Which is best for you: Gazelle Edge or Freestyle: Gazelle Edge, Supreme or Freestyle? 

Gazelle Edge vs Supreme vs Freestyle

January 15, 2020

The Gazelle range of fitness machines are non-motorized cardio equipment that are based upon an impact-free suspended glide step through motion. This range of cardio machines is produced and marketed by Tony Little. who is renowned as "America’s Personal Trainer." A former bodybuilding champion, Tony is an infomercial star, having sold more than 45 million products.

In this article, we compare and contrast the three products in the Gazelle range. They are:

  • The Gazelle Edge
  • The Gazelle Freestyle
  • The Gazelle Supreme

At a Glance

The Gazelle Edge is the most basic of the 3 models. The Freestyle is the next step up with a thicker frame, more workout variety, a pulse monitor, two free DVDs and a greater range of motion. The Supreme provides you with two resistance levels and an extra training DVD.

Gazelle Edge

The Gazelle Edge has a 1.5-inch diameter rolled steel frame to provide a durable rugged base for your workout. It features a patented dual-action split suspension that provides a full range of motion and an extremely low impact exercise movement. You get a battery-operated display unit that provides a 5 function display of your speed, distance, time and approximate calories burned. The frame design provides you with an extra-wide base for added rigidity. On the bottom of the base, you get non-skid pads to ensure that the machine does not slide around as you are exercising.

High-density foam covers the handle to provide a comfortable and secure grip. The Edge folds up to a flat storage position. All you have to do is to snap the foot platforms onto the swing arms before sliding the frames together.

Even though the Edge, and the other machines in the Gazelle range, are marketed as elliptical trainers, it is more accurate to describe them as arc trainers. That is because the exercise motion is in an arc rather than an elliptical movement.

The Gazelle Edge is the most basic in the range. As such it is a very simple machine that does not feature any pistons, working solely from gravity. Still, it provides a very smooth, jerk-free arcing movement that you do not find on comparably priced ellipticals. There is also no pulse monitor on this machine.

Gazelle Freestyle

The Gazelle Freestyle combines 10 exercises into one low impact machine. This unit folds flat for compact storage and is made from sturdy 1.75-inch diameter tubular steel. The maximum user weight on the Freestyle is 300 pounds. The full-length high-density foam padded handles ensure that you will never have to contend with sweat slippage or calluses. The design features extra-wide nonskid foot platforms for enhanced rigidity and stability when you are exercising.

The Gazelle Freestyle features a battery-operated fitness computer that provides you with a running readout of your vital training data, including your speed, distance, time and approximate calories burned. You also get a thumb pulse monitor to track your heart rate, though this is not a particularly accurate method. A compact digital LED screen presents your training data in an easy to read format.

The foot platforms on the Gazelle Freestyle are extra large and feature a slip-resistant base to ensure that you can establish and maintain a secure footing while working out.

The Gazelle Freestyle provides you with just one level of resistance, which is its default setting.

Gazelle Supreme

The Gazelle Supreme is the most high end of the three products under consideration. Like the Freestyle, it provides you with the potential to perform 10 exercises, depending on how you position yourself on the unit. As with all Gazelles, you get a very smooth glide motion on this machine. The max user weight on the Supreme is 300 pounds.

A key difference between the Supreme and the Freestyle is that it provides you with two levels of resistance, compared to just one on the Freestyle. The dual resistance options are provided by a piston / hydraulic cylinder, which you have the option of putting in position. However, there is no resistance dial that allows you to simply adjust the intensity of your workout.

In terms of tracking features, the battery-operated console provides you with feedback on your speed, distance and time. There is also a contact pulse monitor.

Side by Side Comparison

Construction and Weight Limits

Sturdy construction is a feature of the entire Gazelle range. However, as the price increases, so does the thickness of the steel used. The Gazelle Edge is made from 1.5-inch diameter rolled steel. This goes to up 1.75 inches for the Edge and the Supreme. All three machines provide you with a solid, wide base and feature non-slip grips to prevent the machine from slipping on the floor. The user weight limit on the Gazelle Edge is 250 pounds, whereas the Freestyle and Supreme provide you with a 300-pound weight limit.

