Schwinn 470 vs Sole E95 – Comparison and Review 

Schwinn 470 vs Sole E95 elliptical trainers comparison

November 27, 2020

In this comparison review on elliptical trainers we look at two market leading models, the Schwinn 470 and the E95 from Sole. Both elliptical trainers have winning features but they do fall in different price range categories, which could be the deciding factor for you?

Quick Comparison:

Both are practical with features like a water bottle holder but with the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer you can pay a more reasonable price and get high end features. This includes over 20 workout programs and the ability to connect to the Explore my World app. But the E95 elliptical machine also demands attention with a larger stride and adjustable handlebars. Unfortunately, some of these perks can only be yours if you take the E95 elliptical trainer at a much higher price. 

Schwinn 470

Sole E95

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
Sole E95 elliptical trainer


20 lbs


27 lbs

Workout Programs:


Workout Programs:


Resistance Levels:


Resistance Levels:


Stride Length:


Stride Length:

adjustable 20-22"

Incline Levels:


Incline Levels:



Dual LCD screen


9" LCD screen

Weight Limit:

300 lbs

Weight Limit:

400 lbs


70. 1 L x 28. 2 W x 63. 2 H


83 L x 27 W x 62 H


10 years on frame, 5 years on mechanical parts, 1 year on electronics, 90 days labor


Lifetime on the frame, 5 years on the electronics and parts, 2-year labor warranty


The Schwinn 470 is the brand's model with two LCD screens on the console, that are both backlit. The one measures 3" x 5" while the other is 1" x 5". On the blue backlit LCD console screens you have feedback on speed, time distance, calories burned, pulse and more. You'll also see which of the user profiles you're on.

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity you can use the Schwinn Trainer app and there's also an Explore my World app that can make your lower and upper body workout much more exciting.

On the Sole E95's 9" blue backlit LCD display you have similar information such as time distance and heart rate, so both are effective in helping you monitor your fitness. 


The Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer has a high speed, high inertia flywheel that's perimeter weighted. In its counterpart you'll find a high gear ration flywheel that weighs 27lb.

Number of Workout Programs

The Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer comes out on top when you look at the workout programs since you have a total of 29 to pick from. This includes helpful programs like fitness tests, a recovery test, programs for beginners and 12 preset profiles. On the Sole E95 elliptical trainer you only have 10 programs but they are still diverse with 2 heart rate control programs, two custom programs and 6 standard ones.

Another benefit of the Schwinn 470 elliptical machine is that you can use one of four different user profiles, making it practical for an entire household's workout program management. 

Resistance Levels

With resistance, the machines are close but the Schwinn 470 comes out on top with 25 different magnetic resistance level options. In contrast you can pick one of the 20 levels on the Sole model, which offers ECB resistance.

Stride Length

In this category it's the Sole elliptical trainers that impress the most. Apart from the fact that you can enjoy it with an adjustable stride of up to 22", you can even adjust this for optimal comfort during your fitness routines. You can set it between a 20 inch stride length and the maximum of 22".

On the E470 your maximum stride is 20", which is more than many other types of elliptical machine, but not as good as its competition here.

There are other features that add to the dynamics of your stride. You may appreciate the cushioning on both machines' foot pedals, which ensures low impact. But the Sole has even more winning features since the foot pedals can adjust inward, which limits tension on your joints even more. The 2 degree inward adjustment makes a huge difference. 

Incline Levels

As is befitting of high end elliptical machines, you can pick an incline on this fitness equipment. There's a motorized ramp on the Schwinn 470, and with keys you can adjust it up to 10 degrees of incline. For the Sole model it's power adjustable and you can set it at anything between zero and 40 degrees.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You can monitor your heart rate, no matter which one you pick. The Schwinn does it through you grip since it's contact and telemetry enabled. For the other you can also use the pulse grip or wear a wearable heart rate monitor strap.

Built in Features

The Schwinn 470 is one of the most popular ellipticals in this brand's range of these machines because of the extra features that include a media tray to keep your book or iPad safe. This you won't find on the competitor's machines. For stability there are levelers and for moving the unit around the room, use the transport wheels.

Both have helpful features for a home gym setup such as a USB charging port, water bottle holder, sound systems like built in speakers to enhance the experience and multiple speed fan units. On the Sole it's easy to operate the cooling fan from buttons on the console, close to the headphone jack and the audio in jack where you can plug in a device like an MP3 player.

For stability the Sole team incorporated heavy duty rails and there are wheels at the rear in case you need to move it. 


Space can be a deciding factor when you purchase such large equipment for a home gym. For Schwinn's model you'll require a floor area of 28.2" x 70.1". Also make sure there's enough space to clear the 63.2" high elliptical with you on the pedals.

The Sole E95 elliptical trainer is similar in width and height at 27" x 62", but you'll need 83" in length to accommodate its size. This makes for sturdy machines but they're less appropriate for compact spaces. 


From both brands you get impressive warranty coverage, so you're getting value for money. With the E95 elliptical trainer you have a lifetime warranty on the frame and the brake, making it one of the best options on the market. For labor you'll have 2 year coverage and cosmetic items 90 days. For other parts there's 5 years of warranty cover.

On the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer you don't have a lifetime warranty, but 10 years on the frame is still good, right? The brand will cover mechanical parts for 2 years, electronics for 1 year and certain labor aspects get 90 days of cover. 

Weight Limits

This design of the Schwinn elliptical trainer can carry up to 300 lbs easily, but this user weight is not as impressive as the 400 lbs weight capacity the Sole E95 elliptical machine has.


Price does represent a machine's value, so you can look at the E95's high price tag as proof that you're making a long term investment. But the 470 elliptical machine is still a quality unit and depending on the season you can get it for about half the Sole unit's price, somewhere around $1200. For those shopping on a budget, the Schwinn elliptical machine will be the best option. But if you have the money and want a lifetime investment, the Sole E95 is the better elliptical trainer.

What Others are Saying

For the Sole E95 elliptical trainer, users have high praise for everything from efficiency to how quiet it runs. You can get a gym quality workout. Some suggest you get expert help to assemble it, but your level of DIY skills may determine that.

For the 470 elliptical trainer users appreciate the extras such as the fan and although the speakers aren't top of the range, they're appropriate for an informal home gym. The machine may be squeaky at times, but it's often due to loose components or if something adjusted after you moved it. Self assembly is possible, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. 

Final Thoughts:

When comparing elliptical machines such as the Schwinn 470 and Sole E95 it gets difficult to call a final winner, since each one has definite strengths, such as the 25 levels of resistance you get with the Schwinn. But the 2 degree inward cant of the E95's foot pedals is as valuable. How do you pick between all the impressive features?

For us, it's about quality and user friendliness, of which the 470 elliptical trainer has the best mix. And combined with the lower price tag, it makes for an ideal package; whether you're shopping on a budget or not. 

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