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NordicTrack RW900 Review – Fully Featured Air-magnetic Rower

NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review

At some point, you’ve probably tried enrolling in a rowing class where participants move in unison to the cadence of “Legs, core, arms. Arms, core, legs.”Indoor group classes revolutionized the way people view the rowing machine. It’s a pretty great experience when you and your fellow rowers fall in sync with one another, making you […]

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NordicTrack RW500 Review – High Quality Mid-Range Rowing Machine

NordicTrack RW500 Rower Review

Indoor rowing has become a popular workout option among athletes and non-athletes alike.Rowing entails high upper-body engagement and demands great aerobic and anaerobic system exertion. It employs all major muscle groups, which makes it a great all-around activity for cardio, core development, and arm and leg strengthening. It’s now a standard inclusion in the training […]

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Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5864 Full Motion Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5864 Full Motion Magnetic Rowing Machine

Rowing machines aren’t only beneficial to rowers who want to stay fit in the off-season. Anyone who wishes to become physically fit can benefit greatly from a rowing machine. Like any other piece of fitness equipment, a rowing machine can burn calories and build muscle.However, unlike treadmills and exercise bikes, a rowing machine can deliver […]

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Merax Water Rowing Machine – In Depth Review

Merax Water Rowing Machine

Steep prices keeping you from purchasing a rowing machine? Here’s some good news: you can get an effective rowing machine at an affordable price with the Merax Water Rowing Machine.Known for high performance and maximum efficiency, Merax offers innovative products that boost and simplify lifestyles. It has met success in various categories including home, office, […]

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Stamina 1333 Precision Rowing Machine Review – Full Body Workout on a Budget

Stamina 1333 Precision Rowing Machine

Rowing is an excellent full-body workout. It engages major muscle groups and it has numerous benefits for your heart, lungs, and health in general. It also adds an excellent variety to your workout routine.As for the intensity of your rowing workouts, it relies on two main factors: the resistance setting and your stroke rate, or […]

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Different Types of Rowing Machines

Different Types of Rowing Machines

The rowing machine – what’s considered as the gym’s most underestimated piece of equipment is now the center of a new fitness craze, succeeding spinning or indoor cycling. Although it’s described as a full-body, low-impact workout, rowing is no easy-peasy exercise. Quick Navigation Different Types of Rowing Machines1. Air Rowing Machines2. Water Rowing Machines3. Hydraulic Rowing […]

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