Schwinn 430 vs. Sole E25 – Side-by-Side Comparison of Two Popular Budget Ellipticals 

Schwinn 430 Elliptical vs. Sole E25 Ellipticals

March 23, 2020

As you begin a new year, there’s no better time to resolve to get into better shape. It’s when most people commit to a better diet, more self-care, and of course, exercise. If you want to get healthier, stronger, and build endurance there is nothing better than regular cardiovascular exercise to help achieve your goals.

However, the wide variety of exercise options can get confusing. A lot of people often just don’t have the time to go to the gym.

This is where home-based workouts fit in. Some pieces of gym equipment are affordable and can be easily used at home, providing diverse workouts suited for beginners and advanced fitness buffs alike. One of the most popular home-based workout machines is the elliptical. It provides a good calorie-burning low-impact workout and several models are available for every consumer type and budget.

With so many models in the market though, it’s easy to get confused. In this article, we take a closer look at two popular elliptical machines—the Schwinn 430 Elliptical vs. Sole E25—and compare them to see which is best suited to your workout goals, budget and space constraints, and overall fitness needs.

Quick Answer:

Both the Schwinn 430 and Sole E25 are great choices with the largest difference between the two being the price. The Schwinn 430 is about half the price of the Sole E25. The features between the two are mostly the same with the Sole E25 simply having more options. If you have the budget the Sole E25 is the best choice.

Schwinn 430 vs. Sole E25: Side-by-Side Comparison

Both Schwinn and Sole are known manufacturers of quality workout equipment. Two of their popular elliptical models are the Schwinn 430 and the Sole E25. We take a closer look at the specs of each to help you decide which is best suited to you.

Schwinn 430

Sole E25

Schwinn 430 Elliptical
sole E25 elliptical machine






20 levels of eddy current resistance


20 levels


6 manually adjusted


20 electronically adjusted

Heart Rate Monitoring:

handle grips

Heart Rate Monitoring:

wireless chest strap compatibility and built-in touch pulse sensors

Max User Weight:

300 lbs.

Max User Weight:

350 lbs.


70" x 28" x 63"


71" x 22" x 64"


169 lbs.


244 lbs.

Frame – 10 years
mechanicals – 2 years
electronics – 1 year
labor – 90 days

Frame – lifetime
parts and electronics – 3 years
labor – 1 year


The Schwinn 430 elliptical comes with 22 built-in programs, considerably more than the 10 built-in programs of the Sole E25. These include 9 profile workouts, 8 heart rate workouts, 2 fitness tests, and 1 quick start.

The Sole E25 has 10 programs; 2 are heart rate based, 5 are classic elliptical trainers, 1 is manual mode, and there are 2 slots available for users to create and save their programs.

Heart Rate Functions

The Schwinn 430 provides heart rate readings through the handle grips. After gripping these for 10 seconds your heart rate appears on the monitor. It doesn’t provide chest strap compatibility, though.

The Sole E25, on the other hand, offers wireless chest strap compatibility and built-in touch pulse sensors.


The Schwinn features a state-of-the-art resistance system called eddy current resistance. This means the machine’s brake has a magnetic brake pad that doesn’t touch the flywheel, resulting in less wear and tear. The machine offers 20 levels of resistance.

The Sole E25 utilizes a 20-pound flywheel for resistance, which is quite heavy for a machine at this price point. It also offers 20 levels of resistance.

Incline Capabilities

Both machines offer incline capabilities and different incline workouts. The Schwinn 430 offers 6 manually adjusted incline options you can use depending on how hard you want to exercise. While the transition is smooth, it’s not as smooth as the automatic incline options. And if you want to change the incline, you’d need to stop your workout.

The Sole E25 offers a wider range of 20 incline options giving users more choices. The incline controls are built into the handles and are easier to manipulate especially if you want to change incline options during a workout.

Build Quality

Both the Schwinn 430 and the Sole E25 are solid and durable machines. They both require assembly and come with detailed assembly instructions. The Schwinn is lighter in weight but that doesn’t make the machine any less durable.

Compatibility and Extra Features

Both the Schwinn 430 and the Sole E25 have LCDs and offer fitness app compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity. They both offer in-console speakers, charging ports, and cooling fans.

The Sole E25 also has an integrated tablet holder.


Price-wise the Schwinn 430 is ideal for those on a budget coming in at the $500-600 range. The Sole E25 costs more at roughly $900-$1000 but also comes with more features.

What Others are Saying

There are several verified online reviews for both of these machines praising different aspects. Users of the Schwinn 430 praise the machine for its sturdy build, connectivity, and easy-to-use workout programs. Negative reviews mention the difficulty in assembling and challenges in claiming warranty.

Meanwhile, online reviews praised the Sole E25 for its smooth and noiseless ride, durability, easy customer support, a wide range of incline options, and chest strap heart rate monitor. The only recommendation was to make instructions for assembly easier to understand.

Why Choose an Elliptical?

Elliptical trainers are one of the most popular machines to have in the home. They provide a good calorie-burning workout similar to running that improves stamina and endurance. However, because of the machine’s design, the impact on the body is also reduced.

The elliptical helps users protect their joints, unlike the treadmill, its traditional counterpart. Elliptical machines specifically cushion the joints to prevent them from absorbing the full body weight during a workout.

Some of the pros of using an elliptical machine include getting a full-body workout, having a versatile machine with customizable programs, engaging in a weight-bearing exercise to improve bone density and strengthen muscles, and burning as much as 200-400 calories per session.

With all of this in mind, the only thing left is choosing the right elliptical machine for your home gym.

Final Thoughts:

Both the Schwinn 430 Elliptical and the Sole E25 Elliptical are tried-and-tested machines that provide a good cardiovascular workout and would fit perfectly in most home gyms.

The differences here mainly depend on your budget. The Schwinn 430 is good for beginners and has many great features, but for overall value, with budget permitting, we would recommend the Sole E25.

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