Diamondback 1260sr Review – Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike 

Diamondback 1260sr Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike review

May 11, 2020

Since its inception in 2007, Diamondback Fitness has constantly produced great-quality fitness equipment built on over 40 years of expertise in fitness and competitive cycling. This has resulted in a range of various exercise bikes, ellipticals, and indoor cycles that have garnered top awards and ratings from various experts.

With its wide portfolio of fitness equipment, Diamondback Fitness offers numerous options for individuals with varying needs. The Diamondback 1260sr is its latest recumbent bike offering that showcases updated features building on its predecessor, the Diamondback 910sr recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes generally allow you to do your cardio workouts in a more convenient, relaxed position as opposed to studio or upright bikes. As such, recumbent bikes such as the 1260sr are perfect for exercise for people who may need better back support. 

Quick Answer

The 1260sr features 32 resistance levels that can be automatically changed by using the machine's smart trainer function, which includes 15 preset workout programs. The exercise bike integrates with a wide variety of fitness apps and has a built-in Polar compatible wireless heart rate monitor. Overall, it provides challenging but comfortable cardio workouts that are suitable for various fitness levels.

Diamondback 1260sr Exercise Bike Features

Diamondback 1260sr

Frictionless Magnetic Resistance Pedals

The 1260sr features 32 resistance levels. Compared with friction-based resistance, this allows the bike to have a smoother and quieter operation when you use its workout programs. With this mechanism, you'll barely feel the change as the bike ups the challenge for you.

Workout Programs

The 1260sr comes with 15 preset workout programs, which feature a combination of heart rate-based workouts, endurance training, fitness tests, and more. You can also save unlimited custom programs based on your own routines, so you can maximize your time for workouts — be it in between taking care of the family or before starting your day at work. If you're not keen on the bike's workout programs, you can also manually adjust individually through the 32 levels of resistance.

Rear Handlebar Controls

The 1260sr has controls on the rear handlebars that let you change the resistance levels without reaching for the LED panel while working out. This means less downtime for your workouts.

Water Bottle Holder

Water bottle holders are also available on either side of the seat for easy access. This allows you to have both your hydration and a workout supplement readily available while you're working out.

Tablet Holder and USB Charger

The 1260sr also has a tablet and smartphone holder with a USB charging port. These are useful for those who want to multi-task while doing their workouts. The tablet holder can also double as a magazine holder.

Diamondback 1260sr console

Built-in Bluetooth speakers

Do you love working out while listening to your jams? The 1260sr has built-in onboard speakers that connect to your favorite audio device via Bluetooth, so you can load up your favorite playlist and play them from your smartphone while you get your heart pumping.


The box that the 1260sr ships in measures at 71" L x 14" W x 27 " H and requires some light assembly. Expect to prepare a moderately-sized area in your living room or home gym, as the assembled recumbent bike comes in at 67" L x 30" W x 48" H.

Frame and Fit

The 1260sr features an understated, luxurious, and modern matte black design that allows for a flexible saddle with adjustable fore and aft. Users between 5'3" and 6'7" will fit comfortably well in the machine. The 1260sr's user weight capacity is rated to up to 350lbs.

The 1260sr's frame also features a step-through design, which will be useful for individuals who may have mobility issues. Handlebars are also mounted up front on either side of the LED console for extra support. 

Aside from those, the machine also has a quick-release handle on the saddle for faster adjustments, with adjustable pedal straps to get the most comfortable fit on your feet.

Diamondback 1260sr frame

Heart Rate Monitoring

The 1260sr features heart rate contact sensors on the side handlebars of the saddle for constant heart rate monitoring throughout your workout. If you'd rather hold onto a book or your phone to pass time while working out, the 1260sr also has a built-in Polar wireless heart rate receiver. This monitor equipment accepts signals from either a Polar T31 or Polar T34 wireless heart rate strap.

