Best Fitness Trampoline and Rebounder for 2022 

Best Fitness Trampoline rebounder

December 21, 2018

The first modern trampoline was created by George Nissen in 1936. Two years later, Ed Russell created the first fitness trampoline but gave his ideas and prototype to Victor Green. Victor then patented the small trampoline in 1975. By 1976, American companies started to manufacturer the same size of trampolines, which became popularly known as rebounders. 

By 1984, rebounding had already become one of the most popular sports in the United States of America, with more than a million fitness trampolines selling every year. Today, the increase in interest in rebounding isn’t only because of the improved quality of the modern rebounder trampoline, but also due to the health benefits of using them.

Moreover, rebounder trampolines are the best alternative to larger outdoor trampolines because they are lightweight, very easy to move around. They are also compact so they take up less space. And some fold down easily for easy storage.

What are the health benefits of fitness trampolines? 

It is important to remember that the trampoline became quite popular because of the advancement in material quality, improved design, as well as health benefits. Below are some of the health advantages of the trampoline.

health benefits of fitness trampoline

1. Improves heart’s health:

One of the best things about regular rebounding is that it helps to improve the health of your heart. It is linked to better respiration as well as improved heart strength and function.

2. Weight loss:

Sure, rebounding is a low impact exercise. Alone, it cannot help you lose a lot of weight. But if combined with other high impact exercises, together with a healthy diet, a mini trampoline workout can contribute a great deal in helping you get back into shape. If weight loss is not your goal you can still do rebounding to help maintain your fit body.

3. Boosts Immune System:

Since regular rebounding helps to increase the regular circulation of lymph fluid, it can not only help your body detox more quickly, but also boosts your immune system ensuring greater activity of the white blood cells.

Our Top Picks

1. JumpSport 370 Pro

JumpSport 370 PRO | Fitness Trampoline | Professionals Choice | Quiet & Safe Bounce | No-Tip Arched Legs | Adjustable Bungees | Top Rated for Quality and Durability | 4 Music Workout Videos Incl.

Best Premium Fitness Trampoline

With a 44-inch diameter, which gives you about 1,334 square of a rebounding surface, the 370 Pro is the biggest trampoline in JumpSport rebounders range. Although it is commonly found in gyms and used for professional purposes, the 370 Pro is a multipurpose fitness unit that you can use it on your patio or your home gym, provided you have enough space to accommodate it. With a weight limit of 300lbs, almost anyone can take advantage of this mini trampoline for low-impact exercises.

This rebounder features petal spring covers, arched legs, heavy-duty 16-gauge steel frame tubing, and it is triple coated to prevent rusting. JumpSport 370 Pro also features EnduroLast XF, which is simply a 7-level cord that you can easily adjust depending on your workout level. If you set the tension of the cord higher, the trampoline will become tighter, hence suitable for what’s called a running workout. 

Unlike the 550F model that you can easily fold away and store under a bed, the JumpSport 370 Pro doesn’t fold and it is therefore not recommended for people who are limited on space. Although the quality of this unit is good, it is quite pricey. So, if you are in the market for a budget mini trampoline, this is not for you.

2. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline | Quiet and Safe Bounce | Access To Free Online Workouts Included | Supports Up To 250 Pounds

Best Cheap Fitness Trampoline

The Stamina  trampoline is a foldable device that’s easy to store or transport. It’s a smaller device that’s 36" in diameter but it’s one of the most stable fitness trampolines of this size. Since the Stamina  rebounder trampoline is smaller in size you’re able to exercise outside or indoors without it taking up too much space.

Stamina manufactured this trampoline with bungee cords so that it doesn’t produce noise when you’re exercising. The frame is covered with durable material for extra safety precautions. The bungee cords create improved impact training so it doesn’t cause strain on your joints.

The Stamina trampoline is a durable and stable device made with steel that won’t corrode. This trampoline has strong legs that can support up to 250lbs of weight. The rubber feet at the bottom of the legs provide stability even when the trampoline is placed on a polished or smooth surface. It’s a lightweight unit that can be moved to any location in your house to perform your exercises.

Stamina offers free online workouts with three videos that include an introduction and two exercise routines that you can perform on a daily basis. 

3. BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, Exercise Trampoline for Kids Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max Load 330lbs

best budget foldable trampoline

The BCAN 40" mini trampoline is a foldable and fully adjustable device that can be stored easily. It comes with a stabilizer bar that has adjustable heights suitable for short and tall users. The stabilizer bar can be adjusted between 32" and 42". BCAN’s stabilizer bar also has a foam rubber grip for comfort and to provide a non-slip hold when you’re exercising.

