Diamondback Fitness 910ic Review 

Diamondback Fitness 910ic Indoor Cycle Magnetic Trainer Review

June 23, 2020

The Diamondback 910ic is an indoor cycle magnetic trainer that takes its rider’s fitness to whole new levels. It features a self-generating electronic resistance system with 32 resistance levels and a number of programs, promises quiet operation & offer its riders a high level of adjustment. Need more convincing as to why the Diamondback Fitness 910ic is a great choice? 

Diamondback Fitness 910ic Specs and Features

Diamondback Fitness 910ic

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to indoor cycling machines. Because they’re a substantial investment with a higher price tag, you need to make sure you pick the best exercise bike for you. This review will take a close look at the Diamondback Fitness 910ic to help determine if this is the trainer that you’ll be cycling your way to your dream body on.


Diamondback Fitness 910ic console

Based on your unique training goals, the Diamondback uses a wireless heart rate receiver to control the level of resistance. You can pick from four built-in heart rate programs or choose your own. This guarantees to be a workout like no other, while keeping your heart rate and cardiac health in mind.

The Diamondback 910ic boasts an impressive Fitness Smart Trainer onboard which ensures you are always a push of a button away from viewing your important exercise data. Review your speed, distance traveled, watts, elapsed time, cadence, calories burned, heart rate and ride profile in real time. 

Build quality

This exercise bike has an exceptional build quality. It seems as though the Diamondback team really did think of everything when designing this bike. The frame is constructed with high-tensile steel and has an industrial-grade powder paint coating to make it more resistant to corrosion. The plastics featured in its design are chemical-resistant PVC and ABS.

Topping it off is its heavy-duty pedal cranks, multi-position handlebars and built-in water bottle cage & storage compartment. If you aren’t satisfied with the standard seat you can purchase a custom bike seat from your local cycle shop free from worry that it won’t be compatible. 

Flywheel weight

Diamondback Fitness 910ic flywheel

The Diamondback 910ic promises you a ride similar to what you’d get on the road. This is thanks to its heavy-duty 40lbs flywheel. If you close your eyes, we bet you’d be able to feel the wind on your skin and visualize images of the outdoors blurring around you.

Ease of assembly

Assembling the Diamondback is straightforward. The owner’s manual comes with a detailed set of assembly instructions so you shouldn’t have any problems. Here’s a thorough review of the assembly process:

  1. Remove it from its recyclable box and confirm that all listed parts are accounted for.
  2. Remove the tubing from the front od the frame by unscrewing the fixing screws.
  3. Align the front stabilizer with the receiver and install it.
  4. Align the rear stabilizer with the receiver and install it.
  5. Being mindful not to pinch the wire harness connector, insert the stem assembly into the main frame’s receiver. Loosen and adjust as required.
  6. Install the saddle onto the seat post and tighten it securely.
  7. Install the pedals. Be sure to tighten them properly.
  8. Attach the handlebar and adjust it before securing it.
  9. Remove the stem wire cap and insert the pulse wire until it feeds up to the upper wire hardness connector before reinstalling the stem wire cap.
  10. Attach the water bottle cage.
  11. Remove the console screws and plug the upper wire connector & pulse wire into the rear of the console.
  12. Place the console just above the mounting plate, reinstall using the console screws and tighten them.
  13. Remove the endcap fixing screw, pull the endcap from the handlebar and separate it from the console wire.
  14. Connect the console wire to the wire harness connector and attach the endcap to the wire exiting, push the wire & endcap up into the handlebar & reinstall the endcap fixing screw. It should not be slack so be sure to push wires into the main bike frame.
  15. Place the bike into its desired position, using the guidelines we mention below, and ensure it has enough air flow.
  16. Level the unit and make your final adjustments.
  17. Plug the bike in using the included AC adapter into a standard 120V outlet.
  18. Get riding on the 910ic indoor cycle exercise bike and achieve your workout goals! 

Weight limit

Riders who weigh up to 325lbs can make use of the 910ic indoor cycle exercise bike. Diamondback Fitness also recommends that if you are over the age of 35 or are diagnosed as obese then you should consult with your healthcare physician before exercising on the 910ic cycle system. Its maximum user weight specification is suitable for most people.

