Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Review 


January 24, 2021

You'll agree with two things. One, leg day is extremely important, although typically not the most fun workout day. Two, multi-purpose exercise equipment carries high value whether your home gym is compact or large. This also goes for home gyms AND commercial fitness facilities.

So, is the leg press machine called the Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo the one you need to solve two challenges with one purchase? Should coaches and personal trainers be telling you to incorporate it into your routine? The short answer is most likely, yes!

Our Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo review tells all.

About Force USA

When trainers, athletes, and strength training consumers buy Force USA products, they can have peace of mind about quality equipment. The brand's products are all designed and made in the US, so no chance of quality concerns because of imported components.

Force USA is part of Net Media Group LLC. The brand provides customers with long term investments because purchasing a Force USA product gives you a 2-year warranty on parts that move. If the equipment has fabric components, those will be covered for 3 months.

You can view the brand's products in person in Salt Lake City, or order online.

Monster Ultimate 45° Leg Press Squat Combo Overview


In short, the Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo is all about helping you exercise those lower body muscles. You can focus on specific leg muscles and improve your lower body strength. Small adjustments in the equipment allow you to do several different exercises.


Monster Ultimate 45° Leg Press Squat Combo Specs:

  • 4-In-1 Combination Machine
  • 45-Degree Angle Sled
  • Extra-Sturdy 13 GA Steel Construction
  • Commercial Grade Vinyl Upholstery
  • 26 x 22 in Foot Plate
  • 2 x 4 in Steel Mainframe
  • 4 Weight Plate Storage Holders
  • 4 Band Pegs and 6 Band Peg Positions
  • 5 Racking/Safety Lockout Positions
  • W 66" x D 94" x H 60"
  • Max weight: 1,000 lbs
  • Product weight: 463 lbs
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

When planning to install this ultimate combo unit at your home or gym, you'll need a space of 66"(W) x 94" (D) x 60" (H). The footplate alone measures 22" x 26". This is a considerable size, which many home gyms may too small for, but if you can fit it in, it's value for money, such as optimizing exercises for your glutes with deeper squats than before. For professional use, this could become a staple in fitness facilities, to help members improve strength and build solid legs.

The leg press combo unit is also fairly heavy at 463lb, so this isn't a portable unit you'll easily put in storage or move to make space for other equipment. But with this versatile leg press equipment with its powder-coated steel construction - using 13 GA steel - you get a weight rating of 1000lb so it can cater to many users, even serious bodybuilders.


With the combination leg press hack squat equipment designed by Force USA, you can do multiple exercises on one unit, and do them optimally. This machine is designed to make the most of your leg workouts, allowing you to focus on multiple muscle groups.

Enhanced exercises can be more comfortable than you imagine thanks to features like the exceptional padding and upholstery the Force USA incorporated into the design. Even the handles are longer to enable comfortable positions for short or tall users.

When in position you can move your feet into other positions that suit you, because the footplate is large enough to accommodate most people's preferences.

During any exercise, safety is essential and with this one you get adjustable safety catch stops and there are rail handles on either side.

This leg press hack squat unit from Force USA was made to work with power bands too. This can further improve your workouts by using the bands and different band peg positions. This is a smart option for bodybuilding, but note that these bands aren't included with your initial purchase. This will require an additional expense. If you're serious about strength training, these accessories along with your Force USA Monster Ultimate Combo unit is money well spent.

4 Leg Machines in One

The attraction to this machine is the multiple options you have, simply by making a few adjustments. There are specifically four different options. Thanks to features like the large footplate and the quality padding, all these exercises can take place in relative comfort, without sacrificing quality of the execution. It only takes a little conversion each time and then you're ready for another exercise.

Leg Press

Firstly, the design offers a comfortable seat, so you'll be able to use the Force USA leg press hack equipment for longer without feeling too much discomfort. You can also adjust your stance considerably thanks to the oversized footplate allowing so much variance. With varied foot positions training coaches and personal fitness trainers can help clients reach goals much faster. And even though the leg press hack squat equipment is very large, the powder coated steel sled glides smoothly.

Hack Squat

The hack squat targets your quadriceps as well as glute muscles and ham strings. The efficiency is thanks to deeper squats and varied options of foot placement.

Forward Thrust

The equipment has a unique design along with the oversized footplate allowing users to do the popular forward thrust exercises too. Simply turn so you face the padded area.

Calf Raise

To ensure high performance trainers athletes and anyone using this can isolate your muscles in the calves so you can work on them specifically. All it takes is putting the calf raise block in place. The machine has these extra features that instantly transform it into yet another type of equipment.

If you need emphasis on specific leg muscles you can see this press hack squat combo machine is perfectly designed for it.


Such a complex leg press and hack squat unit will take some assembly, so don' expect it to be ready out the box. Yet, it's possible for almost anyone to put this machine together, whether athletes, strength training coaches who are used to machine assemblies, or even a less DIY savvy consumer. You may need assistance from someone to speed up the process, but it usually takes around three hours before it will be ready to use.

  • High weight capacity
  • Multi-purpose equipment
  • Safe whether you have a spotter or not
  • Can place greater emphasis on specific muscles easily
  • Many components provide enhanced safety
  • Comfort guaranteed with quality padding
  • Works for short and tall users
  • Requires lots of floor space
  • It's very heavy
  • Only viable on specific flooring types
  • Power bands not included

What Customers are Saying

Whether users want to exercise hamstrings glutes and calves or other muscles in their legs, they seem to appreciate this hack squat combo machine. This feedback comes when used by high performance athletes at professional facilities and consumers who have Force USA home gyms too. Many who exercise at home still find it a practical size to fit into a home exercise space such as a garage.

Most existing clients talk of the easy setup of the hack squat machine and they can quickly and easily convert it to suit their preferred exercise.

Closing Thoughts:

Is this the machine to consider? The answer is yes! You can enjoy serious lower body development by simply adding one piece of equipment to your gym. You get four exercise options in one and thanks to a laser cut powder coated steel structure, you're assured of quality that will last you a long time. Yes, you'll sacrifice a lot of space, but you'll enjoy the results you see on your body strength and solid muscle improvement. If you're kitting out your public gym, this can attract members that are serious about building strength and muscle.

This Force USA leg press machine allows you to take a different stance for greater emphasis on a specific muscle, all according to your specific needs. And remember, those who are aware of enhanced safety train confidently. Since it's obvious this unit is safe for newbies and experienced athletes, you'll give your best during each session without losing focus because of safety issues. 

Create a effective, yet safe lower body workout option. With this product from Force USA, it's possible.

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