Tytax Home Gym Review – All In One Home Gym Machines 

Tytax Home Gym review

July 20, 2019

Are you a personal trainer that wants to work from home or out of a small studio? Or perhaps you’re a gym enthusiast, who wants to build a home gym? Well, this review will help you decide on getting that gym you’ve always dreamed off.

We will look at the advantages of equipping your gym with the Tytax Home Gym. This gym will provide you with quality, space saving options, and more. 

A Trusted Product

Stanislaw Szultka was born in Poland during a time when luxury items like gym equipment were very hard to come by. This lack of quality gym equipment sparked the idea that led Stanislaw to develop Tytax Invincible and the brand grew.

1988 was the year Stanislaw realized that there was need for home gym equipment. His dream of developing a home gym for strength training started when Tytax Invincible was founded in 1992, out of his humble garage. In that year he started to develop the Tytax® S6 model. The development of this machine continued until 1996. This model has stood the test of time and is still part of their product range.

In 1999 the company developed further and Stanislaw realized his vision of the home gym. Since 1992 he has developed a further four machines to add to the Tytax Invincible family of equipment. The feature that sets Tytax gym equipment apart from other brands is the fact that every single exercise on all five of the models have been methodically tested by Stanislaw. 

All five machines are designed and manufactured in the European Union. They’re all manufactured with the best quality of components. This is why they come with a fantastic guarantee.

It’s no wonder that the Tytax factory carries a name synonymous with strength training the world over. Is this what you need to invest in?

A Guarantee to Trust

Tytax gym machines come with all accessories and handles included. They do offer additional weights should you want more variety or need more weight in your exercise regimen. All machines are made of stainless steel and are manufactured in the European Union, affording you the best quality for the machine you’re buying. Because of its design and build, this machine offers you a lifetime of use.

All machines are shipped from their US warehouse and arrive in a bulletproof crate. Yes: bulletproof crate transportation. This means that your machine comes to you fully secured for your peace of mind that the machine won’t be damaged during delivery.

If that doesn’t spark your attention then this will: all parts of the Tytax gym machines come with a guarantee, from the body frame to the upholstery and accessories. 

Small Studio or Home Gym - What are the Benefits?

small gym studio

This review is all about the dynamic machines the Tytax brand has to offer. But how do you know if a home gym for private use or a small studio for the fitness instructor will be the best option? Here’s why you should consider it.


If the thought of getting up early or standing in line in the gym for a spot at your favorite training machine is daunting, then opting for a home gym (like the Force USA G6 or the Monster G12) would be the investment you need to take. Many customers prefer the privacy of a small studio as well. If you have the right equipment you can offer them personal and convenient training.


The Tytax gym machines are top of the range built with the best quality in mind. This means that you are investing in a gym that is of the highest quality and will last you a lifetime with no replacements necessary for years to come.


The primary cost of setting up a gym can be capital intensive but in the long run you will save on membership fees. Let’s face facts; how often do you go each week? If you had access to a private gym and instructor or your home gym you will be more inclined to work out.


You want the most out of the space you have. If you have a studio, working out of your garage or a room in your home you need to know that you have equipment that won’t take up too much of space. Many of us don’t have the ability or desire to lay out too much of space for a gym.
Now that we sparked your interest and you’re leaning towards a home gym or a small studio space what machine will best suit your preference?

The Complete Line of Tytax Home Gym Machines Reviewed

Tytax T1-X

This machine is one of five designed by Stanislaw Szultka, and it’s by far the easiest of all the machines to assemble. You only need two people and a few hours. It’s like playing with building blocks, and the beauty of that is it can be done in the comfort of your home.


The popular features of this machine are:

  • It has three training stations 
  • The machine weighs 1408lbs
  • It has over 400 different exercises
  • It has an additional 16 options of exercises
  • Adjustable bench position in relation to the machine
  • Unique safety feature on all TX series machines
  • Storage racks for the weights on the upper and lower parts of the machine
  • Linear guide rails allow for comprehensive range of movement when using the bench

The quality of this machine’s build is something to rave about. It’s manufactured of stainless steel, so it will stand the test of time and will be an investment if you’re a personal trainer who needs quality.

You only need 140ft² for this machine to be used. It takes up such little space that you can afford to use this machine at home or rent a small space for your personal raining business. If you’re a personal trainer you can boast about the military design and the 416 exercise options available to tone every muscle of your client. 

Tytax T3-X

This machine is slightly different from the T1-X as is has a few more features. It’s bigger and heavier than the T1-X but don’t let this discourage you. This machine offers you more, compared to other high quality all in one home gyms in the same class so it’s worth having to cope with that extra weight and size.


