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Best Cold Massage Roller

February 27, 2020

Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, inflammation, muscle fatigue and every other pain & ache you can think of are par for the course for people who lead active lives.

Two of the most powerful methods of treating the ailments that fitness fanatics often fall victim to are ice and massage. The topic of today’s article respects the healing properties of the two methods and combines them into one innovative tool: the cold massage roller.

Cold massage rollers are popular for a reason: they work, they work fast, and they work well. Because of their effectiveness and ever-rising popularity, the market is flooded with different cold massage rollers that all claim to be miracle workers.

We know that the numerous options available make it incredibly difficult to choose which product is best for you and so we’d like to make your life a little easier. We have put together our top six picks to help ensure you get the best one for your needs.

Here are the 6 Best Cold Massage Rollers you can buy:

Onece you’ve had a look at the very best cold massage rollers on the market, you’ll most likely find yourself eager to learn more about this revolutionary tool. So, we’ve gone ahead and included an educational section that will give you the low-down on everything you need to know about cold massage rollers.

1. Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller

The Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller is a harmonious blend of ice meets massage. This cold massage roller features a 2-in-1 design that allows the tool to be used on its own or in its handle. The roller itself is constructed with stainless steel while its handle is made from a robust rubber.

To use the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller, simply place it in the freezer for two hours, take it out when you’re ready to use it and enjoy its effectiveness throughout the six hours it will remain cold for. Its 6-hour cold time makes this a fantastic option for those looking for an on-the-go treatment.

This cold massage roller has dimensions of 3” x 3” x 3” and weighs a mere 1.38lb, so it’s as portable as it gets.

Users of this cold massage roller often comment on its superb construction and on how long it retains its icy temperatures.

2. Cold Massage Roller Balls by Phyya Rehab

These Cold Massage Roller Balls by Phyya Rehab feature a cold gel core for long-lasting coldness and fast-acting relief. Made with strong stainless steel metal and a durable hard plastic housing handle, you can enjoy these cold massage rollers for years free from fear of cracking.

Using Cold Massage Roller Balls by Phyya Rehab is straight forward. Pop the ball in the freezer for two hours and remove it once it's cooled down simple right? The Cold Massage Roller Balls by Phyya Rehab provide up to six hours of coldness.

If you’re looking for a lightweight product, you may have found your perfect buy. Weighing in at half a pound, its lightweight properties coupled with its 3” x 3” x 3” dimensions make this ideal for traveling.

People love the affordability of this cold massage roller and those who suffer from tendonitis specifically can’t get enough of this fast-acting pain reliever.

3. RecoverB1 Ice Muscle Fitness Roller

This next cold massage roller is brought to you by RecoverB1. The RecoverB1 Ice Muscle Fitness Roller treats your muscles so delicately it is perfect for facial use. A gel core is housed within the stainless steel ball and an ergonomic ABS plastic handle keeps it all together.

After two hours in the freezer, say hello to an ice-cold RecoverB1 Ice Muscle Fitness Roller giving six hours of relief from pain & inflammation. The RecoverB1 Ice Muscle Fitness Roller is easy to use, transport, store, and its sturdy design promotes years of usage.

It's minute 2.67” x 2.67” x 2.36” dimensions make this perfect for those who’re working with limited space. Ladies can pop this into their purse with ease while gents can shove it in their gym bag’s cup slot without a struggle.

Users greatly appreciate how cold it gets and remains while using, as well as its teeny tiny size.

4. GeToo Cold Massage Roller Ball

If you often find yourself in need of relief as quickly as possible, you’ll appreciate the GeToo Cold Massage Roller Ball. This stainless steel ball is housed within an ABS, BPA free removable skin so you can use it for targeted relief in its skin or general relief out of its skin.

This cold massage roller needs only half an hour in the freezer to provide six hours of cold relief. Unlike any of the other rollers on our list, this cold massage roller can also be used as a 4-hour long warm treatment by placing the ball in hot water for a few hours.

Weighing in at 13.6oz and measuring in at 3.3” x 3.3” x 3”, you can take the GeToo Cold Massage Roller Ball with you wherever you go.

Its users love that this cold massage roller doubles as a warm roller and its efficiency at retaining both cold & warm temperatures.

5. GoFit Massage Polar Roller

Just one look at the GoFit Massage Polar Roller and it’s evident that a huge amount of thought went into the design & development of this cold massage roller. The stainless steel ball houses a non-freezing alcohol-based liquid so you never have to worry about it getting heavier once frozen.

Using the GoFit Massage Polar Roller is as easy as can be, simply pop it in the freezer and take it out when you need relief. The longer the GoFit Massage Polar Roller is kept in the freezer, the colder it gets, and it remains cold for a few hours once it’s removed from the freezer.

