Aleve Direct Therapy Review – Tens Unit for Managing Back Pain 

Aleve Direct Therapy Review

May 8, 2019

When you have aches, pains and ailments your first reaction would be to see a professional practitioner. Most of the time pharmaceuticals are prescribed and in worst cases, surgery. When it comes to constant severe lower back ache, surgery can be dangerous. Taking medicine all the time is also no way to live. Luckily technology has become so advanced that there are ways you can relieve aches and pains quickly. A device such as the Aleve can relieve you of your lower back ache quickly without the use of pharmaceuticals and expensive surgeries.

What is the TENS Unit? 

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a wireless device that helps relieve lower back pain when you’re experiencing sore and aching muscles. The same technology of a TENS unit is used by chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors.

Benefits of a TENS unit:


Some people are sensitive to certain medications and not everyone wants to live on painkillers & muscle relaxants all the time. Some medication can also have a negative effect on your body in the long run. The Aleve is a way to relieve your pain without the use of medication.

Cost Effective :

Buying medicine can all add up to a costly bill at the end of the month. In severe cases, if you need surgery, the costs could be exorbitant if you don’t have medical insurance. Purchasing an Aleve unit once off will aid in taking away your pain in the comfort of your own home without regularly spending money on medicine and surgery.

Dealing with Back Pain:


Learning all you need to know about back pain can help you manage it more effectively. So what can cause sudden lower back pain?

  • Strained muscles or ligaments 
  • Ruptured disc
  • Severe scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis

Did you know that eight out of 10 people experience chronic back pain at some point in their lives? You can experience pain in different parts of your back and it can increase & spread if it’s not taken care of. Back pain can either be acute or it can be chronic.

Acute back pain is more common but it can lead to chronic disability. The best way to relieve any form of back pain is to:

  • Select a drug-free therapy 
  • Take part in regular stretches and exercises
  • Rest your back
  • Always sit up straight 

Making Aleve part of your recovery process has brought many patients long term relief.

Aleve Overview and Features

Aleve Direct Therapy - TENS Device


The TENS technology has been used by professional practitioners since the 70s. Now you can use a TENS device such as the Aleve in the comfort of your own home. The device is placed on the lower back and provides this area of your body with electrical stimulation directly to the aching muscles. 

The Aleve TENS unit can relieve pain by blocking it using electrical stimulation. The stimulation also causes the release of endorphins which is the body’s natural pain-reducing chemical. Aleve uses 3-stage waveform technologies to diminish the effects of muscle pain. 

Aleve Modes: 

You can use the Aleve remote control and switch between the different stimulation modes of:

  • Stage 1 high frequency stimulation 
  • Stage 2 low frequency stimulation
  • Stage 3 high frequency ends the session

What is it Made of?

The Aleve is made with premium quality materials with no added latex. The pads are a flexible rubber that aligns with the contours of your back. 

Size and Weight:

The Aleve weighs about 4.8oz which is the weight of most SmartPhones and it’s small & sleek with no wires. It’s also less than 1" thick and it fits perfectly on your lower back muscles.

Battery Requirements:

To power up your Aleve direct therapy unit you’ll need AAA batteries. The device can last up to two hours before you have to recharge replace the batteries.

Refill Gel Pads:

The adhesive gel pads are latex free and can last the whole day for multiple applications. Replacement pads can be bought from any store that supports Aleve. 

Aleve Direct Therapy - TENS Device

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it come with gel pads?

Aleve comes with gel pads but replacements will need to be bought separately.

How long do gel pads last?

The gel pads can be worn the entire day in case you suffer from backache during the day. The pads last for two to five applications before replacement is needed.

Will it work on the upper back and neck?

The Aleve TENS unit is safe to use on any part of your body including the neck and upper back. 

Is it comfortable for daily use?

The Aleve unit can be worn under your clothes on the parts of your body that suffer from muscle ache. It’s definitely safe to use on a daily basis particularly for those who have chronic back pain. 

Can you sleep with it?

You can sleep with the Aleve unit but it’s advisable that you only use it in cases of extreme pain as lying on the device may cause additional discomfort.

Will it work on the sciatic nerve?

The best TENS units work well to counter pain related to sciatic nerves. Many people who suffer from sciatica irritation use TENS therapy to manage their pain. 

Final thoughts

The Aleve direct therapy unit is definitely an investment as it can relieve you of your pain and discomfort in your own home. You won’t have to spend money on professional physiotherapists and you can potentially fix the problem without you resorting to surgery. 

Save on time, money and products that don’t work & try the Aleve direct therapy device today. Aleve will help to alleviate your pain so you can have a restful night’s sleep and a productive day. 

About the author 

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