OLLY Vitamins Review 

OLLY Vitamins review

July 3, 2019

OLLY has always strived to provide the best nutritional products that are both safe and delicious. Some could say that they’re about selling happiness in the form of tasty and healthy bundles. For about 5 years, the company has evolved from a subscription-based startup into a full-blown company that has captured a significant portion of the market.

One notable aspect of OLLY is that the company, headed by CEO Brad Harrington, personifies the lifestyle related to their products. OLLY allows their employees to thrive in a fun and healthy workplace, which goes to show how much they value a healthy lifestyle not only for others but also for themselves.

OLLY’s multivitamin options have been among the most popular products of their brand because of their high nutritional value. A single serving of OLLY's multivitamins is enough to meet the daily requirements your body needs. It's even better because OLLY's products are specialized for the different nutritional needs of women, kids, and men.

How OLLY Products Are Made

There are several product lines sold by OLLY that you can purchase, including protein bars and multivitamins. What makes their products unique are the different flavors imbued in each of their delicious offerings. OLLY products help meet your daily nutritional requirements and bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle.

That’s not all that you need to know about these products. The ingredients used for each OLLY product are supported by the latest research, thus guaranteeing their safety and efficacy. Throughout the process, only non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients are used. The products are also made in FDA-audited facilities and are certified by NSF. You’re assured that every product manufactured is 100% free from any possible contaminations.

Olly multivitamin manufacturing

The company also hires experts responsible for making the vitamins and food bars as tasty as possible. They make healthy living more exciting by exploring new flavors and food textures. Each flavor is made to excite your taste buds when you try their products for the first time. The best part is that these experts only use natural ingredients to achieve different flavors.

OLLY's multivitamins are made with special gummy gelatin to make each serving a pleasant treat. Each product is made with different nutritional values and flavors catered to different lifestyles and needs. It’s not only tasty, but it also meets the daily nutrition you need.

Best OLLY Multivitamin Products

What’s available for women?

There are OLLY products made especially for women's everyday nutritional requirements. You're sure to find the perfect set of multivitamins that fit your needs.

Olly The Perfect Women’s Multi

OLLY The Perfect Womens Gummy Multivitamin, 45 Day Supply (90 Gummies), Blissful Berry, Vitamins A, D, C, E, Biotin, Folic Acid, Chewable Supplement

Women need a lot of nutrients to keep up with the demands of a busy lifestyle. The good news is that staying healthy and energized throughout a tiring week is possible with The Perfect Women’s Multi. You can keep your body tuned up to meet any challenge ahead by taking in nutrients that will strengthen you mentally and physically.

The Olly Perfect Women’s Multi vitamin offers 100% daily value of vitamins A, C, D, and E to help you maintain glowing skin and strong bones even if you’re exposed to stressful conditions on a daily basis. It also contains folic acid, B vitamins, and calcium to keep you at peak performance no matter what task you have to accomplish. Each pack of The Perfect Women’s Multi comes with 45, 65, or 90 servings of gummy vitamins, which taste great, just like you would expect from a blend of different berries.

The Essential Prenatal Multi

OLLY The Essential Prenatal Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Sweet Citrus, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Omega 3 DHA, Chewable Supplement

Pregnancy is challenging for many women, but you’ll get through yours more easily with the help of The Essential Prenatal Multi. Taking in the right amount of nutrients not only keeps your body fit for pregnancy but also gives your baby the essential nutrients they need while growing up. It’s a two-in-one deal when you take in vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

The Essential Prenatal Multi offers 100% daily value for folic acid, DHA, and vitamin D, which help the development of your baby’s brain and muscles while also strengthening your immune system. Plus, it also contains vitamins A, B6, B12, E, and zinc to boost your body’s condition. Each pack of The Essential Prenatal Multi comes with 60 servings of gummy vitamins with a citrus flavor.

Women's Super Foods Multi

OLLY Womens Super Foods Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Lively Elderberry, 10 Super Foods, Elderberry, Acai, Tamarind, Chewable Supplement

There’s nothing more complete than Women’s Super Foods Multi, made especially for women who want an intake of all the essential nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Staying healthy can be as simple as taking two Super Foods tablets daily. You can stay fit and healthy without the risk of eating too much.

The Women’s Super Foods Multi offers lots of phytonutrients found from 10 superfoods, namely: blueberry, acai, grape, elderberry, wheat grass, pomegranate, watercress, beet, tamarind, and papaya. You also get 100% daily value for vitamins B6, B12, E, and folic acid. Each pack of Women’s Super Foods Multi comes with 60 servings of Olly gummy tablets with a lively elderberry flavor.

OLLY Girl Multi

OLLY Teen Girl Multi Gummy Multivitamin, 35 Day Supply (70 Gummies), Berry Melon Besties, Vitamins A, C, E, Biotin, Antioxidants, Kids, Chewable Supplement

Growing young women need a complete set of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and enjoy their youth. OLLY Girl Multi helps provide the right amount of nutrients girls need to be at their best during puberty. After all, you’ll only get to focus on and excel in your studies and extracurricular activities if you have a healthy body.

OLLY Girl Multi offers 100% daily value for vitamins A, B6, D3, and E, together with selenium and chromium to boost your body’s immune system. It’s also rich in vitamin B12 and biotin, which can help your hair and nails grow healthy. Each pack of OLLY Girl Multi comes with 70 servings of gummy vitamins, which have a berry melon flavor.

What’s available for men?

OLLY also offers products made especially for men. These multivitamins provide the essential nutrients that men need to stay strong and fit.