Since the BCAN mini trampoline is a foldable device you can transport it anywhere because it fits well inside cars, trailers, and trucks. You can store it easily in a cupboard or under your bed. The entire structure of the BCAN exercise trampoline is sturdy and durable.

The trampoline mat is connected to the frame with strong springs and creates a stable surface area to jump on. BCAN’s frame is covered with fabric to reduce the sound of the springs when you’re exercising. The 40" mat diameter is large enough to perform many low impact exercises such as jogging on the spot and star jumps.

BCAN’s frame and legs are made with highly durable steel that won’t rust or bend out of shape. The feet on the legs of the trampoline are non-slip so the device won’t move around when it’s placed on smooth flooring.

4. Needak Rebounder

Needak Rebounder - Non-Folding Soft Bounce Traditional Black Edition Trampoline Plus Stabilizing Bar-R02/R05

Best Premium with Handrail

If you are in the market for a trampoline that can give you the most value for the money, then the Needak Rebounder may be a good option for you. This one is designed to do two things:  to take pressure off your ankles and to minimize the impact of each bounce. The average weight limit is around 300 pounds, but that’s only for a soft bounce. If you are planning to use this for a soft bounce, then you can be sure that it can take over 300 pounds. Some people have argued that the stability bar of this rebounder goes through the middle. That’s not the case with this unit at all. Instead of crossing the middle, the stabilize goes across the trampoline. And the benefits are twofold. First, you get the place to stand and you more than likely have the full use of the jumping surface. Second, the stability bar goes across so that you can use it if you need the support to stand steadier on your feet.

Setting up this mini trampoline is so easy that you can do it on your own, even if you have never bought one before. Thanks to the instruction manual that shows you how exactly to put all the parts together, it should take less than 10 minutes to assemble.

5. MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder

MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder Mini Trampoline Includes Compilation DVD with 4 workouts, Stability Handle Bar, Storage/Carry Bag, Resistance Bands Weights FREE 3 MONTHS ONLINE VIDEO MEMBERSHIP!

Best Mini Trampoline

If this is going to be your first time ever to use a rebounder, then you should consider buying the best starter trampoline. In addition to the mini trampoline, the package includes an exercise DVD, a carry-on bag, a set of weights, and exercise resistance bands. MaXimus Pro Quarter is lightweight and compact, a good option for people that are limited on space. Moreover, it is foldable, which means you can store it away when it is not in use or bring it with you wherever you want to go.

This folding trampoline with robust metal springs has a weight limit of 300 pounds and it is recommended for every day training activities. In terms of age, this is best suited for ages 16 years and above, although kids can also use it but only under close supervision.

6. SportPlus Silent Mini Trampoline

The SportPlus Mini Trampoline is one of the best inexpensive rebounders with an easily-to-adjust handrail bar. Because it is foldable, it is easy to store away. Because it is lightweight after folding, it is easy to bring with you wherever you want to go – and often good for travel.

The bungee protects you from falling off the trampoline during the rebound. The adjustable handrail can help you maintain the stability of your body when bouncing. And the perfect foam balance makes a good option for aerobic workouts. Unlike other trampolines on our list, SportPlus Silent Fitness Mini Trampoline only has a weight limit of 286 pounds.

7. JumpSport 250

The JumpSport 250 is a sturdy non-foldable exercise trampoline with a large diameter mat. It has some unique features namely the padded border that adds extra safety when you’re exercising. The padded border also allows you to step onto the JumpSport 250 easily.

Jump Sport’s trampoline design provides a stable structure thanks to the arched legs that the mat is held up by. The feet of the legs have rubber caps installed onto them so it won’t slide around even when it’s placed on a smooth or tiled surface. The frame is 39" wide and it’s powder-coated to prevent corrosion. The mat itself is 35.5" in diameter and it’s sturdy which helps for low impact cardio.

The mat is connected to the frame by durable bungee cords all the way around the trampoline. These bungee cords produce no sound when you’re performing your exercises. The FlexBounce system creates a softer landing so that it doesn’t cause any ankle or knee strain.

It’s easy to set up the trampoline because it comes semi-assembled so you don’t need any complex tools to get the job done. What’s more, the Jump Sport offers extra products with your JumpSport 250 trampoline. You’ll receive free 60-day online workout videos and a DVD full of exercises you can perform on your new asset. 

Additional Information You Should Know

Now that you read the reviews on our top fitness exercise trampolines, let’s discuss what you should consider prior to buying your exercise device. There may be certain specifications of a rebounder trampoline that could affect your space, comfort, and level of strength.

You’ll need to know which exercise trampoline design would be ideal for your requirements. Let’s go through some common features of a trampoline and what their pros & cons are. 

