Ka’Chava Review – Quality Meal Replacement on the Go 

KaChava Meal Replacement Shake

September 27, 2019

A meal replacement is meant to be a portable and nutrient dense meal on the go. Originally geared towards athletes, these are now popular with people who are watching their weight but don’t have the time to eat a proper meal.

What’s special about them is that they come in forms that are convenient. Most meal replacements come in a powder or liquid form that you can take with you anywhere.

Are they safe?

Meal replacement shakes are meant to provide all the nutrients you might miss in your day-to-day life. However, they aren’t meant to be the only thing a person consumes. They’re not meant to be the body’s only source of nutrition. Meal replacements should always be paired with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise.

Their effectiveness also completely depends on the brand, and we have reviewed the best meal replacements in a separate review. How you plan to use them and other lifestyle factors may also have an effect on how they will work for you.

Should you try them?

Meal replacements can be a good tool for losing weight because they contain fewer calories than regular meals. Most shakes contain protein, fat, and carbs. Meals higher in protein, in particular, have been found to decrease midnight cravings and result in feeling more satiated and full.

However, meal replacements can be useless if you still consume junk food alongside them. Thus, it’s essential to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. They should also be chosen based on what you’re looking for.

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake - A Blend of Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein - The Ultimate All-In-One Whole Body Meal. (Vanilla) 930g Bag = 15 meals (62g serving size)

If you’re looking to lose weight but don’t have the time to watch your diet religiously, then meal replacements might help you in your eating goals and journey. Whether you’re into plant-based protein powders like UB Super or specialized meal plans like Personal Trainer Food, there are plenty of options to choose from.

What is Ka’Chava?

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake - A Blend of Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein - The Ultimate All-In-One Whole Body Meal. (Chocolate) 960g Bag = 15 meals (64g serving size)

Ka’Chava is a plant-based protein shake created by a group of friends who wanted a meal replacement with the perfect balance of proteins, fiber, and essential fats that curbed hunger cravings. Keep reading our Kachava review to find out if this is the right meal replacement for you.

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake - A Blend of Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein - The Ultimate All-In-One Whole Body Meal. (Chocolate) 960g Bag = 15 meals (64g serving size)

Created by Simon Malone in the US after a trip to Thailand with a group of friends, the idea came to life when Simon wanted a quick meal that would provide the essential nutrients a person needs on a daily basis while curbing any hunger cravings. It’s now available for the general market, with Cedra Pharmacy being its sole distributor.

Ka’Chava comes from a Mayan word that means earth in homage to the South American roots of some of Ka’Chava’s primary ingredients. It’s a plant-based shake with no artificial additives or sweeteners and no fillers.

Made with the help of nutritionists, Ka’Chava is considered one of the most powerful and energizing superfoods out there. It’s made from 37 natural plant ingredients to help sustain your energy, control your hunger, and assist with your mental focus and digestive health.

What Are the Ingredients of Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake?

Ingredients of Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake

While other meal replacement shakes still come with other additives, the Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake uses organic ingredients. It’s safe for people sensitive to dairy, soy, and gluten. It’s also completely vegan. What’s special about Ka’Chava is that it caters to people with different diets while still providing essential nutrients and delicious ways to consume them.

All of Ka’Chava’s ingredients are blended together to form one big meal shake that fuels your lifestyle. Its blends include: adaptogen herbs, enzymes, fibers, probiotics, vegan protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, sacha inchi, super-fruits, and supergreens. It also contains coconut milk, guar gum, monk fruit, natural vanilla, soluble vegetable fiber, stevia, and xanthun gum.

How to Drink Ka’Chava: Recipes That You Can Try

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake - A Blend of Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein - The Ultimate All-In-One Whole Body Meal. (Vanilla) 930g Bag = 15 meals (62g serving size)

The shake comes in powder form and in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, that can be blended with other ingredients. The shake also doesn’t contain any caffeine, but it’s worth noting that the chocolate flavor might contain small traces of it because of the caffeine that comes from cocoa powder. The Ka’Chava vanilla, on the other hand, is caffeine-free.

You don’t have to drink Ka’Chava on its own. The Ka’Chava site provides some recipes that make drinking this protein powder blend a delicious experience.

Black Forest Ka’Chava Smoothie

One of the most popular recipes featured on the site is Black Forest Ka’Chava smoothie. Made with two scoops of the chocolate flavor, all you have to do is add 12-14 ounces of ice cold water along with a handful of mixed berries and blend them altogether.