The extended rubber handle is what makes this cold massage roller stand out. Users never have to get their hands cold which we think is a thoughtful feature, to say the least. The GoFit Massage Polar Roller measures 2.8” x 9.8” x 4.8” and weighs half a pound.

People who use this cold massage roller love the extra-long handle and feel it allows them more control over how accurately they can target their sore spots.

6. B33 Cold Massage Roller

This last Cold Massage Roller is an EKRIN ATHLETICS product. The B33 Cold Massage Roller is constructed with stainless steel and comes with a strong plastic holder. It’s up to you if you’d like to use it in or out of the holder—both methods result in pain relief and a decrease in inflammation.

Cooling gel is found inside the sturdy stainless steel ball for ultimate coldness. Like the majority of cold massage rollers on this list, the B33 needs two hours in the freezer to provide up to six hours of relief.

The B33 Cold Massage Roller has dimensions of 5.1” x 5” x 3.7”, making it a great option for people who’re looking for general relief. On top of the B33’s larger dimensions, its 3.4oz of cooling gel means that this cold massage roller weighs in at 1.2lb, which is a little heavier than the other options on our list.

Users of the B33 often remark on its sturdy design and praise it for how long it stays cold for.

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Massage Rollers

If you’re on the fence about purchasing one of the cold massage rollers we’ve introduced you to today, this next section will surely help you decide once and for all if this is the option for you.

The History of Cold Massage

Using massage as a form of therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Dating back to 3000 BCE India, our ancestors have never doubted the healing powers of a good massage. Cryotherapy, the usage of cold temperatures to treat ailments, has been around for quite some time too. Treating pain, injuries and inflammation with cold temperatures can be traced back as far as 2500 BCE Egypt.

The idea to combine cold therapy and massage therapy into a “best of both worlds” product is a fairly new one. While the results of using a cold massage roller ball can be felt and seen almost immediately, long term research is yet to be conducted. Its users will agree, whether the results are long or short term, they’re happy to be free from pain.

These days, cold massage roller balls are a staple found in the locker rooms of professional athletes, the spa rooms of wellness centers, the supply kits of fitness fanatics, the offices of physios and in gym bags & first aid kits around the world. But why?

The Benefits of Cold Massage Roller Balls

Why is the demand for cold massage roller balls so huge? Why do so many people turn to such a small tool when they’re in such a large amount of pain?

The benefits that come with using a cold massage roller ball will vary according to who you ask and what they use it for. To elaborate: A professional masseuse will appreciate that he or she can tend to the ailments of multiple clients with just one tool. But that benefit wouldn’t apply to a gym bunny who pumped a little too much iron during their last session.

The widely accepted benefits of cold massage roller balls include:

  • Effective: The biggest benefit of using a cold massage roller ball is that it undoubtedly accomplishes the job it was designed to do. Cold massage roller balls effectively soothe pain and reduce inflammation within seconds of being used. Cold massage roller balls work—well and quickly.
  • Portable: One of the cold massage roller ball’s most attractive features is how easy it is to transport as they are much smaller than foam rollers. Its typically low weight and small dimensions mean you can take your cold massage rollerball with you wherever you go without having to make any special arrangements. 
  • Budget-friendly: Purchasing a cold massage roller won’t set you back more than a couple of dollars, making this a very inexpensive tool to aid your relief and recovery. It’s definitely cheaper than a trip to the physical therapist, rehabilitation physician or your sports medicine doctor.
  • Convenience: The days of cleaning up melted ice from ice packs are thankfully over! Using a cold massage roller is incredibly easy and you’ll get the results minus the usual clean-up.
  • Versatility: Cold massage roller balls are frequently used to help athletes recover from injuries and provide relief to those who have pushed their bodies a little too hard. But that’s not all cold massage roller balls can do. They can also be used to facilitate relaxing massages, treat migraines and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

How to Use Cold Massage Roller Balls

Using cold massage roller balls couldn’t be any easier. Here’s a breakdown of the 3-step process of using these terrific tools to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

Step 1: Freeze It

Place your cold massage rollerball in your freezer for the specified amount of time. Most cold massage roller balls require at least two hours of freezing time before they’re ready.

Step 2: Use It

Take the cold massage roller ball out of the freezer and apply it directly onto the skin or over the clothes if you’d prefer. Use it for up to six hours, targeting the specific areas that you struggle with.

Step 3: Freeze It

Once you’re feeling relieved and relaxed, or when the roller is no longer cold enough to do its job, place it back in the freezer until the next time you need it or until it has cooled down again.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re sick of forking out thousands of dollars to visit body specialists, wasting money on complicated products that simply don’t work well and want to find a tool to help you on your road to recovery—get your hands on a cold massage roller ball today.

Pick any of the cold massage roller balls we’ve shared with you today, try it for yourself and thank us later.

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