Folding vs. Non-Folding

Folding Fitness Trampolines

A folding trampoline has a design where the legs fold inward. These trampolines are popular in the fitness community. Folding trampolines can have a big or small jumping space and they have a structure that prevents the legs from collapsing when you’re exercising.

What are the Pros?

Most people prefer to buy foldable fitness trampolines because they’re easy to set up. These exercise trampolines are popup devices that don’t require any tools.

A foldable rebounder trampoline is also easy to store and they’re portable. All you have to do is simply fold the legs in when you want to store it in a cupboard or take it with you when you go on holiday. These trampolines take up minimal space and they’re light enough to easily carry. 

What are the Cons?

The foldable legs may wear over time so it’s important to check whether the foldable device you purchase is made with durable materials. Foldable fitness trampolines are also not as stable as non-foldable devices so it could move slightly while you’re exercising.

Non-Folding Fitness Trampolines

Non-folding rebounder trampolines have a strong solid structure that has non-collapsible legs. These trampolines are typically a lot bigger and may need to be installed in a room that can accommodate its size.

What are the Pros?

The non-foldable exercise trampoline has a sturdy structure that won’t move around while you’re exercising. Some brands have a bigger diameter jumping space so you’re able to move around more freely when you’re exercising.

What are the Cons?

Non-foldable fitness trampolines are difficult to store because you can’t collapse them into a compact device. These trampolines are also not portable unless you have big trailers to transport them in. The non-foldable trampoline is more difficult to set up and you may require additional tools to build the device before you can use it.

Non-foldable trampolines take up a lot of space so it’s important to consider which size works best for you when you purchase a device that’s not collapsible. 

Springs vs. Bungee Cords

Spring Fitness Trampolines

Spring fitness trampolines have coiled metal rings connecting the material of the device to its frame. The spring trampoline has a tighter jumping space and produces more bounce when you jump.

What are the Pros?

The springs connecting the material to the frame of the trampoline are durable and won’t easily wear or snap over time. Springs create a sturdier structure so it’s easier to step onto the trampoline without losing your balance.

Exercising on a trampoline with springs gives you a more vigorous workout and it will strengthen your leg muscles quicker. Springs are a lot safer because of the strength of the connections. 

What are the Cons?

Spring supported fitness trampolines are more suitable for exercise enthusiasts that have a higher level of fitness than beginners. Since the trampoline is tighter it may cause leg cramps and sore knees for the beginner exerciser.

Bungee Cord Fitness Trampolines

The fitness trampoline with bungee cords connects the mat to the frame with stretchable ropes. Since the cords are stretchable, they create a softer landing when you jump.

What are the Pros?

Bungee cords create less noise when you’re jumping on the trampoline. Since the cords are made with durable fabric instead of metal they don’t make squeaking noises when you’re exercising.

A fitness trampoline with bungee cord connections is more gentle on your joints so it won’t cause knee and ankle strain. The bungee cord fitness trampoline is suitable for beginners as well as children to work out on.

Maintaining a bungee cord fitness trampoline is easier because the stretchable ropes are a lot easier to replace than springs. 

What are the Cons?

Bungee cords aren’t as durable as trampoline springs because they may tear or rip over time. Since the cords are soft it can be difficult to step on the trampoline mat to start exercising. It doesn’t create that much bounce so you may not be able to reach the fitness level you want with the bungee cord trampoline.

Stabilizer Bar

A stabilizer bar is a device with handles that you hold onto while you’re performing your exercises on the trampoline. It’s designed for people who need more balance when they’re doing certain exercises.

What are the Pros?

The purpose of a stabilizer bar is to help you regain your balance when you’re exercising. It’s also a way to help you improve your posture while you’re jumping.

What are the Cons?

You may not learn how to balance correctly while using a stabilizer bar. But this extra feature is excellent as a safety precaution in case you fall. Ensure you purchase a stabilizer bar that’s strong and sturdy so it doesn’t move around while you’re working out.

Trampoline safety tips:

A rebounder trampoline can only be as helpful as you would like it to be if you observe safety rules during use. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the following trampoline safety tips:

  • Never place mini trampolines close to potential hazards like trees, washing lines, or fences. And make sure the area where you would like to put the rebounder is as flat as possible.
  • Unless you have a crash mat in place, you should never put the rebounder trampoline on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.
  • To prevent the risk of falling over and hitting the ground, consider buying a mini trampoline with a safety net, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Never allow more than one person to use the exercise trampoline at a time.

Final Thoughts:

Always put safety first when using a fitness trampoline. You want to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital as much as you can. And the best way to do that is to consider the safety tips that we have provided, so that you can enjoy all the health benefits of rebounding instead. If you're looking for the best premium trampoline we recommend the JumpSport 370 Pro and if you're just starting you can’t go wrong with the MaXimus Pro.

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