NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine Review 

NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine Review

August 24, 2018

Being fit is what everyone wants, but it’s not as easy it sounds. It requires commitment in terms of time, effort, and sometimes, your bank account. Going to the gym, for instance, requires a monthly membership and having to gear up every single time. Too much effort, right? But what if you can have a full workout without straining your muscles and joints, right in the comforts of your home? 

One brand has got it all figured out with an effective piece of workout equipment. Whether you’re an outdoor kind of person, or a hardcore gym buff, NodicTrack’s Classic Pro Skier has got you covered! Too good to be true? Not until you get acquainted with the makers behind this product, let alone, what this ski machine can offer. 

NordicTrack established its prominence in the home fitness equipment industry by revolutionizing treadmills. Does the brand ring a bell already? Let’s narrow it down even more. They were the pioneers of the fold-away treadmills. Yup, they’re the brilliant creators behind the infamous SpaceSaver®.  But because they deeply believe in producing quality and innovative products, they wouldn’t stop there just yet. They have broadened their product line to more extensive exercise machines and have produced yet another masterpiece for you - The Classic Pro Skier.

What is the Classic Pro Skier?

As its name suggests, it is a classic in the world of home fitness. It is an indoor ski machine, which lets you glide and slide even during the hottest season of the year. Fun, right? It allows you to enjoy cross-country skiing while shredding off your unwanted fats right in your home.

Due to its effectiveness, it remains a favorite among workout aficionados. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Go Beyond Your Limits

If you’re already getting too comfortable with the current setting, challenge yourself even further. Slowly adjust the elevation to make your cardio workout even harder. Keep on adjusting, no matter how little it is. Progress is progress at the end of the day, right? You might just be surprised one day that you’ve already reached pro skier level! 


Sometimes, when you’re in the zone, you might not notice how fast you’re already going. Always remember where the stop bar is located. Situated at the back of your ski machine, it serves as a barrier for you to remain on the machine—no matter how intense you get.

2. Strengthen Your Core

The adjustable padded protector will keep your posture upright. No matter what intensity level you choose for your arms and legs, your core will definitely be stronger in no time.

3. Monitor Your Progress

Make every drop of sweat worthwhile by seeing how much calories you’ve actually burned. Not only that, the five-window LCD display can also show you your elapsed time, speed, distance and pulse rate. Now that’s a good way to keep you motivated, isn’t it?

4. Ski as a Beginner or as a Pro

If you’ve never tried skiing before, don’t worry. The patented flywheel allows you to change the resistance level of your strides. From newbie to pro, be able to adjust the difficulty level in 7 settings. 

If you’ve tried skiing before, you’ll regret that you haven’t had this machine sooner. You’ll be surprised that cross-country skiing is possible even at your own home!


  • Burn more calories 
  • Be able to control your weight
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Low impact exercise means less chances of getting injuries
  • Maintain a normal bone density to prevent osteoporosis
  • Improve your body coordination


Patented Flywheel:

Your strides will flow smoothly and in a natural motion because of the flywheel. It also lets you adjust the intensity of the traction ranging across 7 resistance levels.

Adjustable Elevation:

Aside from being able to adjust the flywheel, this feature also lets you intensify your workout. The higher the elevation, the more challenging it will be for your core. 

LCD Feedback Windows:

The monitor lets you track your progress—covering time, distance, calories and pulse rate.


(Product) length: 236cm height: 152cm width: 66cm

Maximum user weight:


Product weight:


Body Frame:

Oak Wood, Metal


2-year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Get a full body workout without having to worry about getting injured
  • Easy to assemble
  • The machine is so durable, it will last for many years
  • Small floor area is needed to operate
  • Easy to disassemble and store
  • Wide range of resistance level 
  • Not ideal for muscle building
  • It takes a while to get accustomed to using it


Although the NodicTrack Classic Pro Skier has been proven to outlast the test of time, there are ways to keep it running smoothly with proper care and regular maintenance.

There are three parts of the machine that need to be lubricated by oil every 2 months:

  • End Rollers—they are situated at each end of the machine. Lubricate both rollers regularly. You only have to replace them if they become wobbly, or if the rubber becomes ripped or worn out.
  • Leather Pad—it is situated under the arm cord drum. To lubricate it, remove the knob and lift the arm cord. Place a few drops of oil on the leather pad. You only have to replace it after 5 years of use or if it has already accumulated a lot of grease.
  • Arm/Exerciser Bearing—it is situated on top of the arm cord drum. Make sure to put the oil drops in between the 2 metal washers. You only have to replace it when the knob is loose when using your machine.

You have to completely remove it, reverse the strap, and put it back. As much as possible, do it every 3 months. The recommended replacement time would be every 2 years.


You have to make sure that your flywheel is rust-free. If it gets rusty, you must clean it completely with sandpaper or steel wool. One trick would be removing the drag strap and letting someone use your machine, while someone holds the sandpaper/ steel wool over the spinning flywheel. Once all the rust vanishes, let the flywheel spin over a cloth damped with alcohol. You only have to replace it if it becomes too rusty it or if it gets uneven. 


Located on the sides of your skis, your worn-out glide buttons should be polished with paraffin wax or candle. 

Overall Upkeep

Always wipe away sweat from your machine after every exercise session to prevent rust from accumulating. Metal parts should be cleaned with metal cleaner, while the wooden parts should be cleaned with wood polish. The bottom part of your equipment should not be polished. When storing your NordicTrack, remove all batteries to prevent them from leaking.

If you want to keep spare parts beside you at all times, you might want to get an Overhaul kit from NordicTrack. 

The kit includes: 

  • 2 drive rollers
  • 4 end rollers
  • arm cord
  • leather arm exerciser pad
  • arm exerciser bearing
  • drag strap with spring

Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t want to invest in something that does not maximize your money’s worth. If you are planning to purchase home exercise equipment, don’t think twice and go for the NodicTrack Classic Pro Skier. Get your return on investment not only by using the machine for over a decade, but also by having a full body workout while enjoying yourself every single day. It’s a win-win!

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier is a high-quality invention packed with benefits and features without having to burn your pockets. 

It is versatile in so many waysthat it stretches to almost anyone and any age limit. As long as you are still physically active, it is a great choice for you. Its ability to adjust to your resistance level both on the upper and lower body also makes this a keeper. Want to go easy on your first try? Set it to the lowest and gradually increase the hardness level based on your fitness level. Talk about progress! Also, you don’t need to worry about injuries even if your workout gets too intense. Its low-impact nature spares you from it. 

Another reason why it is worth having is that it requires so little space, yet its compact nature does not stop you from getting a well-rounded cardiovascular workout. Not only will your legs and arms be toned, but your core will be strengthened, too. 

Lastly, you don’t need to break a sweat to assemble and disassemble your Classic Pro Skier (although you probably won’t even consider doing the latter once you start enjoying using it all the time). It is low maintenance, especially if you compare it to machine-operated exercise devices. 

Waste no time and start achieving your fitness goals now. Get ready to say goodbye to your old excuses. Time to say hello to your new cardio best friend, NodicTrack’s Classic Pro Skier and start ticking those fitness goals off your list one by one.

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  • The one problem I have with this design of the pro ski Nordic track is the base is extremely narrow and therefore my stride feels very unnatural- also makes it harder to maintain balance. The base should be adjustable. I once purchased a knock off many years ago to which did have a wider base position for each ski and it made a huge difference

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