Perfect Pushup Review – Is It That Good? 

Perfect Pushup Review

May 31, 2019

Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to get into shape? Forget going to the gym and invest in a pair of Perfect Pushup handles. By picking this product, you can do your perfect pushups in the comfort of your home.

We’re going to outline all you need to know about Perfect Pushup including the major specs. Thereafter we’ll explain how you can get the best out of the product if you decide to invest in it.

Who Invented the Perfect Pushup?

Navy Seal Veteran Alden Mills is the person behind inventing this genius product. He is the founder of Perfect Fitness. The Perfect Pushup is the second product he launched after a rotational system called the BodyRev.

Perfect Pushup Benefits

Why must you purchase Perfect Pushup? By picking this product, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • These Pushup handles are designed to reduce joint strain—particularly in your hands. In the past people used their palms during pushup exercises. Unfortunately, this resulted in strain being exerted on your joints and elbows. Perfect Pushup handles are designed to relieve such strain.
  • The product acts by neutralizing your wrist so that your joints won’t have to bend to hold you up during a pushup. End result: you won’t experience any wrist pain.
  • Using this product means you get to engage more muscles during each pushup.
  • By using this product you’ll not only strengthen, but also define different parts of your upper body including your arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs.
  • These units are also designed to pace you so you don’t end up going too fast. Rather, they allow you to focus on using more muscle thanks to the slow and methodical pace.

Design of the Perfect Pushup:

Fitness enthusiasts are familiar with the traditional U-shaped pushup stands that were designed to get your hands off the floor. Aiden Mills took it a step further by incorporating the following aspects:

Rotating Handles:

The rotating design of the handles is one notable draw card of this product. This rotation was aimed at achieving the following:

  • A more natural hand movement
  • Enabling you to engage more muscles
  • Removing the pressure from your joints
  • Increasing muscle activation as your body dips during each pushup
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Ergonomic Design:

For your comfort concerns, you’ll be happy to know that they also feature an ergonomic design. This design also significantly contributes to muscle activation.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Rubber Grips:

Still on the subject of comfort, the handles feature rubber grips which are designed for comfortable handling. You don’t have to worry about cutting your workout session short due to discomfort or hand fatigue.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Non-slip Base:

The product also features non-slip properties. It’s not uncommon for your palms to sweat during a workout session. Perfect Pushup understands this and incorporated a non-slip base to guarantee you stability during your workout.

Weight Capacity:

As mentioned above, Perfect Pushups can support persons who weigh up to 300lb.

How Does it Work?

Wondering how exactly this set of rotating Pushup handles work? According to the founder of this product, standard pushups don’t allow for full muscle engagement. Chest, shoulder and arm muscles don’t rotate as they contract during each pushup. This unfortunately leads to muscle imbalance. It’s believed that in worst case scenarios, failure of this muscle rotation can result in possible injury.

And this is where Perfect Pushup handles come in to avoid such occurrences.

To effectively utilize this product and attain perfect pushups you need to follow these four easy steps:

  • Place the two Perfect Pushup handles approximately shoulder distance apart
  • Firmly grip the handles
  • Bend your elbows to push yourself up and down
  • As you do so, your arms and hands rotate at 90⁰

What’s the Difference Between Perfect Pushup and Perfect Pushup Elite?

At first glance, they appear almost identical. But regardless of the similar outlook, they are a few notable differences between the Perfect Pushup and Perfecr Pushup Elite. We highlight them below:

  • The first difference is in the price. The original Perfect Pushup has an entry level price which makes it relatively cheaper than the Perfect Pushup Elite. The original model is approximately 2/3 the price of the Elite version
  • The handles on the standard model aren’t padded while those on the Elite are.
  • The original model supports individuals who weigh up to 300lb while the Elite supports people who weigh up to 400lb.
  • The original model features a more compact design and has the following dimensions; 6.75” x 6.75”. The Elite model isn’t as compact and features these dimensions of 8” x 8”
  • Each handle from the standard model weighs 1.08lb while the Elite model’s handles weigh 2lb each.
  • The Elite version is designed to rotate slightly compared to the standard model. As a result, you get to engage more muscles when using the Elite than you would when using the original model.

Workouts With Perfect Pushups:

Perfect Pushups are designed for individuals of all fitness levels; from beginners to advanced. You can engage in different workouts with these units depending on the area of your body you want to get in shape. The three common type of workouts are as follows.

Core Workouts:

Perfect Pushup aren’t only designed for performing perfect pushups. You can use them for core workouts which focus on strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles & lower back.

Push Workouts:

As the name suggests. You can use them to perform the traditional push up which aims at strengthening and toning your arms, back, chest & core.

Strength Workouts:

Interested in strength workouts? Here you’ll need the aid of a Perfect resistance band to perform exercises that’ll strengthen and tone your entire body.

Final Thoughts:

Getting those abs has never been easier thanks to Perfect Pushup. Regardless of your fitness level, you can invest in this product and start doing perfect pushups.

To enjoy the full benefits of this product, it’s imperative that you practice the correct technique. Using the devices incorrectly will result in more harm than good with risk of sustaining possible injuries. But as long as you apply caution, enjoy an original type of workout and see the fat “melt off your body”.

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