The Best Examples Of Rebounding Exercises 

The Best Examples Of Rebounding Exercises

April 15, 2021

Rebounding is a low impact workout routine that you can engage your body in without the need of a personal trainer. And while it may not burn more calories like many high impact workout programs do, it can still contribute a great deal to your fitness regimen. With that said, below are examples of trampoline exercises that you should try.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks are quite a common exercise. You’ve probably done it over and over again in a soccer field, at home, or maybe even in an elementary gym. You can do the same exercise on a rebounder. You can do this exercise with or without dumbbells. But it is best to start without. Once you get used to balancing your jumping, then you can use the rebounder alongside some dumbbells.

jumping jacks on trampoline

Front/Side Arm Raises:

Front/side arm raises is a very simple exercise that you can include in your regular workout routine. You would typically perform these exercises before other high-impact exercises. Generally, front/side arm raise not only ease your jumping on the fitness rebounder trampoline, but also warms up the joints of your shoulders.

Core Rotation:

Because core rotation works well for the abdomen, the exercise can help you to tone and build the strength in your core. In this exercise, you bounce on the exercise trampoline while rotating your arm and torso from one side to another. You can do this for as long as you like, but a minute or two is more than likely enough.

Trampoline squats:

Squatting and balancing your body on mini trampolines can be challenging at first, but it should be easy once you figure how to engage your core muscles, and in particular on the flexible surface of the rebounder trampoline.

Abs Rocks:

Like core rotation, the abs rocks workout lets you exercise your core muscles which help stabilize the rest of your of your body and help build good posture. Combined, and done for at least 2 to 3 minutes for every workout session, the two exercises can work your belly and help a great deal to burn fat.

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