Diamondback 1260UB Review – Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike 

Diamondback 1260ub Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike review

May 12, 2020

Diamondback Fitness puts their 40 years of cycling expertise into making exercise equipment that’s the epitome of quality and durability. Diamondback Fitness products are built on strength, easy to use, and fun while keeping you in shape. Their award-winning magnetic resistance exercise bikes offer the best value and performance for home use and come in different types to best suit your workout needs. Choose from studio cycle, indoor cycle, recumbent, and upright bikes. 

Diamondback’s upright bikes offer the familiarity of an upright riding position. These are fully adjustable, giving you a comfortable ride every time. One of their upright bike offerings is the Diamondback 1260UB. Let’s check out its features and what makes it stand out as an exercise bike to help you see if it suits all of your training needs.

Quick Answer

Dubbed as Diamondback’s “most comfortable bike yet,” the 1260UB combines unparalleled comfort with a modern aesthetic. It is designed to give users of all fitness levels a natural and comfortable riding experience. Simultaneously, it provides challenging magnetic resistant workouts. The model has a smart trainer technology that changes its resistance automatically, giving you varied and challenging workouts every time.

Diamondback 1260UB

Diamondback 1260ub

The 1260UB is Diamondback Fitness’ latest offering for 2020. Its light commercial design is packed with features that are designed to maximize every workout session.

Firstly, its seats allow for fore and aft adjustments to accommodate different height levels. It can easily seat people that have heights ranging from 5’3” to 6’7”.

This upright bike is equipped with intuitive technology that takes your workouts to a whole new level. Its LED console lets you track and save your workout data, which includes your WATT output, time, distance, RPM, and speed, among others.

It is also equipped with quick adjustments to accommodate multiple users. The LED console can track and store up to 4 user profiles. With a push of a button, you can quickly switch from one profile to another.


With Diamondback’s latest upright bike, there’s no need to deal with the unit’s manual controls. This bike is a smart trainer that automatically adjusts your resistance levels, allowing you to focus on your workouts continuously.

It also features a one-click resistance dial. This lets you adjust your current resistance level to a higher one or change your workout according to your preferences.

For added convenience during workouts, the 1260UB comes with a holder for your phone or tablet. This allows you to surf the web, check important messages, or watch your favorite shows as you work out. Aside from this, it also comes with water bottle holders. They’re located on either side of the bike seat and can hold two cups of your favorite beverage.

Further adding to its accessibility, the exercise bike has a scrolling message center that walks you through basic operations, from program set-up to adjusting resistance levels. 

Design and Frame

The 1260UB is engineered for comfort and utility with its elbow rests, handlebar controls, oversized seat, and pedal straps. It utilizes a step-through frame that makes it easier to mount and dismount. Meaning, no need to lift your foot over the frame, and no need to fuss about losing your balance either when using this exercise bike.

You’re guaranteed a smooth and whisper-quiet workout with this model, even when you’re using higher levels of resistance. You won’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors every time you use it. 

Diamondback 1260ub flywheel

Flywheel Weight

Its flywheel weight is 25lbs. For flywheel models, the heavier the flywheel, the more resistance it has to offer. For the 1260UB though, resistance is electronically controlled. This makes the flywheel weight not as important compared to bikes that don’t utilize magnetic resistance.

Workout Programs

Diamondback 1260ub console

Feel free to mix and match your workout regime with the Diamondback 1260UB’s wide array of settings. It has 32 levels of magnetic resistance and comes with 15 workout programs, which include 12 onboard programs and fitness tests, among others.

You can also use the 1260UB as a controllable trainer when you’re using the WATT and heart rate-controlled programs. The WATT-enabled controllable trainer automatically adjusts the resistance according to the changing intensity of your chosen workout program. Manual adjustment of the resistance levels can be done as well using the controls on the handlebar. 