Number of Workout Programs / Levels of Resistance

Do you want to challenge yourself and push your body to new extremes? Or do you want to take it easy and work up a slight sweat? Either way, Diamondback has got your back and you can officially cancel your gym membership without feeling guilty.

The 910ic indoor bike has 12 workout programs that are preset, and 32 levels of computer controlled electronic resistance. You’re in control of the resistance and the programs. The 910ic indoor cycle is in control of the rest. 


Diamondback Fitness 910ic adjustments

This indoor cycle exercise bike is synonymous with adjustability. Because of its adjustability, which is one if its key features, multiple users can take advantage of what this bike has to offer. The 910ic indoor bike features up and down & fore aft adjustment capabilities on its seat & handlebar.

Thanks to its knob and lever-style adjustment handles you can tighten & loosen this bike as you need. In manual, beginner, advance, sporty and cardio mode you can adjust its load level. In watt mode you can adjust its watt level. 

Dimensions and Amount of Space Needed for It in Your Home

Once assembled, the Diamondback measures in at 42” L x 23” W x 46” H. It’s intended for indoor use only and needs to be placed on a solid surface. Because it is heavy you need to first decide where you wish to place the unit before installing it as moving it after will be difficult.

Make sure that your bike’s new home meets the minimum clearance requirements being 24” for its front and sides & 12” for its rear. 


Worried about the warranty? Don’t be. The Diamondback indoor cycle 910ic has been built to last. Its limited lifetime warranty on its frames and brakes is proof of this. Its parts and electronics are covered by a 3-year warranty and labor is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Just remember to complete your Warranty Registration online in order to activate the coverage. You can use this indoor cycle to workout for years to come. 

What Others are Saying

Those who have purchased the Diamondback 910ic are incredibly happy with their purchase. Its customer reviews often comment on how solid the bike is and how smooth it rides as well as how helpful the resistance levels are.

Some people find the screen to be a bit too small and wish it had Fitbit connectivity but other than those minor complaints, this bike has a stellar reputation. 

Who is the Diamondback 910ic Best For?

The Diamondback 910ic is really for anyone who wants to take charge of their fitness. Its accommodating to people of all shapes and sizes & can safely seat riders who weigh up to 325lbs. The recommended rider height is 5’3” to 5’6” so as long as you measure somewhere in between your needs will be well met with this bike.

Because of its large flywheel it’s also a solid rainy-day option for those who prefer riding outdoors. Its adjustability also makes this best for fitness-focused families. 


Before we wrap this review up and share our final thoughts with you, let’s answer some of those frequently asked questions.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes. Everything you need to assemble the bike comes with it and the included owner’s manual features a detailed assembly instruction guide. As easy as it is to assemble when you follow the instructions, we do recommend asking a friend or neighbor to help you assemble it as it is on the heavier side.

Is the Diamond Back 910ic a good choice for weight loss?

Absolutely. The Diamondback 910ic indoor cycle bike is a good—in fact, great—choice for weight loss. On top of this, it’s also fantastic for strength training as well as intense cardiovascular exercise. Finally, it’s large flywheel also makes this a good choice for those who love outdoor cycling but who live in rainy areas.

Can I quickly and easily change the resistance?

Yes. The 910ic has a self-generating electronic resistance system, a wireless heart rate controlled resistance system that is all controlled by the computer so at the touch of button you can achieved your desired workout. There is no need for any knob spinning as it’s all done automatically for your convenience.

Does it need to be plugged in?

The 910ic generates its own power and so it only needs to be charged overnight before its first use. In addition, it needs to be charged every four weeks or so. Just plug it in using the included AC adapter. It’s important to never use the bike while it’s plugged in to avoid damaging the computer.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about the 910ic and that our review has equipped you with all the indoor cycle information you need to make a decision. The 910ic indoor cycle has programs galore, a wireless heart rate system and resistance customization so that you can achieve your fitness goals the way you want to.

It’s safe to say that whatever your workout preferences and fitness goals are, the Diamondback Fitness 910ic will help you achieve them. With its superior construction, impressive specifications and long list of features this piece of exercise equipment is worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Will you be pedaling your way to new fitness heights on the Diamondback Fitness 910ic indoor cycle? 

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