The Perfect Men’s Multi

OLLY The Perfect Mens Gummy Multivitamin, 45 Day Supply (90 Gummies), BlackBerry Blitz, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Lycopene, Zinc, Chewable Supplement

Staying healthy and energized has never been this easy for men. The Perfect Men’s Multi contains all the important vitamins and minerals you’ll need to achieve a strong body. You’ll be ready for any tough challenges ahead when you stay strong physically and mentally.

The Perfect Men’s Multi offers 100% daily value for vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E to boost your body’s performance for a long and tiring day. It’s also rich in antioxidants to keep your heart healthy. Each pack of The Perfect Men’s Multi comes with 90 servings of gummy vitamins, which have a blackberry flavor.

What’s available for kids?

OLLY products include supplements made especially for children’s needs. Kids need a lot more nutrients to help their body grow strong and healthy, and these multivitamins can provide for all those needs.

Kids Multi + Probiotic

OLLY Kids Multi + Probiotic Gummy Multivitamin, 35 Day Supply (70 Gummies), Yum Berry Punch, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Zinc, Probiotics, Chewable Supplement

Young ones need to be filled with good bacteria to help them absorb all the other nutrients they take in. Luckily, OLLY provides the perfect gummy treat that kids will love. You won’t have to worry about giving them the right amount of nutrients they need daily with Kids Multi + Probiotic.

Kids Multi + Probiotic offers a balanced amount of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, together with biotin and folic acid to keep your kids lively and healthy every day. Each pack of Kids Multi + Probiotic comes with 35 or 50 servings of yummy gummy vitamins with a sweet berry flavor.

Kids Multi + Omega 3

OLLY Kids Multi + Omega 3 Gummy Multivitamin, 30 Day Supply (60 Gummies), Berry Tangy, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, Zinc, Omega 3, Chewable Supplement

Young ones deserve to have the right amount of DHA to boost their brain’s growth and development. Kids Multi + Omega 3 provides all the nutrients that boost kids’ mental performance. You’ll always have your kids working their minds at peak performance.

Kids Multi + Omega 3 offers Omega-3 DHA together with vitamins and minerals to keep kids’ minds and bodies healthy. It also comes with vitamins and minerals to boost your child’s mental performance. Each pack of Kids Multi + Omega 3 comes with 60 servings of yummy gummy vitamins with a tangy berry flavor.

Kids Super Foods Multi

Olly Kids Super Foods Multivitamins - 60 Count by Olly

Some young ones are very picky when it comes to the food they want to eat. Giving them the right nutrients can be easier with Kids Super Foods Multi. You’ll no longer have to worry about getting them to eat those fruits and vegetables at each meal.

Kids Super Foods Multi offers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will give them all the right amount of nutrients they need every day. Phytonutrients from 10 superfoods are blended into each Olly gummy tablet, together with B vitamins and antioxidants. Each pack of Kids Super Foods Multi comes with 60 servings of yummy gummy vitamins with a grape flavor.

Additional Information and FAQ:

Are multivitamins effective?

Yes, multivitamins supplement your current diet and provide you with the nutrients you need in order to meet the recommended daily value. They also help you take in nutrients that are not found in your recommended diet. You can find the daily value for each nutrient provided by each serving of OLLY's products at the back of each container.

Where are OLLY’s products made?

OLLY’s products are made in the USA and undergo regular FDA audits to assure you that the factories that make them are in compliance with good manufacturing practices. OLLY also only works with suppliers and manufacturers that they trust to ensure that you get the most value out of each purchase. You’re assured that OLLY’s products are 100% effective and safe for consumption.

Is it safe to take a combination of OLLY’s multivitamins at the same time?

Yes, there is no risk associated with taking in different multivitamins. Each product works well in conjunction with other OLLY products and can be taken to meet your own dietary needs. However, always make sure that you don't take more than the recommended dosage. Consult with your doctor as to what daily values you'll need for your own customized diet.

Can I take more than the recommended number of servings per day?

Please avoid taking too many servings per day. The serving size has been made in consideration of the daily value provided by each serving. Do not consume more than what has been prescribed by your doctor. Too many servings might cause unintended harm to your health.

Are these multivitamins gluten-free?

Yes, OLLY’s products are 100% gluten-free. Only natural ingredients are used to make OLLY’s products. You're sure to have no problems when taking multivitamins from OLLY.

Are these multivitamins GMO-free?

OLLY tries to make sure that they source their ingredients from non-GMO farms, but it is difficult to check if each sourced ingredient is 100% GMO-free. OLLY is trying to develop a new 100% non-GMO product soon, but currently, there is no assurance that the products are completely GMO-free.

Do OLLY’s products contain animal gelatin?

Some products use either bovine gelatin or porcine gelatin. If you’re avoiding these kinds of products, you may try these products that use pectin: Kids Super Foods Multi, Women's Super Foods Multi, and Men's Super Foods Multi.

Are there any artificial colors or dyes used on these products?

No, only natural ingredients are used to color these products. OLLY ensures that artificial ingredients are avoided to give you the healthiest possible option in the market.

What sweeteners are used to make different flavors?

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are used to make flavors and sweeteners. OLLY’s experts transform natural sweeteners such as sugarcane and beet into the flavors that you can enjoy.

Why is there sugar in each serving?

Instead of using artificial sugar-free options, OLLY uses small amounts of sugar to create the flavors that many will enjoy. The sugar found in each serving is below the recommended daily sugar intake of 80 grams.

Are there OLLY products that provide iron?

Currently, there is no OLLY product that provides iron. Excess consumption of iron can cause harm to the body and its taste is difficult to blend with OLLY's tasty treats. Due to these issues, OLLY avoids adding iron into their multivitamins. It is recommended that you take supplements containing iron only if you’re found to have an iron deficiency.

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