NordicTrack S15i Commercial Studio Cycle Review 

NordicTrack S15i review

March 19, 2020

NordicTrack is well-known for high quality and durable fitness equipment. It is one of the pioneers in the industry and has been committed to providing customers with the best exercise bikes using the latest technology.

Last year, they released several new models that feature innovations for more effective home workouts. Among their latest releases is the NordicTrack S15i indoor cycling bike for spin workouts. If you’re looking to upgrade your home gym or are looking for your first exercise machine, the NordicTrack S15i might be a good choice for you.

Let’s go over its features and what makes it different from other models to help you decide if it’s the best fit for your workout needs.

Quick Answer:

The NordicTrack S15i is a great studio cycle with many features including an iFit membership and 20 resistance levels ensuring you can always have a challenging workout no matter your fitness level. While not cheap if you have the budget the S15i is a great choice.

Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

The NordicTrackS15i is an indoor studio cycle with live-streaming and on-demand classes for an immersive and interactive workout experience. It boasts of excellent build quality with commercial-grade steel construction and enhanced corrosion resistance ensuring its long-lasting service. Its large diameter and adjustable leveling feet ensure stability even at its maximum user capacity of 350 pounds.

This bike is powered by an inertia-enhanced flywheel with a silent magnetic resistance system. Since magnetic resistance does not come in direct contact with the flywheel, the machine works smoothly and without any friction. There is absolutely no noise and the resistance system does not wear out.

Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Total Body Workout

Aside from its excellent build and performance, the NordicTrack S15i provides an effective total body workout with 22 digital resistance levels, a 20-degree incline, and a 10-degree decline. These are easily adjustable using One Touch controls for precise settings. The unit also comes with two 3-lb. dumbbells so you can easily combine upper-body strength training with a lower-body cardio workout.

iFIT compatible

Like other NordicTrack fitness equipment, the S15i works with the iFit app and comes with a one-year free iFit membership. The iFit membership gives you access to limitless training options with elite personal trainers and live interactive classes. Professional trainers are able to give you more personalized instruction through live resistance control, which enables them to control your machine’s resistance level, incline, and decline in real-time. It’s like having a professional cycling trainer right in your own home.

Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Complementing these studio classes, the iFit app also has an expansive on-demand library of video workouts that include cross-training, yoga, and full-body sculpting. The 14” touchscreen tilts and swivels up to 360 degrees so you can exercise and follow the other video workouts in any space near the machine. Access to a limitless number of workout programs makes renewing the iFit membership well worth it.

Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Ergonomic Design

While the NordicTrack S15i already has amazing features for effective workouts, it takes everything one notch higher by ensuring comfort and convenience during workouts. The unit has an ergonomic padded saddle that is compatible with standard road bikes. The seat can also be adjusted both vertically and horizontally and has a non-slip multi-position handlebar for better positioning. Also, it comes equipped with an AutoBreeze workout fan that cools you down especially during summer workouts.

Nordictrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle


Priced around $2000, the NordicTrack S15i is a little on the expensive side compared to other studio bikes like the Schwinn IC4. However, its features and durable build make it a good investment and an excellent addition to your home gym.

Key Features:

  • 14” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 22 Digital Resistance Levels
  • 20% Incline and 10% Decline
  • Inertia-enhanced Flywheel with Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Heart telemetry
  • AutoBreeze workout fan
  • Auxiliary music port
  • Two 2” digitally amplified speakers
  • Two 3-lb. dumbbells

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: 55.75” x 22” x 61”
  • Machine Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor


  • 22 resistance levels
  • Smart incline and decline adjustments
  • Tilting and pivoting adjustable monitor
  • One-Touch controls
  • Low maintenance quiet belt drivetrain


  • No built-in preset workout programs
  • No USB and HDMI ports

NordicTrack S15i vs S22i

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

The S15i and S22i are both commercial-grade upright studio bikes with magnetic resistance. Both have incline and decline mechanisms, adjustable seats, tilting, and swiveling screens, heart telemetry, and built-in speakers. They also both come with 3-lb. dumbbells and 1-year iFit membership.

So, what makes up for the almost $500 difference? The main edge of the S22i is a much bigger screen and more resistance levels. However, it only has two more resistance levels than the S15i so the difference mainly lies on the bigger screen. At 22 inches, the HD touchscreen is among the biggest in-studio bikes today. But if you don’t care much for or have no need for a bigger screen, save a few dollars by choosing the S15i.

User Feedback

Adjustable and customizable seat, tilting and rotating screen, great workout selection, and smart technology—these are among the features that users love about the NordicTrack S15i. They also rave about the option to ride either with a trainer or with a fun class. Moreover, trainer rides enable them to receive actual tips from the trainer. Trainers help improve their workouts by giving tips such as proper back and shoulder positioning.

On the downside, there are no built-in workouts on board so after one year, you’d have to renew the iFit membership to continue enjoying the training programs. The monitor also works exclusively with the iFit app. It can’t be used to surf the web, watch YouTube or Netflix, or use it with other fitness apps. Without the iFit subscription, you get no access to training programs and won’t be able to track your daily progress.

Final Thoughts:

The NordicTrack S15i provides you real road cycling experience in the comfort of your own home. But, unlike the usual boring home workout programs, it makes spinning more fun by creating an atmosphere similar to that of a spin bike studio. The pre-recorded and live indoor cycling classes designed by pro trainers can give you the encouragement you need to push through with training. The professional coach trainers are also able to provide more personalized training through live classes and smart adjustment technology.

The NordicTrack is a great studio bicycle for all fitness levels and for many different training purposes. Even at the two-thousand-dollar price range, it is a good deal for the money.

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