GoPlus Portable Elliptical Machine Review 

Goplus Portable Elliptical Machine

November 29, 2019

When it comes to choosing a cardio fitness machine, you really can’t go past an elliptical trainer. Yet, finding a budget elliptical that performs well and lasts the distance isn’t easy. With the introduction to the market of the GoPlus Portable elliptical, your choices just got a whole lot easier.

The GoPlus Portable elliptical is a no-frills elliptical designed for someone who’s just getting started on their fitness journey. In this article, we take a close look at the GoPlus to see how it stacks up to some of the best compact ellipticals on the market.

GoPlus Portable Elliptical Machine

Goplus Portable Elliptical Machine, Magnetic Trainer with Digital Monitor Display & Pulse Rate Grips Elliptical Training Machine (Black)

Key Specs:

  • Flywheel – 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 34”(L) X 17 ”(W) X 60 ”(H)
  • Pedals - 15.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight-  52lbs
  • Max User Weight – 220 lbs.
  • Resistance Levels - 8

Sturdy Design

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical machine is an entry-level cardio trainer that is designed for light home use by novice exercisers. With that in mind, it has a sturdy build that will allow the user to exercise with confidence. The arms and base are made from solid tubular steel with a rigid ABS plastic cover for the flywheel and motor.

The maximum user weight of the GoPlus Portable Elliptical is 220 pounds. While not overly high, that is pretty standard for a budget cardio machine.

Goplus Portable Elliptical Machine, Magnetic Trainer with Digital Monitor Display & Pulse Rate Grips Elliptical Training Machine (Black)

Large Pedals

The pedals on the GoPlus Portable Elliptical are large and anti-slip. The dimensions of each pedal are 15.5 x 6 inches. This allows you to adjust your foot positioning to get the ideal ergonomic positioning and to work the muscles of your legs slightly differently.

2X Handles

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical provides you with two sets of handles. One set is fixed at the base of the machine to provide you with a secure hold when you want to focus on training your lower body. The second pair of handles are movable to allow you to exercise your upper boy through a full range of motion while also upping the calorie burn.

Padded Armrests

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical gives you the extra comfort of padded armrests. As well as going easy on your hands and forearms, these armrests also help to prevent sweat slippage.

Resistance Levels

There are eight resistance levels on the adjustable dial located on the GoPlus. That allows you to work through a progressive level of resistance as you get fitter. It also allows people of different fitness levels to use the machine. While not as fluid as a higher-end elliptical, the transition between the resistance levels is relatively smooth. To increase or decrease the tension level you simply turn the dial.

Multifunctional Display

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical is fitted with a simple display that is functional and efficient. It provides you with a running readout of your important training information, such as your speed, time and distance.

Goplus Portable Elliptical Machine, Magnetic Trainer with Digital Monitor Display & Pulse Rate Grips Elliptical Training Machine (Black)

Heart Rate Monitor

As is the case with most budget cardio exercise machines, the GoPlus Portable Elliptical comes equipped with heart rate sensors that are built into the stationary handles. This is not the most reliable pulse rate monitoring system, but it will give you a general guide as to how your heart rate is reacting to your workout.

6 Pound Flywheel

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical is powered by a 6-pound magnetic flywheel. This mechanism provides you with a smooth, fluid elliptical motion that avoids the jerky, unstable movement that is quite common with budget-priced cardio equipment for the home.

Goplus Portable Elliptical Machine, Magnetic Trainer with Digital Monitor Display & Pulse Rate Grips Elliptical Training Machine (Black)

Transport & Assembly

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical comes with transportation wheels to make it easy to store the machine away when not in use. The size of this unit is pretty standard for a budget elliptical. It is not as compact as the Sunny Health & Fitness EF902 but smaller than the Body Rider Fan Elliptical.

Assembly of the GoPlus Portable Elliptical is quite a task. It will take a person on their own between an hour and ninety minutes to put the machine together.

Extra Features

Being a budget piece of cardio equipment, the GoPlus Portable Elliptical is pretty pared back in terms of extra features. However, there is a secure phone holder on the control panel.

What’s Not So Good

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical does a good job of providing what an entry-level exerciser needs to get a decent workout in. However, as is common with most budget ellipticals, it has a limited stride length that will compromise the workout of most taller people. If you are 6’ or taller, you will probably find this machine too limiting.

The only other complaint we have with the GoPlus Portable Elliptical is that it is quite noisy to operate. It tends to squeak when you ramp up the resistance level.

What Other are Saying

Even though it is a relative newcomer to the market, there are already a number of reviews from verified customers online for the GoPlus Portable Elliptical. Most of these reviews are positive, with the most common mentions being the low price, the solid ergonomic design, and fluid motion.

Customers also mentioned the limited stride motion of the GoPlus Portable Elliptical, as well as the noise factor and the unreliability of the pulse monitor.

Final Thoughts

The GoPlus Portable Elliptical is a welcome new entrant to the budget home cardio market. It brings a level of quality construction, smooth operation and ergonomic design that is not very common at the budget price point. So long as you don’t expect a machine that will allow you to get an intense advanced level workout in, and are under 6’ foot tall, you should find what you are looking for in the GoPlus Portable Elliptical.

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