors including quality, performance and durability.

Usually, higher priced ab belts are designed to produce more electrical impulse stimulation compared to their cheaper counterparts. As a result, you can expect quicker results because they’ll make your muscles work even harder.

Also, most higher priced ab belts are designed using high quality products and mechanisms so you can expect them to last long. We can’t promise the same durability with lower priced models.


Ab Belts vs Waist Trainers: Is There a Difference?

Many people refer to ab trainers as waist trainers, but are they the same? Unlike ab belts, waist trainers don’t use EMS technology. Rather they’re simply designed to contour your waist via pressure.

How Effective Are AB Belts?

As mentioned earlier, ab belts on their own won’t miraculously give you a six pack. You need to exercise regularly and eat clean for optimum & visible results.

How Often Must You Use Your Ab Belt?

Wondering how often you must use your ab belt? The duration and frequency will depend on the brand you pick because different brands have different instructions. But generally most manufacturers recommend that you use them between 10 minutes and an hour daily for optimum results. 

With some brands like the Flex belt, you can use them more than once a day.

How Soon Can You Expect Results?

Results will depend on the brand you pick and how often you wear the ab belt. If you wear it frequently—and daily—then you’re likely to see results sooner. Generally, with most brands, you can expect results within 6 to 8 weeks. But as mentioned before, you need to use the belt to complement your fitness routine. This means also incorporating a healthy diet and cardio workouts.

It’s important to note that ab belts are only designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles but won’t reduce belly fat. The leaner you are when you start using your ab belt, the faster you’ll notice visible results.

Where Can You Use Your Ab Belt?

Many users appreciate the convenience these belts offer. Because most of them are compact and portable, you can carry—and use—the belts anywhere.

When Not to Use Ab Belts

Because of the electrical nature and mechanism of these belts, there are certain instances where you can’t use ab belts. Avoid using them if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

In addition, ab belts must not be used by pregnant women because aside from potentially harming your baby, they’ll make you uncomfortable. And make sure that you wait at least eight weeks after giving birth before using these belts. Only then would your body have fully recovered from the pregnancy strain.

Final Thoughts

Ab belts have been around for decades. And if used properly and regularly you can also experience the benefits; from strengthening to firming your muscles. Depending on the brand you pick, you get to work your entire your body and not only your abdomen.

Always remember that ab belts won’t decrease body fat and will work best if you’re leaner. This is why it’s important to remove any unhealthy foods from your diet.

Also, forget the six pack if you only use them while watching TV! Get up, be active and get that body you’ve always wanted.