Sole E25 vs Sole E35 – Comparing Two Ellipticals from Sole 

Sole E25 vs Sole E35 ellipticals comparison

February 6, 2021

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use Sole elliptical machines to train in the comfort of their own home. An elliptical is a stationary machine you can use to climb, walk and run without putting pressure on your joints.

There are two Sole elliptical machines that are popular on the market at the moment: Sole E25 and E35. To help you pick one that’s ideal for your exercise needs we’ll be doing a full comparison review on both of these high quality Sole ellipticals. 

With the Sole E25 and E35 elliptical trainers, there are a few major differences. The Sole E35 uses a heavier frame with a higher weight capacity compared to the E25 model. Additionally, the console and the flywheel on the E35 are bigger than what the Sole E25 has to offer. The flywheel on the E35 is 5lb heavier than the E25 and the console is one inch bigger compared to the one on the E25.

What's more, the E35 has a higher weight capacity with an additional 25lb compared to the E25 model. The warranties for both machines are different. The E25 has a 3 year warranty whereas the E35 has a 5 year warranty.



Sole E25 elliptical
Sole E35 elliptical


20 lb.


25 lb.

Workout Programs:


Workout Programs:


Stride Length:


Stride Length:






Weight Limit:

350 lb.

Weight Limit:

375 lb.

Incline Levels:


Incline Levels:



15", not adjustable


adjustable, 3 positions


H 71" x L 70" x W 24"


H 71" x L 82" x W 31"


Frame - lifetime, Electronics & parts - 3 years, labor - 1 year


Frame - lifetime, Electronics & parts - 5 years, labor - 2 years

Sole E25 vs E35 Specs and Features


The Sole E25 elliptical frame is made with heavy-duty steel so it won’t wear over time. This is a commercial-grade steel frame so you’re guaranteed a sturdy elliptical that won’t buckle under pressure.

On the other hand, the Sole E35 elliptical is also made with heavy-duty steel but the frame is heavier which means it’s able to hold a higher weight capacity compared to the Sole E25 model.


For a smoother feel, the 20 lb flywheel on the Sole E25 model has a higher gear ratio. This allows the flywheel to operate without making loud noises when you exercise. The high gear ratio on the E25 elliptical increases the top end resistance that makes it ideal for intense workouts.

The E35 machine has a 25 lb flywheel. This is a heavier flywheel that's slightly larger compared to the one on the E25. There’s also a higher gear ratio on the 25 lb flywheel to provide a higher intensity workout but with a smooth feel.  

Incline levels

Both ellipticals have 20 different incline levels. You can switch the incline levels easily so you can target different muscle groups in your legs when walking, running or climbing using the incline adjustments. There are incline controls on the moving arm bars so you don’t have to use the console to adjust the angle you’re using. 

Stride Length

The Sole E25 and E35 ellipticals have 20 inch stride length. If you’re looking for a diverse workout session that targets different muscle groups in your legs then the both machines will work for you. 


To track your time, distance, resistance and calories you can look at the 6.5 inch display attached to the E25 model. This display is a blue LCD screen that has many features and is part of a layout with built in speakers, a water bottle holder and even an integrated fan. There's also a USB charging port for your phone.

Use the backlit LCD console on the Sole E25 to select from a variety of workout programs. What’s more, the speakers have Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your smart devices to listen to podcasts or music.

The LCD console on the Sole E35 elliptical trainer is slightly bigger with a screen size of 7.5 inch. It’s also a blue, backlit LCD display that includes built in speakers, water bottle holder and fan. This LCD console shows you important training data such as calories burned, distance, pulse and resistance. The USB charging port is standard here as well.


Sole’s E25 elliptical has foot pedals that were designed by physical therapists. These foot pedals are oversized to provide comfortable footing and they have a 2° inward slope. This design helps reduce pressure on the ankles and knees. These are not adjustable pedals.

The pedals on the Sole E35 machine have many of the same features such as a 2° inward slope. They're 15" in size and the E35's pedals are adjustable. There you can set the pedals from a 0° to 10° angle. To adjust the footpad angle use the the red quick release mechanism under each pedal.

Work Out Programs

With the Sole fitness E25 machine you get 10 workout programs with one of them being a customizable program. You can use your console to switch your workout program before you start exercising. Set the customizable program according to your workout needs.

The Sole fitness E35 also has 10 standard workout programs, two of which are customizable programs and two heart rate monitor programs built into the machine. You can switch from one program to another easily using your console. For the customized programs you can set them and save them.

HR Monitoring

If you want to accurately monitor your heart rate during workouts then the Sole fitness E25 model will provide an easy means to do so. There are pulse monitors located in the handles and there’s a wireless chest strap that you can wear to record and monitor your heart rate. This heart rate monitor gives you accurate results.

On the Sole E35 elliptical there are also pulse grips on the handles and a chest strap, which is easy to put around your body so you won't struggle with it. Use the heart rate monitor programs to adjust the machine’s resistance so you can exercise in your target heart rate zone.

Max User Weight

The Sole E25 elliptical machine has a maximum user weight of 350lbs or less. On the other hand, the E35 model has a maximum user weight of 375 pounds. Always buy a machine that’s designed for your weight because exceeding the max user weight can cause premature wear on the machine.


You’ll appreciate that the Sole E25 doesn’t take up plenty of floor space so it’s perfect for home use. The dimensions for this elliptical E25 machine are 71" x 70" x 24". The Sole E35 is a bigger elliptical with dimensions of E35 are 71" x 82" x 31". 


Both the E25 and E35 come with warranties however they do have substantial differences. The E25 has a lifetime frame warranty, a 3 year warranty on the electronics and parts and a 1 year warranty on labor. The E35 has a lifetime frame warranty as well however it has a 5 year warranty on the electronics and parts and a 2 year warranty on labor. The better warranty on the E35 does come at a cost though as the E35 is more expensive.


Sole makes affordable elliptical trainers that will suit your budget. You can expect to pay just under $1,000 for the Sole E25 elliptical machine. The Sole E35 is a few hundred dollars more expensive. Prices for each do vary from time to time based on sales and other promotional offers. 

What Others are Saying About the Products

Many users of the Sole E25 elliptical trainers say that it does take time to assemble the machine but it’s well worth it. The machine is sturdy and the flywheel has a smooth motion that doesn’t make noises.

Customers are also happy with the affordability of the E25 machine especially because the frame, flywheel and console are high quality products. There are customers that say the cooling fan on the console isn’t the best but the programs are easy to use and the incline adjustments can be done effortlessly. The water bottle holder is also an excellent feature.

For the Sole E35 customers also had a difficult time assembling the machine and some say the instructions could be better. On the other hand, users of the E35 elliptical trainer say that the price of the machine is worth every penny because of how solid it is.

Customers love how smooth the flywheel on the Sole E35 is and how easy it is to adjust inclines and switch between workout programs. Many customers have had their E35 model for more than a year and it still works well and there’s no wear or tear on the machine.

Customers also appreciate how efficient the brand is at solving problems when it comes to dealing with part replacements. The E35 has an excellent warranty of 5 years on electronics and parts. Customers say it's important for fitness equipment to come with warranties of three years or more.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an elliptical machine that comes with multiple workout programs, incline levels and heart rate monitoring for an affordable price then you’ll benefit from the Sole E25. It also comes with an extensive 3 year warranty.

The E35 is slightly more expensive but the price is well worth it because of all the features you get. The display is larger and the pedals are adjustable unlike on the E25. This machine has a higher weight capacity than Sole the E25 and a longer warranty.

Price and preference will guide you in picking the best elliptical for your home gym. 

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