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake - A Blend of Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein - The Ultimate All-In-One Whole Body Meal. (Chocolate) 960g Bag = 15 meals (64g serving size)

Tahiti Sweetie

If you’re looking for a vanilla-based recipe, another one that caught our eye is the Tahiti Sweetie. This recipe combines 1/2 mango, papaya, and pineapple blended with vanilla Ka’Chava and 12-14 ounces of iced coconut milk. The site includes other recipes called Berry Easy, Blueberry Blush, Coco Mocho, Garden Green, Kiwi Krush, Pink Flamingo, and PBCB.

Since it comes in two flavors, you can also drink Ka’Chava without adding anything but water. The serving size for the chocolate is 62 grams, while the vanilla is 64 grams per serving.

Does Ka’Chava Offer Samples?

You’re in for a surprise with this one! You might be used to getting samples in small quantities, but Ka’Chava offers a full bag, completely risk-free. This way, you’ll be sure to find the perfect way to prepare your Ka’Chava and see if it works for you before you purchase an actual bag.

Plus, Ka’Chava stands by their “Love-It-Guarantee". If you’ve purchased a bag and it isn’t to your liking, you’ll get a full refund. Just make sure to let the company know within 30 days of receiving your Ka’Chava sample. With the company’s “Empty-Bag Policy,” you can return one bag of each flavor, even if it’s already empty.

To get your refund, you just simply go to their website where you can then indicate your request and the number of bags you will be returning. The Ka’Chava team will give you additional details via email, such as the location where you can return the bags. Within 48 hours of receiving the bags, Ka’Chava will provide you your refund.

Ka’Chava vs Huel

Ka’Chava is an all-in-one meal replacement shake packed with a powerful blend of plant proteins, adaptogens, super fruits, amino acids, omega-3, probiotics and prebiotics, super greens, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Being a meal replacement, it’s designed to complement an existing weight loss or fitness program.

Huel, on the other hand, comes in different varieties: in powder form, ready-to-drink beverages, and meal bars. It’s designed to be a meal in itself. They’re nutritionally-complete and can be prepared in under two minutes. Huel Powders are 37:30:30:3 macro split, which means that the carbohydrate, fat, protein, and fiber percentage are split accordingly.

In terms of flavors, Ka’Chava comes in two: chocolate and vanilla. 

Huel Nutritionally Complete Food Powder - 100% Vegan Powdered Meal (2 Pouches - 7.7lb - 28 meals) (Chocolate)

Meanwhile, Huel offers more variants for its powdered meal. It has three editions in terms of packaging, with 10 variants in total. Aside from the standard chocolate and vanilla flavors, they also have the berry and unflavored/unsweetened variant. In addition to these, there are also gluten-free options for each flavor. Both Ka’Chava and Huel are soy-free and suitable for those with plant-based diets. 

Ka’Chava contains 15 servings per container, while Huel has 17. In terms of calories, Huel offers 400kcal compared to Ka’Chava’s 240kcal. Huel has 30 grams of protein and 46g of total carbohydrates. On the other hand, Ka’Cha offers 25 grams of protein and total carbs per serving.

You can turn both your Ka’Chava and Huel powder into delicious shakes in a matter of minutes. For Ka’Chava, you just add two heaping scoops of powder into 12oz to 14oz of iced cold water, mix them thoroughly, and you’ll have your complete meal in no time. Huel shakes are made similarly; the only difference is the amount of water. So to make your Huel shakes, just add two heaping scoops of powder into 17fl oz. of cold water, and then shake well.

And while both Ka’Chava and Huel are filled with goodness, always consult with your physician before introducing meal replacements into your diet, especially if you have an existing medical condition or if you’re pregnant. 

Final Thoughts on the Ka’Chava Shake

Before considering Ka’Chava as a meal replacement shake, it’s advised that you consult with your doctors, especially if you’re a breastfeeding mother. Meal replacement shakes and protein powders should also not be the only food you consume, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Ka’Chava is designed to be taken once per day; it can be taken twice, but only as a companion smoothie for your meal.

If you opt to buy Ka’Chava shakes, make sure to take note of its ingredients and allergen warning, as it contains coconut.

Ka’Chava offers free samples for you to try. Not just samples that contain small amounts either; they will deliver a full bag of their product as a sample. In addition to this, they have a 30-day money back guarantee if the product isn’t to your liking.

Ka’Chava’s fun flavors can replace the artificial chocolate and vanilla in your protein shakes. With all the different recipes that you can create with it, you can truly make this meal replacement shake your own.

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