Built-in workout programs

There are no built-in workout programs on any of the Gazelle cardio machines. That is because there is no inbuilt computer system, apart from the simple LED display console. To compensate for the lack of inbuilt programs, Tony Little provides purchasers with a series of workout DVDs. Here is what you get with each model:

Gazelle Edge - No DVDs - must purchase separately.

Gazelle Freestyle - Includes 2 Workout DVDs –

  1. Total Body Cross Trainer Workout and Quick Shape Total Body Workout 
  2. Lower Body Solution and Total Body & Butt-Kicking Workout.

Gazelle Supreme - Includes 3 Workout DVDs -

  1. Total Body Workout 
  2. Tony Little's Quick Shape Workout
  3. Tony Little's Ultimate Body & Mind Workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring

There is no way to monitor your heart rate on the Gazelle Edge, apart from purchasing a separate monitoring device. However, both the Freestyle and the Supreme provide you with hand sensors to read your heart rate. These are not very accurate, however. If you are intent on recording your training pulse rate, we suggest that you purchase a telemetry strap monitor.

Gazelle Supreme by Tony Little

Resistance Levels

The Gazelle Edge and Freestyle machines provide you with just one level of resistance. However, the Supreme gives you the option of a second resistance level. You do not get a resistance dial, however, which would make it easier to adjust the intensity level.

The extra resistance level that is provided on the Gazelle Supreme is thanks to a piston / hydraulic cylinder.

Gazelle Supreme by Tony Little


Here is a comparison of the dimension and weight of the 3 machines:

  • Gazelle Edge; 43 x 28 x 53.8 inches ; 42 pounds
  • Gazelle Freestyle; 44 x 33.5 x 53.5 inches; 46 pounds
  • Gazelle Supreme; 44 x 31.5 x 55 inches ; 57.5 pounds

Folding Capability

All three of the Gazelle cardio machines provide you with folding capability. They all fold up like a flat pack. However, because of their thicker diameter tubular steel frame, the Freestyle and Supreme fold up a little thicker than the Edge. All three units provide you with an easy system to set up the machine and fold it away.

Gazelle Freestyle by Tony Little


All three of the Gazelle cardio trainers reviewed on this page provide you with a 12-month warranty.

Build Quality

The Gazelle range of cardio trainers are known for their solid frame construction. They are each made from solid rolled steel, with the diameter of the Edge being 1.5 inches. The Freestyle and Supreme increase that thickness to 1.75 inches. They all provide you with a smooth, zero-impact exercise movement.


The Gazelle Edge is the budget model in the Gazelle range. It can be purchased for around a hundred dollars and competes directly with Sunny Health & Fitness E902 Air Walk Trainer. The Freestyle is roughly double that price, with the Supreme being about a third more expensive again.

What Others are Saying

There are a large number of reviews from verified purchasers of these three Gazelle products online.

Here is an overview of what they say about each product:

Gazelle Edge

Many people mention the zero-joint impact of the Edge. Others have stated that they appreciate the sturdy construction of the machine. However, quite a few also mentioned that the unit gets quite noisy after a few months of operation. This can be alleviated by regularly applying WD-40 or some other lubricant.

Gazelle Freestyle

Buyers of the Gazelle Freestyle mentioned that they appreciate the 3 complimentary training DVDs and the complete nutrition plan that comes with your purchase. The patented weight balancing design and the ease of foldability for storage were also mentioned.

Gazelle Supreme

Online reviewers made mention of the extra level of resistance that you get in the Supreme, as well as the greater stride length and more fluid range of motion. However, some people did mention that the instruction manual is not very well put together, which makes assembly a little tricky.

Final Thoughts:

The range of Gazelle cardio ellipticals provides you with a low cost, zero impact full range of motion full-body workout. They all rely on your body weight and gravity to power you through your workouts. Of the three, the Gazelle Supreme delivers the greatest range of motion, the most resistance levels, and the sturdiest build. It is the model that we recommend if you are in need of a zero-impact workout on a budget.

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