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Personal Trainer Food Review

July 11, 2019

No crazy home video workout programs. No long hours spent sweating at the gym. No starvation diets. Yet, you’ll still lose that unwanted weight you’ve been trying to shed for a long time now. Sounds totally unreal, right?

But this is all possible with Personal Trainer Food. 

What exactly is Personal Trainer Food?

Personal Trainer Food provides effective weight loss meal plans crafted by a team of nutrition experts. They follow the premise that exercise accounts only for 10% of weight loss. The 90% comes from food intake.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to starve yourself to death. You just need to know how to make the right food choices.

And that is exactly what Personal Trainer Food does — help you choose the right kinds of food to eat.

What’s the story behind this program?

It all started with one man’s desire to help his wife shed off some postpartum weight. Mike Starks’ curiosity with weight loss began in 1998 when he lost 60 pounds three months after a back surgery. His only method then was eating nutritious meals with fat-burning vegetables and meats. Obviously, he couldn’t engage in strenuous exercise or gym workouts due to his condition.

In 2005, his wife Laura gave birth to their second baby. Along with this came unwanted postpartum weight. She had a difficult time losing weight even after going to the gym, skipping meals, and eating “healthy” food. Remembering how he had lost weight back in 1998, Mike encouraged his wife to eat healthier meals. Mike did all the meal planning and cooking himself. Sure enough, Laura lost weight in just a couple of months. Knowing he was on to something that could help a lot of people, Mike gathered a team of experts to research and refine his self-made program. Since then, Personal Trainer Food has been helping thousands of people lose weight the healthy way.

What makes Personal Trainer Food work?

Personal Trainer Food works because it’s neither a one-size-fits-all diet, nor a crash-type kind of program. You can eat as much food as you need until you feel full. You just need to eat smart. This is so much more than a meal plan.

Here’s what you get from Personal Trainer Food:

1. Diet Guidelines

Diet Guidelines

Personal Trainer Food provides you with guidelines listing all the food you can eat, which includes most meats and vegetables. Some foods are to be taken in moderation, including cheese and fruits. The guidelines tell you to avoid sugar, bad carbs, and heavily processed food. This can be a challenge to those who love desserts. Still, they do provide recipes for healthy desserts in their newsletters.

2. Customized Meal Plans

Customized Meal Plans

The meal plans are completely customizable. You can choose specific foods that complement your existing diet. Whether you’re on a keto, paleo, or gluten-free diet, Personal Trainer Food can help you stick to it.

Meal plans are categorized into three main meals and two daily snacks.

Breakfast usually consists of one serving of egg and meat. You can have your eggs in various ways — fried, omelet, frittata, etc. If you don’t want eggs, there are other breakfast options you can choose from.

Lunch and dinner consist of one portion of meat and vegetable. Some of the meat choices are turkey burgers, beef gyros, chicken breast, and pork ribs. For vegetables, you can have green beans, zucchini, garden blend, and oriental style (unseasoned – season them with salt and pepper according to your taste). You’re even allowed to add butter.

If you’re still craving for more, you can eat as much vegetables as you want. Or have anything else that’s allowed in the diet guidelines. You’re allowed unlimited meat, unlimited eggs, and unlimited non-starchy vegetables. Daily snacks are also included in the meal plans. 

3. Pre-Packaged Meals

Pre-Packaged Meals

Personal Trainer Food doesn’t merely provide you healthy meal plans. It conveniently prepares everything for you, which saves time and energy.

There are approximately 100 items for breakfasts, snacks, veggie sides, and entrees. These are not meal replacements but real food — pre-cooked, flash-frozen, and sealed to retain all the nutrients and flavor. Pop everything in the oven for 1-2 minutes and you’re all set. 

4. Personal Coach

Personal Coach

Another great thing about Personal Trainer Food is that you’re not left alone during your weight loss journey. You can get encouragement and advice from a dietician trainer who acts as your personal coach. Anytime you have questions about the program, you can email your coach. You also get weekly weight-loss calls to monitor your progress and to help you stick to your goals.

What are the subscription options?

There are several subscription options available.

The REV! plan is designed specifically for women. Three main meals are packed with food that promote rapid fat burning. The Core plan is designed for a more natural weight loss. This includes lunches and dinners. The You Choose plan allows you to customize your meals. You choose 140 items from the menu and just mix-and-match them yourself.

Ordering is easy because everything is done online. All you need to do is click on the plan you want to subscribe to. Then you can select the specific food you want for each meal. Checkout, set a delivery schedule, and you’re all set.

Don’t worry about spoilage during delivery — your food comes in an insulated box with dry ice. They also have your whole package delivered via FedEx so you can track the delivery.

You get 28 days’ worth of food. So, make sure you have enough space in your freezer for that. The food comes individually-packed so it’s actually very easy to organize in your freezer shelves. In case you have limited freezer space, you can also opt for just 14 days’ worth of meals delivered bi-weekly.

Why should you subscribe to Personal Trainer Food?

Personal Trainer Food is a smart way to lose weight. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss or just a healthier lifestyle, this program will do you good. You lose weight — not starve to death. You also wouldn’t have to work out until you pass out. You only need to take at least 5000 steps per day. That’s just about half an hour of walking every day.

Budget-wise, it only costs roughly $11–$13 per day. Moreover, you can still follow the diet guidelines even when you eat out. Yes, you can still eat out with this meal plan!

You really don’t have any reason why you shouldn’t try Personal Trainer Food. 

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