Diamondback 910sr Review – Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike 

Diamondback 910sr Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike review

May 11, 2020

Diamondback Fitness has been creating top-of-the-line fitness equipment based on 40 years of cycling experience. Since 2007, it’s been setting the standard for home fitness equipment. Their products are designed and built in the US, but their sought-after equipment is shipped worldwide for gym and home use. They’ve got a wide variety of elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, and indoor cycles that are easy and fun to use for beginners and experts alike. 

Compared to an upright bike that has pedals right below you, the pedals for recumbent bikes are located in front. With its seat and backrest, the 910sr recumbent exercise bike is very comfortable. At the same time, it protects your hips, ankles, and knees while you exercise. Every Diamondback Fitness product is made with quality materials that ensure safe and comfortable home workout routines. 

Quick Answer

The 910sr is a stationary bike with improved updates and a new look. It has 32 resistance levels and 32 workout programs, with a seat that’s easily adjustable. Its brakes require zero friction, and it even has a wireless heart rate tracker that lets you know your heart rate stats.

Diamondback 910sr Features

Diamondback 910sr Recumbent Bike

Updated for the year 2020, the 910sr recumbent bike has features that give it an edge over other exercise bikes. Let’s find out more about its features in this Diamondback 910sr review.

Design and Frame

The Diamondback 910sr is designed to fit users perfectly with its adjustable saddle, backrest, bottle holder, heart rate monitor, and console. The straps of its pedals are adjustable too so that you can pedal in comfort and be fully engaged while completing your workout.

This exercise bike has a well-crafted solid steel build. Its backrest is made of mesh, allowing for good airflow. The 910sr recumbent bike even has a smart fan that turns on when the workout becomes tough — for instance, when you go uphill or increase your resistance level. The speed of the fan changes as you intensify your routine so that you can get enough ventilation while you burn those calories.

Workout Programs

With its new look for 2020, you’ll enjoy the additional workout programs that the 910sr offers while it continuously monitors your heart rate for safety.

Start using this recumbent bike by taking its fitness test to know where you should start. Afterward, you can choose among the 32 different workouts that this bike has. There’s strength, climbing, and interval training among other workouts to help you lose calories or gain muscle. You can easily adjust and change your workout routine as you go along because of its user-friendly buttons and bright display.

The 910sr also has a numeric keypad so you can input your workout data, such as the amount of time you want to exercise or how much you weigh at the beginning of the program.

HR Monitoring

The 910sr recumbent bike has a wireless heart rate monitor that displays your heart rate data as you go through your training. The Polar heart rate receiver allows for continuous and hands-free monitoring. Aside from the wireless monitor, the machine also has contact sensors.

Resistance and Brakes System

The 910sr has 32 resistance levels. As you increase the resistance throughout your workout, you won’t have to worry about the wheels making much noise. The bike’s whisper-quiet brake system gives its users the quietest ride possible. This means that you can quietly enjoy a full workout while your kids are asleep or while your partner is in a virtual meeting in the next room.


Aside from its heart rate monitor and quiet brakes, the 910sr recumbent bike has built-in speakers, a tablet holder, and an audio source input so you can access the internet or listen to music while completing your workout. You can plug any mp3 device, including your iPhone or iPad.

Diamondback 910sr console


Before you start a workout, make sure that the knobs and screws of your Diamondback 910sr recumbent bike are properly adjusted and tightened. At the end of every use, wipe down all the sweat from the machine to avoid corrosion and accidents. You may also wipe it with a mild cleaning agent at least once a month and make sure that it’s dried using a clean towel.

Specs and Dimensions

The flywheel weight of the 910sr recumbent bike is 32lbs. Overall, the machine weighs about 130lbs and can accommodate users that are up to 325lbs.

It also has dimensions of 64″ L x 23″ W x 50″ H, making it perfect for those who are 5’2” to 6’6” tall. 


Its frame and brakes may be replaced within 5 years of use, while all its other parts have a 3-year warranty. Labor is covered from 1 year after its purchase, and repair and replacement of its parts are also free.

Pros and Cons

The 910sr Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike has a lot of great uses frictionless and magnetic resistance that makes no noise as you pedal. This electronically-controlled resistance gives you the sensation of biking outdoors. If you want to feel as though you’re going uphill, you may also adjust the workout type and the 910sr will quickly change its settings. And with its tall backrest and large handles, this bike offers great support and stability without being bulky.

If you have specific fitness goals in mind, you can choose from the 32 workout programs or customize your own routine to achieve them. The session data is shown on the screen so you can see how many calories you’ve burned and how long you’ve been pedaling. Indeed, the 910sr has a lot of great features that other recumbent bikes don’t have.

  • 32 resistance levels and workout programs
  • Adjustable mesh backrest and handlebars
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Cooling fan promotes endurance
  • Water bottle holder within arm’s reach
  • Not the best fit for those who are 5’1” and under
  • No USB ports
  • Assembly might require some patience

User Reviews

Beginners and advanced trainees alike choose this bike for training and workout. Based on reviews and ratings, many people would recommend this bike to other users and friends. Customers like the bike because it offers great value for money and it comes with a great warranty. Many people choose the 910sr over other stationary bikes because this one offers a lot of workouts and resistance levels that make exercising at home really fun.

The programming and assembly are pretty straightforward, and it’s easy to use even when you’re a beginner. Many people applaud its comfortable backrest and seat cushion, saying that even those who have knee or back problems can safely and comfortably use this bike.

All in all, the 910sr is a highly-recommended exercise bike for its quality that’s comparable to professional gym equipment that can be more expensive than this bike. It also operates very quietly and displays very useful data as you do your workout. 


Does it need to be plugged in?

Yes. The correct power adapter is included in the package.

What’s the min/max user height?

The 910sr is most suited for people who are 5’2” to 6’6”.

Is it loud?

No. Its clutches, brakes, pedals, and fans aren’t noisy at all. 

Final Thoughts:

With a variety of workouts and resistance levels in this machine, you can get the full gym experience without leaving the house. The 910sr is also designed for maximum comfort, and it supports your posture while you burn those calories. Even if you’re just at the beginning of your fitness journey, this bike will help you measure your fitness level while it pushes you to reach your goals.

You don’t have to worry about having any accidents at home because of its adjustable pedal straps and backrest so you can comfortably reach the pedals while you’re seated on its mesh-covered backrest. The 910sr also boasts its heart rate monitor that can be worn for continual updates while you exercise.

As with any type of workout, your muscles may be sore after using this machine. Always remember to properly stretch before and after your workout so you can lessen the muscle pain, but don’t be discouraged when this happens. Soon enough, you’ll see the results of exercising using the 910sr and you’ll want to try out all the different workout programs that this recumbent bike offers.

It’s important to stay fit and healthy even when you’re indoors, so it’s also good to pair your workout with a good diet and proper rest. There are a handful of ways to stay healthy at home, and luckily, the Diamondback 910sr exercise bike offers the same quality as professional gym equipment. Magnetic exercise bikes are good workout equipment because you’ll be able to do cardio and muscle training at the same time. You can switch up your routine or even add more exercises so that you can sweat more and become stronger.

With the 910sr Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike, you can stay healthy and work out at home without disturbing the neighbors and family members. 

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