Connectivity options

Several third-party connectivity options are also compatible with the 1260sr using the BLE FTMS (Bluetooth Low-Energy FiTness Machine Service) protocol. This means that fitness devices that have this capability can sync up with the machine and work with your preferred fitness apps either for Android or iOS to ensure that you stick to your workout programs. This way, you can keep track of your progress through the 1260sr's user-friendly LED console and monitor your performance using your favorite fitness apps while being able to track different useful workout metrics. These apps include Myzone, SPIVI, Rouvy, Zwift, and many others.


Maintaining the 1260sr is as simple as ensuring that the machine is cleaned and wiped down, making it free of perspiration after every use. Thanks to its frictionless magnetic resistance operation, you won't really need to worry about wear and tear as much as you would on friction-based systems. Before every use, double check that all locks and screws are secured. Wipe the seats and grips, as well as the frame with mild soap, and dry with a clean towel every use. It's also a good idea to retighten the crank arms of the unit once a month.


Diamondback Fitness offers a 5-year limited warranty for the frame and brakes, 3 years for parts and electronic components, and a 1-year labor warranty for any defects and malfunctions within the warranty period. What we like here is that the company also offers a 90-day warranty on wear-and-tear items including the seats, handlebars, and the rubber grips. This lessens the worry that you might be too hard on the grips with whatever workout routine you set.

  • Automatic adjusting of 32 resistance levels
  • User-friendly console
  • Wide variety of connectivity apps
  • Convenient step-through design
  • Unlimited customizable programs
  • Might require two people for assembly
  • On/off button could use a more convenient location

User Reviews

Reviews regarding the 1260sr have been positive, with owners applauding the easy-to-follow assembly instructions that come with the machine. The 1260sr recumbent bike lives up to its promise for customers who want comfort and reliability in their workout routines. (For even more comfort, you may look into Diamondback 1260UB bike). The machine also gathered positive reviews for its flexibility and adjustable saddle that can accommodate users of varying heights.

Reviews from customers also praise the flexibility of the exercise machine in terms of connectivity. The integration of wireless heart rate receivers compatible with chest strap heart rate monitors is a great selling point for those who already have this device. The 1260sr's compatibility with fitness apps also makes it more compelling for those who use their smartphones to maintain several workout routines.


Does the 1260sr need to be plugged in to be used?

Yes, the 1260sr runs on AC power using the included AC adaptor in the box.

What are the minimum and maximum user heights and weight for the 1260sr?

The seat adjustments can accommodate users between 5'3" and up to 6'7". The bike can accommodate users of up to 350lbs.

Does the 1260sr make a loud noise when used?

No, the 1260sr features a frictionless magnetic resistance system that ensures quiet operation so you can work out even when someone is sleeping in the same room.

What is the flywheel weight of the 1260sr?

The 1260sr's flywheel weighs in at 25lbs, but since the system employs electronically-controlled magnetic resistance pedals, the flywheel's weight doesn't matter the same way it does for friction-based systems.

Can the resistance be manually adjusted?

Yes, aside from the automated exercise programs, users can manually adjust the resistance to any one of the 32 levels available based on their needs.

Final Thoughts:

Our review of the 1260sr focused on the key aspects that Diamondback Fitness has been known for: reliability, durability, comfort, and effectivity of the recumbent bike. The exercise bike builds on all of the promises that the company is known for. It also adds a few extra concessions that many fitness enthusiasts will find useful: Bluetooth audio, connectivity with different fitness apps, and compatibility with commercially available heart rate monitors from Polar. All these contribute to its usability with the rest of your favorite fitness companions.

The exercise bike comes with a good deal of preset fitness programs, including heart rate-controlled and watt-based workouts that give variety and challenges based on your fitness goals. Whether you're trying to lose weight or build on your endurance, you can tailor workout regimens that will fit your short- and long-term goals.

While its price range might be relatively steep compared to the company's older 910sr, it's a well-meaning and well-packaged upgrade with a good deal of improvements over its predecessor. For us, the 1260sr is one of the company's best-made recumbent bike models to date.

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