HR Monitoring

With the 1260UB’s built-in Polar heart rate receiver, you’ll be able to wirelessly and accurately track your heart rate. The machine also comes with touch sensors on the handlebars that track your intermittent heart rate. Do note though that while the bike is equipped with a Polar-compatible receiver, the Polar heart rate chest strap is sold separately. If you wish to purchase a chest strap, you can opt for a Polar T31 or Polar T34.

Data from the heart rate monitoring can be used in tandem with the heart-rate workout programs if you want to have more efficient training sessions. 


Its speakers allow you to wirelessly sync your devices via Bluetooth. You can enjoy your favorite tunes and programs while on the 1260UB. Meanwhile, its built-in USB charger lets you charge your devices, keeping you connected even while working out.


When assembled, the 1260UB bike measures 48” L x 24” W x 61” H. When packaged, it measures 47” L x 14” W x 31” H.

This bike measures 106lbs. It has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 350lbs, accommodating users that have heights ranging from 5’3” to 6’7”. 


Overall, the unit is easy to maintain. Before each workout, check all the adjustment levers and screws to see if they’re tightened. Once a month, you’ll need to tighten the unit’s crank arms.

To ensure proper cleaning after every workout session, wipe the equipment down with a mild soap solution. Afterward, dry it thoroughly with a clean towel. And to keep your unit free from corrosion, make sure that any perspiration or spills are dried thoroughly. 


Each of Diamondback Fitness’ products, including the 1260UB, is backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s home use warranty, which includes the following:

  • 5-year product lifetime limited warranty;
  • 3-year parts and electronic components warranty;
  • 1-year labor for a service technician; and
  • A 90-day warranty wear items (seats, handlebars, grips, and other wear and tear items).

Pros and Cons

The pros greatly outweigh the cons with the 1260UB. It is a versatile, feature-packed workout equipment that makes exercising practically pain-free for all fitness levels. Its features prioritize convenience and ease of use, with its design and components carefully engineered to maximize value and results.

Its handlebars and seat can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate user heights of up to 6’7”, and it can support a user weight of up to 350lbs. You’ll be challenged by its 32 levels of resistance. You can even monitor and save your progress and workout data through its user-friendly LED console, so you can have a benchmark for your future sessions. Plus, its toe straps are adjustable. For its features, the 1260UB is indeed a competitively-priced one of the best exercise bikes for home use

  • 32 levels of resistance
  • User-friendly controls
  • Monitors heart rate wirelessly
  • Very comfortable design
  • Easy to adjust
  • No custom bike seat
  • No reverse pedal
  • No cooling fan
  • Basic LED display—there are no interactive or immersive visuals

User Reviews

Satisfied customers are happy with the 1260UB’s wide range of programs, as well as its seamless operations when it comes to resistance levels. They are also fans of its whisper-quiet maneuverability, appreciating that neither they nor their neighbors get distracted during workouts.

Its use of quick controls has also gotten positive reviews. Users cite its convenient resistance adjustments, which eliminates the need for you to reach out for the console every time.

Others like the bike’s design, as well as its ease of use. Its ergonomic design promotes a natural riding position that doesn’t strain the user’s knees or back. Finally, several found the Bluetooth connectivity and USB charger as advantageous, ensuring easy connection, even when pedaling away. 


Can you pedal in reverse?

No, you can’t pedal in reverse with the 1260UB model.

Does it need to be plugged in to use?

Yes. The 1260UB upright bike needs to be plugged in. Every unit comes with its own AC power adaptor.

Does it come assembled?

No, you’ll have to do some light assembly using the manual and tools that come with the unit. 

Final Thoughts:

Stationary bikes give you low-impact workouts that place less stress on your joints compared to other cardio-focused workout equipment. With an upright bike, you’ll get more consistent workouts that target your whole body. You’ll be able to execute workout programs that engage your upper and lower body and core. The 1260UB is a highly versatile bike that offers maximum comfort while helping you achieve your workout goals.

Overall, Diamondback Fitness’ upright bike juts like the DiamondBack 1260sr is a great example of how design, technology, and programming can combine to produce an equipment that has impressive performance and utility. With the 1260UB, you can now have a gym experience in the comfort of your home. 

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