Merax Water Rowing Machine – In Depth Review 

Merax Water Rowing Machine

October 29, 2019

Steep prices keeping you from purchasing a rowing machine? Here’s some good news: you can get a good quality rowing machine at an affordable price with the Merax Water Rowing Machine.

Known for high performance and maximum efficiency, Merax offers innovative products that boost and simplify lifestyles. It has met success in various categories including home, office, travel, and health.

The Merax Water Rowing Machine imitates the motion of a rowboat in the water, allowing a full-body exercise that is beneficial to your health. Durable, noiseless, and efficient, this sleek and elegant aerobic machine is a workout must-have.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are an effective means of staying in shape indoors while keeping yourself healthy. Here are some benefits of doing Rowing Machine exercises.

1. Improves Cardio

Indoor rowing is low-impact cardio that engages all major muscle groups. This ultimately directs the heart to pump harder, which enhances the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood. This makes it a great alternative to weight-bearing exercises.

2. Engages Full Body

Rowing covers both upper-body and lower-body workouts. It particularly targets the shoulders, back, and arms in the upper body, and thighs, calves, and buttocks in the lower body. It increases endurance, develops a stronger core, and improves muscle strength.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

A single workout in a rowing machine already sheds 600 calories an hour. That is about 18 minutes shorter than the time required to burn as many calories on a stationary bike. That makes rowing machines more productive than other home gym machines.

4. Creates Convenience

Most importantly, indoor rowing machines are accessible. You don’t need to set some time for scouting rivers and renting a boat. You can start rowing right in the comfort of your living room even while watching your favorite TV show.

Merax Rowing Machine

Merax Water Rowing Machine - Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment (Black)


The package weighs 90 pounds and has dimensions of 46.1 x 26 x 23 inches. Assembled, the unit weighs 72 pounds and takes the dimensions of 78 x 20 x 25.5 inches. It also takes up a relatively small floor space that is approximately 78 x 20 inches.


Expect the water tank to already be pre-assembled and attached to the unit’s exterior. However, you will still need to attach the seats, rails, console, footpads, frontal frames, and rear stabilizers. That might sound overwhelming. However, the package includes a basic toolkit and manual to get the job done. Allot at least 30 to 40 minutes for assembly time and your machine will be up and running.

Build Quality

The machine has a solid steel construction, which provides maximum durability and performance. While not extremely heavy, it is stable and has an excellent floor grip. During an intense workout, your unit is unlikely to slide or move across the floor. The frame, only available in black, also has a paint finish that is anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant.

Merax Water Rowing Machine - Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment (Black)


  • Pulling handle. This ergonomically designed handle, 19 inches in length, facilitates soothing gliding movements. Its soft rubber foams prevent blisters while giving you a secure grip.
  • Footrests. The 12-inch-long footrests can fit foot sizes and include heel guards and a fully adjustable Velcro strap. Along with the anti-slip footpads, this feature will secure your feet in place. Thanks to the footrests’ pivoting design, you can slightly move your feet at every stroke.
  • Water tank. This inclined plastic water tank provides resistance. It is likely to fill three to four gallons of water. For maintenance, you will need to use chlorine pills, which are also already included in the package.
Merax Water Rowing Machine - Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment (Black)


The machine is very compact; it takes up only a footprint, which makes for easy storage. While the machine does not fold up, you can store it vertically when not in use to save up on space. When stored vertically, the unit will only take up 25 x 20 inches.


Relocation should not be a problem, as the unit’s silicone wheels on the front base help easily roll the machine in and out of a room. With the wheels in place, you will only need to carry about 20 pounds when transporting the unit.

LCD Monitor

The large LCD monitor has five control buttons and multiple modes that show your rowing intensity in duration, heart rate, calories, distance, and strokes. You can stop and start your workout with a single push of a button. You can even challenge yourself in a competitive race mode.

The console is not compatible with fitness apps and does not include online connectivity. Aside from workout data, the monitor also displays the clock, calendar, and room temperature. You will need two AA batteries to power this device.

Merax Water Rowing Machine - Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment (Black)


Unlike other water rowers, Merax has an inclined water tank that provides more resistance. The tank has six water levels that offer different intensities of resistance. It also includes a funnel and a pumping siphon; you can adjust the resistance by simply adding more water to the tank.

Weight Capacity

The rowing machine can support up to 330 pounds. It also has a long seat rail that can support individuals as tall as 6 foot 3 inches.


Long workouts won’t tire you out as much, as the rowing machine comes with a 12.2 x 10-inch contoured seat. This relatively large seat provides comfort and maximizes performance. However, the seat does not include cushioning. Instead, it is made up of ABS material that is reinforced by fiberglass. It is also suspended approximately 16 inches above floor level, which makes an easy entry and exit for all ages and abilities.

Merax Water Rowing Machine - Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment (Black)

Customer Reviews

So far, customers are enjoying the Merax Water Rowing Machine. It is easy to assemble, especially with the clear manual instructions. While it creates a low water sound, it won’t compete with the low volume level of the TV set. In fact, the machine-generated sound can be very soothing and relaxing. Dynamic water movements also make users feel like they’re in the water.

However, it would be nice for the machine to include pulse sensors on the handle or at least a wireless chest strap. This should allow users to record heart rates more efficiently. Other than that, many still enjoy the productivity, convenience, and health benefits that come with the Merax Water Rowing Machine.

Using a Merax Rowing Machine

You don’t need to hike up a trail or swim in the ocean for a bit of exercise. For an affordable price, Merax Rowing Machine can help you deliver a maximum workout. Convenient, intense, and easy to use, this sturdy exercise equipment checks all your outdoor fitness goals while staying indoors.

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