Schwinn 470 vs Sole E35 Elliptical Machines Comparison 

Schwinn 470 vs Sole E35 elliptical comparison

November 27, 2020

Buying an elliptical machine as your preferred piece of fitness equipment can come with some questions. Especially when you're faced with a variety of options to pick from. To narrow down the search, we've made the job easier for you by comparing the Schwinn 470 and the Sole E35 elliptical trainers.

These two machines offer similarities but also some differences which are worth noting when you make your final decision. Both elliptical trainers are great for low impact exercise training. They also include various exercise programs giving you a variety of routines to work with. 

What's a better choice?

Both elliptical trainers give you value for money with their user-friendly backlit LCD display consoles, extensive fitness programs, and adjustable incline features. The Schwinn 470 offers more range of 25 resistance functions to 29 programs. But the Sole E35 has a more extensive warranty and higher weight capacity. If the option to adjust various functional features is key for your daily fitness routine then the Schwinn 470 would be your best pick when looking at elliptical trainers.

Schwinn 470

Sole E35

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine





Resistant Levels:


Resistant Levels:


Workout Programs:


Workout Programs:


Stride Lengths:


Stride Lengths:


Incline Levels:

10 power-adjustable levels

Incline Levels:


Heart Rate Monitoring:

handles, chest strap not included

Heart Rate Monitoring:

handles, chest strap included


Dual LCD screen


7.5" LCD screen


70. 1 L x 28. 2 W x 63. 2 H


82 L x 31 W x 71 H

Weight Limit:

300 lbs.

Weight Limit:

375 lbs.


10 years on frame, 5 years on mechanical parts, 1 year on electronics, 90 days labor


Frame - lifetime, Electronics & parts - 5 years, labor - 2 years


The Schwinn's console displays all exercise data on a large, backlit dual track LCD screen. It's compatible with apps such as Explore The World and MyFitnessPal for immersive experiences. It's however not compatible with the Apple Health program. It works with Bluetooth connectivity. Up to four user profiles may be stored on the console. This elliptical machine needs to plug in for the console to operate as it doesn't work off batteries.

Essential training data on the Sole's model is displayed with a 7.5" blue, backlit LCD console screen. The console is adjustable for ease of use. Two users may store information such as their training data to keep track of their progress. Fitness tracking data can include information such as speed, time, distance traveled, pace, pulse, and incline. You can also calculate the calories burned during a session.

Both elliptical machines' consoles are user-friendly and easy to see with large screens displaying the data. 


The 25-pound aluminum flywheel of Sole's machine is designed, together with the high gear ration, to give 20 levels of resistance with smooth motions.

In comparison, the 20-pound front flywheel of the Schwinn's elliptical trainer offers up to 25 levels of resistance. While other elliptical trainers may offer a more solid flywheel, this model's flywheel is sufficient for a smooth ride with a range of abilities.

If you're looking for a heavier flywheel, then the Sole E35 wins hands down here.

Number of Workout Programs

The Schwinn 470 has 29 programs which are made up as follows:

  • 12 profile programs
  • 9 heart rate control programs
  • 4 custom programs
  • 2 fitness set programs
  • 1 quick start program

The Sole fitness machine offers 10 programs which are made up as follows:

  • 6 standard programs
  • 2 custom program options
  • 2 heart rate programs

When looking at the pros and cons, you may decide to have more programs to pick from is what swings the deal for you. 

Resistance Levels

The Schwinn 470 offers up to 25 resistance functions with a large variety of workout intensity selections. Compared to the E35 which offers up to 20 resistance level functions, you can expect to get more a challenging and varied workout with the Schwinn 470 elliptical machine.

Stride Lengths

Both Sole E35 and Schwinn 470 offer 20-inch stride length which is a typical path measurement of most elliptical machines.

Incline Levels

The Schwinn 470's elliptical machine offers up to 10 different power-adjustable inclines with 6 settings. The maximum slope is 10 percent ranging from 0 degrees to an impressive 40 degrees. You can expect to be able to work various muscle groups in your body with these incline levels.

Sole's elliptical trainer offers an adjustable ramp angle with inclines ranging from 0 degrees to 30 degrees. This range allows you to build up your lower muscles over time.

The foot pedals are not adjustable on the Schwinn's model making it harder to use when you increase the incline. The Sole elliptical trainer's foot pedals are fully adjustable with a 2-degree inward slope. This allows for a more comfortable, natural flow especially when using the incline features. 