  • It has seven training stations 
  • It weighs 1680lbs without the weights
  • It has over 400 exercises on offer and 16 more options
  • The bench is adjustable and you have range of movement
  • Safety features
  • Weight storage racks provided

This machine is slightly heavier than the T1-X but offers you more options in your exercise regimen. This machine can comfortably fit in a 231ft² space. This is the ultimate investment for the business owner that’s either well established or the competitive athlete that wants a first class home gym.

This petite machine is not to be underestimated. It’s smaller and lighter but it does more than most machines out there in its class. The quality of the machine sets it apart from other brands and makes it a lifelong investment.


  • It has one training station 
  • It weighs 665lbs without the weights
  • It has over 400 exercises available as well as 10 additional options
  • Adjustable bench position and you’ll enjoy range of movement
  • Ample storage racks for weighs

You only need 91ft² to utilize this machine to its full capacity. While this machine doesn’t offer you the same safety options as the TX series, it does give you piece of mind that the Olympic bar holders will give you safety and luxury. If you’re looking for a machine to use in your home or garage and space is the problem, this machine is for you. 

Its sister, the M1 might be petite, but this machine is one that will offer you a little more. It’s slightly larger and weighs more than the M1 machine.


  • It has two training stations 
  • It weights 725lbs without the weights
  • Enjoy 400 exercises with 10 other options to enhance your training session
  • Adjustable bench position for ease of movement
  • Sufficient storage racks for the weights on the machine
  • Comprehensive range of movement when using the bench

This machine only needs slightly more space than the M1 Tytax machine, at 102ft². What this means is that you can get more features than the M1 machine with a machine that is still petite.

It’s ideal for you if you have limited space at home or in your private gym. While it doesn’t offer the safety features of the TX series, the quality of the build and the number of exercises this machine gives you, will far surpass your expectation of a machine this size. 

The S6 machine of the Tytax brand may seem basic, but it’s far from it. All of the machines designed and built by the Tytax brand has quality and luxury in the look & feel. The S6 machine is no different. This machine does not include any free weights which makes it a great addition to your home gym or training space if you already have free weights are are looking to add a high quality machine.

This machine will offer you as an individual or a trainer the option to target specific muscle groups and have a more focused gym experience. 


  • It has one training station
  • The machine weighs 750lbs without the weights
  • It offers the enthusiast over 200 exercises
  • An additional 6 options are also available
  • The bench has an adjustable back rest and seat

The adjustable backrest and seat quickly allow for a range of exercises that target your whole body. This machine can do more than any other machine in the same range. The unique weight slider allows you to modify the needed load. 

Only requiring 40ft² of space for you to fully enjoy the experience if has to offer it’s a quiet machine with only the best quality of material used in the manufacturing process.

It’s an ideal machine for the home owner that wants the best money can offer without the unit taking up too much space. It’s also the best option for the personal trainer that wants to give their clients more variety when it comes to training. 

Why Tytax is the Right Choice

Looking at what all five Tytax machines has to offer was enjoyable, but picking only one machine is challenging. Other brands out there don’t come close to the quality and comfort you will get when using or buying any one of the Tytax Machines.

The five machines give you between 200 and 400 exercises each and they take up less space compared to most other brands.

All the machines are made of only the highest quality material and offer a guarantee to this end. Safety is of paramount importance to the Tytax team which is why they’re designed specifically to ensure this.

Other brands will expect you to buy weights separately but all Tytax machines offer you the weights included.

Basically Tytax offers you gym quality machines to use in the comfort of your own home or private gym. 

Tytax Home Gym Comparison

Model #







TYTAX T1-X Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX T3-X Professional Home Gym | Fitness Equipment from Europe
TYTAX M1 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine | Bodybuilding Workout Exercise Fitness
TYTAX S6 - Additional Options A, C & DR Added in Standard!

Training stations












Additional options






Bench with adjustable position

Bench with adjustable backrest and seating

Smith machine

Leg press

Butterfly arms

Lower gate cable butterfly

Upper gate cable butterfly

Free weight preacher bench

Lever preacher bench

Cable preacher bench

Pull-up handles

Assisted pull-ups with counter balance system

Cardio training with additional option RM

Cardio training with additional option PRM

Cardio training with additional option PR

Final Thoughts:

The machine that has the most appeal and is the most practical for the discerning fitness instructor or individual, would be the T1-X. The machine offers you more than 400 exercises to target every single muscle and part of your body.

The machine is easy to use and it takes only two people a few hours to set up. So if you’re concerned about assembly this machine will not intimidate you. Since each exercise was tested my Stanislaw, you can have peace of mind that it’s the ideal machine for you.

It is quiet and requires only a limited space for you to fully experience the strength this machine has to offer.

Many consumers have been disappointed with what other brands have to offer compared to these machines. It’s worth a try. Yes the initial costs of the machines may be high. But when you look at the quality and world renowned guarantees, it’s worth the expense. Get access to pro quality gym equipment without even leaving your home. Get fit the easy way. 

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