Heart Rate Monitoring Features

The integrated pulse sensors on the Sole's handlebars monitor your heart beats and timing. A heart rate chest strap is also included to give a hands-free option for monitoring heart and pulse rate. Both features are ideal for measuring your ongoing pulse rate and when using the heart and pulse rate control programs.

The programs of the Schwinn 470 work with contact pulse readers and are telemetry enabled. A chest strap is not included but the manufacturers recommend you purchase the uncoded Polar heart rate strap for more accuracy. This elliptical trainer doesn't have the ability to connect to a heart rate monitor such as wrist monitors.

If constant monitoring of your heart and pulse rate is essential while working out, then going with Sole's model will meet your requirements neatly.

Built-In Features

Built-in speakers are integrated into the console with an MP3 input port with the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer. Other built-in features include a three-speed fan, a USB charging port plus a media shelf. A convenient water bottle holder is included. as well as holders for iPads and phones.

The Sole also includes built-in speakers, cooling fan, water bottle holder and a plug-in is available for iPods and MP3 players.

Comparatively, you're getting very similar built-in features with both offering a USB charging port, a water bottle holder, fans, and the option to listen to your favorite playlist with the MP3 function.


The E35 measures in at 31 x 71 x 82 inches (W x H x D) compared to the Schwinn 470 model dimensions 70. 1 x 28. 2 x 63. 2 inches (D x W x H). The Sole fitness equipment weighs in at 230 pounds compared to the 470 models weighing in at over 168 pounds.

While the 470 model is lighter, the Sole's weight may make it more stable when being used. The sizes of both types of equipment are relatively comparable so the dimensions shouldn't impact your final decision-making process.


The warranty for the E35 includes the following:

  • Lifetime on the frame
  • 5 years on the electronics and parts
  • 2-year labor warranty

For the Schwinn elliptical trainer the following is noted:

  • 10 years frame warranty
  • 2 years warranty on all parts
  • 1-year warranty for the electronics
  • 90 days warranty on the labor

The E35 warranty period will give you peace of mind compared to the Schwinn 470 warranty cover should anything go wrong with your machine. 

Weight Limits

The manufacturers recommend a maximum user weight limit of 300 lbs for the Schwinn machine while the E35 maximum weight limit is 375 pounds.

If you're looking for an elliptical trainer for a range of users with different shapes and sizes in your home, then the E35 is defiantly the better elliptical machine with its higher weight capacity. 


The E35 comes in at just over $200 more than the Schwinn model compared here. While the Schwinn model offers more features than the Sole, users will argue that the build quality of the Sole is far superior. The slight difference in price range could be a deciding factor if a high-quality elliptical machine is more important to you.

What Other Users Have to Say

Users of Schwinn's elliptical trainer will firstly tell you this front drive elliptical machine is easy to assemble! They like the MP3 and USB port features. Many comment on how easy the machine is on joints with minimal ankle and knee stress because of the optional incline functions. Some users do mention the disadvantage of the non-adjustable pedals which makes using the steeper incline options more challenging.

The front drive system is quiet throughout the workout although reference was made to the shorter 20 inch stride path which took some getting used to by taller people. Upper body workout is possible with the movable handlebars of this machine. Many users talk about getting a good cardio workout when using the various programs on offer. And they can record their own workout program.

A stand out comment from many E35 users is how it runs smoothly and quietly during operation. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use the console and different programs. But some users do comment the blue backlit LCD is difficult to read under low lighting. The mechanized elevation option is popular. It does need to be placed on solid flooring as it will otherwise sway when being used.

The flywheel provides excellent resistance for a good workout which was favored by some of the users. The multiple grips on the handlebar allow users to find their preferred grip. The computer system is basic but does the job. 

Final Thoughts:

The Sole E35 vs the Schwinn 470 elliptical machines comparative review shows they both have much to offer the person who wants to get fit at home. The Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer is able to offer more workout programs, a higher incline angle, and five more levels of resistance. But, the Sole E35 can still offer an all-round exercise routine while including heart and pulse rate monitoring features which many users find useful.

With its extensive warranty cover which goes way beyond Schwinn's 90 days labor warranty, many fitness users may be persuaded to take this option. But the maximum weight limit of 375 lbs makes the E35 an attractive deal when looking for an elliptical machine to cover more than one person's fitness regime. 

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